When trying to use my third eye Am I just using visualization? I see the darkness open it a little. Then I open it up to a big portal. Then I see things, sometimes it's spontaneous and some times it is something I am trying to see. I usually have to clear up what ever the image is.

So is it suppose to be spontaneous or am I just visually creating what ever I want to see? Example I went through the portal and at the other end was Mary giving Blessings and Benedictions. I knelt down with my Guardian Angel and received a Benediction as well.

The Gold Rays were intense even though eyes were closed. Is it real?


asked 19 May '12, 22:30

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edited 20 May '12, 03:32

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Barry Allen ♦♦

if it is your volition that
searches for this to be so,
then you give creation to
the energy of that thought


answered 20 May '12, 06:13

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@Fred 1 Well that was a peachie answer because I was trying to open my third eye. Now I am going to take that volition and creation business and claim that I have opened my third eye. Now I can begin to enjoy more psychic abilities. THANKS!

(20 May '12, 11:09) Tom

tom, it happens a step at a time when one is ready, otherwise as the child learning to walk he/she does not stay on his feet. and now you are fully able to be conscious of your choices

(20 May '12, 11:24) fred
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