hi..my question is.. i did online "chakra test" n found that my 3rd eye is completely open (100 %) . so..i wanna knw tht wht r the benefits of completely opened 3rd eye ? and..i have found out that it happened cos i daily chant "aum" while doin yoga. so..should i continue chanting "aum" or discontinue it? are there any harms of over-active 3rd eye opening?

i have visions many times.i m very good in pre-recognising events.i am very good in telepathy since..childhood. n when i focuss in sky i can see small circular structures moving fast here n there ( i wanna confirm ,is this energy? ). sometimes i have dreams of what is going to happen in future.

for example:- before 2 days i saw a dream regarding my cousin brother. that "he was showing me a beautiful sheet which he is going to give to his girlfriend as a gift..,he had sticked many of their couple pictures on this chart, n i said "yup..its beautiful". " then,just next day i got a call from him (he called me after 2 months) n he said "he broke up with his girlfriend". now..i am not geting interpretation of this dream.friends...please guide me in this area of my life. n i apolojize ,if i made any spelling mistake or used any wrong word.

....looking forward to hear perfect answers from all of you...,

....sending lots of love,light,good wishes and positive vibes to all of u ..friends..

....ur's...= "supergirl from india"..

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@supergirl - "i did online "chakra test" n found that my 3rd eye is completely open (100 %)" - Would you be willing to share a link to the "online chakra test"?

(23 Aug '12, 03:52) Stingray

@Stingray I'm not sure if this is the same test as @supergirl took but I've done this one before and found it again. http://www.eclecticenergies.com/chakras/chakratest.php

(23 Aug '12, 13:35) Cory

@cory.., this is the only one "chakra test" i did..

(23 Aug '12, 23:08) supergirl

@stingray.., what effects ypu have experienced of opened 3rd eye?

(23 Aug '12, 23:10) supergirl

@Cory - Thanks. @supergirl - I wouldn't say I have an "open" third eye - and certainly not a 100% open one :) - whatever that means. I might try the online test and see what my own results are. Though I'm a bit dubious about things like this...we're all unique beings with unique desires and past experiences, so I'm not sure one can (or should) even compare one person's "development" with another. It's really about what serves you best with your own unique perspective.

(24 Aug '12, 08:24) Stingray
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@supergirl- That's got to be the best username on IQ!

What are the benefits of completely opened 3rd eye?

Whatever you believe to be the benefits. If you believe it serves as a waste of time, it will be so. If you believe you can see people's past lives, it will be so.

Should I continue chanting "aum" or discontinue it?

Whatever you feel more excited or happier doing. If you think it's beneficial to chant "aum" then defiantly keep doing it, and vise versa.

Are there any harms of over-active 3rd eye opening?

Absolutely. There are alot of very dangerous and sneaky addictions you can pick up if you use your 3rd eye too much. Psychics often attend 12 step programmes for this......I'm joking of course :)

In my beliefs, the answer is no.

The point being, if you believe there are harms in going about something, there will be harms manifested in your reality in relationship with that subject. It's up to you to decide. What definition will serve you best?

Please guide me in the area of my life

Regardless if you think you're being guided or not, or if we can guide you, you are actually doing all the guiding yourself. Check out something I posted when I was in a huge depression , I reckon that will guide you to some information you'll resonate with.


answered 20 Aug '12, 09:25

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heyy..dear nikulas.., thank you so much for your reply..,i loved it.,n i agree what u said.actualy i am a very-very positive girl n i see positivity in each n everything in my life.so,i will take this as "greatest gift GOD has given me,u see dear,i was not even aware that my 3rd eye is completely opened..,it happened co-incidently..or i would say "GOD wanted it to happen ,so it happened". newayss,i have decided to nourish this more n more ,to get best results out of it n i know my success will surely help many people. once,again thank you so much nikulas for ur sweet reply.., "THANK YOU" n i am sending lots of love,light ,gratitude n lots of positiveness to you...dear... - your's - supergirl from india

(20 Aug '12, 10:09) supergirl
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