Wade and White Tiger have been debating and debating about imbalance. It made me think--Are they achieving a perfect balance of imbalance in their argument? Or have they reached a stalemate? So then, what exactly is a stalemate in terms of the LOA? Nature reaches a stalemate during prolonged droughts. Chess players sometimes reach stalemates, where no one can win. How can this be, if the LOA is in force at all times?

Please take this seriously; I really want to know.

Blessings, Jai

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I think balance and imbalance are constant companions in our experience that make our manifested reality unfold in the manner that it does.

It seems our personality expands in a constant state of imbalance and at the same time our manifested reality via the Law of Attraction depends on constant balance to achieve the necessary "effect".

You can vaguely compare it to the experience of Walking, where you are constantly falling forward in the direction of travel in order to move, and yet you find a constant balance by moving at the right speed to constantly catch yourself before you actually fall forward.

If you can balance a broomstick in your hand you will understand that in order to move while balancing, you have to purposely tip the broomstick off-balance in the direction of your movement.

So how does this compare to a debate over an idea where each person feels that their own position has greater validity for both points of view?

What happens is that each person within the interaction is actually in balance within themselves while being off balance within the interaction to allow room for the "un-expected" to manifest or unfold within reality.

Instead of the debate within two people, let's look at it with a different situation.

Let's say that you are sitting by yourself bothering nobody when a stranger walks up to you and says "I don't like you"

Now let's look at 3 possible reactions you could come up with in this situation.

The reaction that you come up with is the un-expected element and the opportunity for expansion.

But once you have chosen or committed yourself to a choice, you are back in balance within that choice you make.

Let's say that your first choice is to simply ignore and not acknowledge the rude intruder because you don't know this person at all. This is your point of balance. Your conscious choice to not acknowledge the stranger within your consciousness will physically match your behavior in balance within your consciousness.

Now let's say that instead you get very upset by this gesture and completely lose your composure within your consciousness. This upset state of mind IS your new point of balance and accordingly your behavior will quickly catch up to your current state of balance, which is to be angry at this stranger.

Strange as it may seem, both the above reactions are healthy and will not accumulate within your psyche as un-resolved issues, however it should be noted that an understanding of LOA will usually not result with the 2nd reaction, at least not with the same intensity.

Now the 3rd possible reaction is unfortunately what most of us choose which then leads to a slow poisoning of our internal conscious makeup which eventually manifests as physical symptoms of every type of discomfort (conditions that manifest after we become functioning independent thinking entities)

This third reaction is where you feel upset and angry within your consciousness and feel that you have been insulted, but outwardly you pretend that you are not affected by this stranger's behavior towards you.

So internally you have become upset, and this reaction is the internal half of your balance point. However, you have decided to deny the manifestation of the physical counterpart of this, internal, choice by withholding the reaction, perhaps out of politeness, creating an imbalance between the internal "you" and the external "you".

So now you are at an imbalance between the internal part of yourself and the external counterpart of yourself.

Now you are angry and upset within you and you are withholding that "hurt" by masking it with an externally "normal" behavior, which in essence is a state of imbalance.

Unfortunately, our system is constantly seeking balance and you are at a point of imbalance.

Guess what happens next?

The IMBALANCE within your consciousness "you” and the external "you" BECOMES your balance.

Until you resolve the root cause of your imbalance, you will assume a balance of constant imbalance.

We are not talking about just one or two little insignificant incidents.

We are talking about a lifetime of accumulated events of un-resolved imbalance, which are fighting to keep you in a state of balance.

Most of us over our lifetime become walking basket cases of un-resolved imbalance under a greater umbrella of outward "apparent" balance.

You can mask it with all types of addictions and medicine but you can't bring the balance back without self-examination (with or without a therapist)

If you find others constantly upsetting and irritating you, chances are, they are actually in harmony and in balance with your own internal imbalanced state of balance.

Other people's behavior towards us is usually in balance with our internal "expectation" of how we expect or fear of being treated by others.

So if we are internally describing our existence as "my existence is un-bearable" then this is our balance point and it will be externally balanced in un-bearable circumstances accordingly.

By recognizing this constant balance and imbalance within ourselves and the exterior physical reality we could, over time, examine why we arrived at such an internal imbalance.

It should be noted that this is only an examination of the internal and external relationship within the individual and reality from a Law of Attraction perspective.

It may have no relationship to other factors such as gender, race, and family circumstances etc. that are beyond the individual's balance point of "Attraction".


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The Traveller

Bit rushed for time to comment right now... great insights :)

(11 May '11, 14:52) Michaela

I've just re-read this answer and I hope everyone gets what you're saying here... it really is a brilliant answer. When we 'stuff our emotions' or 'don't speak our truth', we will never truly feel balance. This answers really re-iterates that, to find any kind of balance or contentment, we really do have to 'know thyself'.

(11 May '11, 20:12) Michaela

Hi Michaela. Thanks for your comment. (I edited my previous comment). I'm not sure if my answer is a match to the question that was asked. But I felt the need to share this perspective when reading the question.

(12 May '11, 01:25) The Traveller

This was what I was trying to get at in that other question between White tiger and I with my Imbalance is needed to have balance, but the more I expressed Imbalance the more White Tiger expressed Balance so but this here is the full picture expressed very well! +1

(12 May '11, 07:22) Wade Casaldi

Thanks Wade =:)

(12 May '11, 19:15) The Traveller
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because the will of both players is not exeding each others. there is always a balance in everything. I only TRULY have felt and experianced this recently, people should also understand that NUTRALITY IS a part of all that is. when you see the simple concepts of the makeup of our own universe you see negitivly and positivly charged particles, BUT everyone ALWAYS forgets to speak of the ones that are nutraly charged! no one wants to see that for ballance you need all sides not JUST the two biggest we find the hardest to ballance!!!

love n light ,



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TReb Bor yit-NE

I totally agree with you!

(09 May '11, 20:15) LeeAnn 1

P.S. Jaianniah, this was a very good question.

(09 May '11, 20:16) LeeAnn 1

ty lee ann,, u are always a great ball of sunshine whos presance warms and lightens teh mood of teh whole.,, ty 4 that ! love n light!!

(09 May '11, 22:54) TReb Bor yit-NE

Thank you Rob. Best wishes....

(10 May '11, 04:43) LeeAnn 1
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Stalemates should not exist, I imagine a scale that is delicate and pouring salt on both sides and if a few grains more are on one side or the other the balance is lost so one side wins the other loses. It seems though, that these stalemates do exist - that both sides are pushing equally. There is no movement either way - a complete stall. No matter what neither side wins. However much more is added, both add the same amount constantly so this creates stalemate. If this were chaos it would be impossible the odds would be way too high against it there must be some kind of order that this comes from like God's mind but I right now can't see the purpose of God disagreeing with his self. Maybe stalemates are to teach us patience but I have a lot of patience. I don't know; I am at a stalemate to answer this. I will take some more reflection on this subject.

From the law of attraction scope it appears as two people trying to grab the same piece of cake. Both people have their minds on getting that cake. Neither side has a mind of lack and not getting or losing to the other side.


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Wade Casaldi

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I think of the game of tic-tac-toe.
Players soon discover that best play from both parties leads to a draw.
So what is important is not the game it self but that it is played .Wade and White Tiger Participate thus both win and there is no stalemate. Losing is always a victory in making your opponent do their best to defeat you. Your skills are sharpened, your experience grows.The journey is not over when we meet an obstacle it either goes around or over or even under.
Nature adapts to the changes of a drought. And this too is not a stalemate,just another curve in the road.
As far as LOA is concerned.Is this not what contrast is when someone has an thought that is not your that makes you continue to focus on those thoughts that you find true.
A nice quote from A-H

You did not say, "Let's go forth into this physical experience and take all the ideas that exist and whittle them down to just a few good ideas that we can all agree on and peacefully cohabitate." Instead you said, "Let's go forth and take the ideas that exist and expand them to more. Let's let the contrast be more so that the desires can be more, so that the Energy will have more avenues to which to flow."

--- Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Philadelphia, PA on Tuesday, April 14th, 1998 #213



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As long as we see it that way, we will not have peace. When we realize that we are one body and that when one is sick, the body is sick and when one rejoices, the body rejoices, then we will be able to work together as one toward one goal. Our game of tug of war should not be against one another and group against group, but of one body pulling toward love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. We can all win the race if we see that we are one body. If one wins, the whole body wins. Be happy for that person and do your best again next time. As people with free will, we don't have to abide by the laws put forth on the rest of nature. We choose how we react to situations and people. We don't have to respond with yelling if we are yelled at or hitting if we are hit. We can rationalize and reason. The problem is, We, collectively, have forgotten this. We inherit behavior patterns from our parents and care providers when we are young and then run from these programs all of our lives until we contientiously decide to make a change. We all say about our parents, "I will never do that to my kid." Then we do, because that is our subconscious programming. We have to rewrite the programming so that we respond the way we want to. That is our free will. But first we must be aware of it and then learn how. The world is in darkness, the blind leading the blind. Some people have found the light switch, but we cannot turn on other peoples' lights, they must find the switch themselves. We can talk them through though. So, when we realize we are all on the same team and start working together, then we will win.


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Fairy Princess

a stalemate seems to be of the realm of competition, when equally adroit of the said game,
not sure why it seems to be a necessity to play out,
or of a waste of energy that could be used on a project of compassion.
is it necessary for the ego to score a win or is it more of a cultural practice believed to be of importance.
when does one take the step of looking at what is happening.
there really is no stalemate within Nature, just her plan of being as invisioned by her Architect.


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