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Why is it that I can always sense people's energy?

Not to go into too many details or anything cause it's hard to explain, but sometimes I meet people and they give out this really pleasant calming feeling, it's as though the ''aura'' or what ever you want to call it, is smooth, clean and relaxing, and makes me feel calm, it's hard to put into words. There's also people that are more neutral, it's not calming and chill or anything, but it's not negative either.

Then there's others that are extremely unpleasant, and it makes me feel irritated and angry when I'm close to them and cause this very uneasy feeling that makes me want to get away as far as possible from them. Why is this?

I'm going to try to explain how it feels. Basically, when it's a negative energy, the aura feels ''messy'' and I get this ''wooshy'' feeling mostly around my head and I almost get this feeling that kind of rocks back and forth in all directions, I'm sorry if this isn't making sense, it's difficult to describe. As for the irritated angry feeling, I feel it in my stomach and kind of my chest. I also feel very restless, anxious and nervous in a bad way. Sometimes the energy is so intense that it hits me like a brick wall. Is it just because the person has emotional issues?

I know that it's also very important not to get mixed up with how your feeling and you how perceive others, cause the way you feel will influence and change the way you experience and see life.

So my question is, do any of you sense people's energy?

Oh, and I also want to add that it's not just people I meet it in person, also over the internet and off objects and places.

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monroe, it appears you have uncovered exceptionl perceptive awareness, being able to pick up unusually faint vibrations

(29 Aug '13, 05:39) fred

The anger and iritability are not yours but the other persons. You are an empath which means you are sensitive to others energy.

(01 Sep '13, 10:07) Paulina 1
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Being a bit empathic, yes, I often pick up on the energy and emotions of others. Sometimes it can be a profound shift in my own energies. Usually this passes very quickly and of little concern to me, and I am able to shield myself from most of it anyway.

Years ago, though, I was dating a man who though outwardly seemed to have everything going for him (great house, good job, friends, activities, etc) inside he was deeply troubled over the losses of loved ones. When I would lie next to him I would not even be able to lie still, let alone rest. Sleep was out of the question. It was as if I was churning inside both physically and emotionally, as he was, just from being close to him. I used some Silva and Astara exercises to help him a bit, and kindness, of course, but ultimately, I had to spend less time around him until he felt better.

On the other side of that coin, I have friends and family who give off positive, upbeat vibes all the time. And who doesn't love being around people like that?

So, yes, I believe we can easily pick up and even be affected by the energies of others!

Best wishes!


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LeeAnn 1

what are astara exercises ?

(26 Aug '13, 11:55) supergirl

Very true LeeAnn.

(01 Sep '13, 10:09) Paulina 1

It's not that negative energy is "messy", it's that it's free-flowing (chaotic). So it seems to be moving about randomly and with the anger or hate it can feel "scary" or "evil" (using the words that most people use).

Yes, it is easy to feel energy, and not only can everyone DO it but everyone ALREADY DOES IT. First impressions - unfortunately, they are waiting to see if they DO something "good" or "bad" instead of looking at them and feeling their presence/energy to see if they feel calm, familiar, or uneasy around them...

The only difference is, as you intentionally focus more and more you get more information.


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Very interesting explanations, I really like the one about of the energy being free-flowing, it makes sense :)

(23 Aug '13, 19:04) Monroe27

Yes, I can, and it is almost exactly as you have described it. I got curious about these "feelings" I had about people, and that is when I "woke up" to this whole world of spiritual reality and especially Reiki...(which is a healing method that trains you to feel the energy of other people).

I think that I personally developed this ability as a way of keeping safe from abuse when I was but a "wee lass of a child". There was this bus driver named Henry who used to give me the wiliies. This guy oozed evil. I hated having to walk past him, and sometimes he would grab me and make me kiss his cheek in order to get of the bus. Much later, I discovered that this man was my brother-in-law's grandfather, and had molested my brother-in-law... Anyway, here was somebody whose energy I definitely felt, and I would walk home a very long way to avoid the bus...but sometime the weather did not cooperate, so I had to deal with him.

What you feel is very real! I would develop these feelings of yours by studying Reiki and learn to make sense of it, and how to understand what you are feeling. You just may get to the point where you will see people's auras, and then it gets even more fun!

I was at a party recently, and there were people there I did not know. These two women "looked daggers" at me. I did not know what their problem was, but I finally checked out their auras. They both were dark and filled with jagged red lines, signs of anger. I got out of there. I did nothing to deserve such hatred, and will never go to another party there again. Yes, for a while I thought I was imagining things. But I could feel them from across the room, and it was highly uncomfortable for me.

Check out the two books by Barbara Brennan- Hands of Light and Light Emerging. Hands of Light actually has pictures of what you are feeling.

You are sensing the aura of the body, as you said. I would really look at this as a positive event that could transform your life. It is real!

alt text

Welcome to the wonderful world of spiritual awareness! And welcome to Inward Quest, too.




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loved it jai..,thank you :))

(26 Aug '13, 11:59) supergirl

I must second that the book "Hands of Light," is probably one of the best books out there that will help you learn so much about energy in such a short amount of time. It's truly one of the best books out there for understanding energy perception.

(26 Aug '13, 15:32) ikaruss21

Great book.

(01 Sep '13, 10:31) Paulina 1
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Hi Monroe27, Yes you are feeling others energy and if it makes you angry and irritable that means the other person is angry and irritable no matter how they try to hide it.

At times being an empath can cause people to question their sanity but I can assure you what you feel has nothing to do with you for you are just picking up on others. Sometimes it is difficult to tell what is yours and what is someone elses so allways ask yourself "who does this belong to" or "whose stuff is this", is it mine or am I picking up on someone else.

You can pick up on others energies from practicly anything like a telephone call, e-mail (I hate it when that happens) or even people you don't know. Mostly it will be from someone you have been in contact with.

Yes many are picking up on others energies and many don't know this so are going through hell not realising that they are not responsible for those feelings and thoughts. It is especialy important not to act out on those energies as if they were your own for that can cause chaos in your life.

I pick up on peoples energies all the time (wish I didnt life would be simpler) and it took me a long time to learn to divorce myself from feeling others problems, illnesses, lies and so on. I ask myself is this relevant in my life and if it isn't I refuse to stress over it.


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