hello everyone, please answer my question in a very honest way, this is one of my strong doubts,and I really need some feed-back based on facts rather then on beliefs... here it is: i've been doing some mental work for three years now, from the Silva method to some practices of Stuart Lichtman, Joe Vitale and thougt contol . the point here is that despite all techniques applyed from meditation to imagination, creating movies , writing hundreds of pages with targets and wishes, i never earned one more penny ;moreover I lost contracts of 1,000,000 supposed to be almost mine,i still struglle to get paid some money they owe to me, and since one year ago I didn't get a sigle call for a job interview.

It honestly seem to me that this new age thing is in fact another population mind control tecnique meant to replace any other obsolete religion!

In tis period of time I`ve neverseen an angel, true self or something like it,

if anyone can give me a clue???

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You are indeed right that some people are making use of the hype surrounding the Law of Attraction to make some quick cash over people who do not really know what is going on, but if you would just spend a few time looking over some of the questions and answers on this site you would feel otherwise.

I completely understand how you feel, but I would suggest that firstly you need to throw away any thoughts or beliefs you currently have regarding the Law of Attraction. You seem to have the notion that you need to be applying many techniques in order to make the Law to work for you, which simply is not true at all. As to whether the Law is true a not, it is something that cannot be really proven except by your own experiences.

Firstly, you have to understand the main reason behind all the techniques you are applying. In order to do so, you might want to check out this first

Three steps to reality creation

The reason why you are doing all the techniques is to make yourself feel better and at a higher emotional standpoint, but if you are doing those techniques from a place of lack it would actually backfire on you.

When you are doing all those mental work, the most important thing you have to note is that you must be able to feel happy and some sort of relief from doing them! From the way you have phrased your question, I can see that that definitely isn't the case!


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Hello Cripper and welcome to I.Q. Yes the Law Of Attraction is real it is one of the fundemental laws of life and works both in the physical and spiritual.

To answer your question, just jesterday I received an e-mail from Bob Proctor with a video attached. It actualy explains why some people can be as positive as they like and do all the work to attract and still they get negative results and in fact lose more than they gain. It will not make any differance how much they practise the law of attraction nothing will come to them, and the reason why? Because their subconscious mind is programed to lose and until they re-program their subconscious for sucsess nothing will change. He calls this changing the paradgim.

This programing might have happened as far back as in a mothers womb or more reecently but it is not conscious to the person so while consciously they are doing everything right it still wont work for the subconscious mind will sabotage you and maby make things even worse.

I sugest you go on Bob Proctors site and sign up for the videoes for he will show you how this is done.

Good Luck and let us know of the changes.


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Dear Criper,

Joe Vitale, Silva method and etc. are not "Law of Attraction". They teach methods that are supposed to activate it in a way you prefer. LOA is a law of the universe.

It is really very simple to see evidence of this - talk to almost every successful person in the world and ask what their secret is, and they will talk about belief, determination, imagination... Read books by Donald Trump and Warren Buffet, do you see lack consciousness there? Talk even to the big "motivating speakers" who talk all the time about action plans, setting goals and action steps, and they will tell you that when you change, the world changes for you.

Just examine your life... Do you feel like you are rich? Do you feel healthy and loved without a whadow of a doubt? LOA is accurate. You can visualize all day, but eventually the universe responds to your vibration and your vibration is not "I truly feel my wealth is coming", it's more like "I hope this stuff works".

But we can keep talking like that and sound like brainwashed people all day... So let's call science for help.

LOA is also being discovered by scientists.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8M72pX5wlyE This is a very fun explanation of an experiment that proves we affect matter with our thoughts. Our observation changes matter.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZLRbma9Uj0&feature=related Here it is explained that all particles in the Universe are connected, and that the all is one. Along with the first experiment, you can conclude that you are connected to the entire Universe and can affect matter everywhere.

I suggest you read the book "Ask and it is Given" by Esther and Jerry Hicks. I too was trying Joe Vitale (I would suggest to avoid his teachings like the plague), Silva method and other methods, but this book explains it all in the simplest and clearest way.


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Nice answer Benjamin I have the book at home and am going to reread it with a clearer vision.

(16 Oct '11, 14:50) Paulina 1


First of all I would like to break down your first sentence since I think it can be of help.

please answer my question in a very honest way, this is one of my strong doubts,and I really need some feed-back based on facts rather then on beliefs.

You can't really ask people to answer "in a very honest way" and then say to base it on facts and not beliefs. What is a fact for me may not necessarily be a fact for you. Our beliefs give each of us as individuals the facts that are thrown right in front of our face. So from that sentence alone, I can see where part of your problem may be.

Also, by saying "this is one of my strong doubts," you are stating a strong belief that you doubt in The Law of Attraction. I'm not nitpicking at you here but trying to show what is right in front of your face that you may not even be aware of. Beliefs are the starting point to the choices that you make in life. No matter how many different processes you try, if your beliefs are on one side of the scale you will only get things on that particular side of the scale.

Now getting to the mental work you have been doing. Are you doing these things for the fun of doing them, or does it feel more like work to you? Are you doing these things to earn money and then wondering in a short period of time where your stuff is?

I know that's the way that I went about things up until recently. I made meditating, emotional awareness, thought control more of a chore than a fun thing to do and nothing ever changed for me either. You have to turn these processes into a fun kind of game no matter how odd that may sound or how badly you need whatever it is that you need.

I've had enough evidence in my own personal experience to say that TLOA is real. It is working every single minute of the day but most of us don't acknowledge it because of where our habitual beliefs and emotions are set to. We are so used to what shows up in our face everyday and don't even realize that we are manifesting the same unsatisfying reality over and over and over again.

Take a look around where you are sitting right now. I expect you are in your house in front of a computer or at least in an area that has some man made things. Every single man made thing from your computer, your chair, your desk or table, your clock on the wall, your wall, etc. ect. ect. was first a thought in a human mind that eventually became manifest in physical reality.

We sometimes give too much credit to the people who invent "things" almost as if they are special at inventing and the rest of us are not. It just comes down to what you believe you can do and what you believe you can't do or what is or isn't real.

I suggest you stop trying so hard if that is what you are doing and quit caring so much about getting this or that. That's what letting go is all about and I am understanding that more than ever before myself.


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I like your answer Cory.

(17 Oct '11, 07:34) Paulina 1

Nice one Cory :)

(17 Oct '11, 08:23) Eddie

Thank you both for the kind words!

(18 Oct '11, 04:18) Cory
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hi criper we all create this world. and all truth exist in the absolute truth. spirituallity is alot more then money. if you are in it to get money it might not be the best place to get some try the bank that is where the money is. as for angels they are doing their job even if you do not see them yet. experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

Hi Criper, you've answered your own question.

What is doubt other than the absence of belief? You demand facts, while at the same time you don't want to consider belief. In terms of how all experience of reality is created; that's like saying I want to drive a vehicle, but I demand it doesn't have a steering wheel or I want to ride in a cart, but I demand that it doesn't have a horse.

You know Joe Vitalie, so you know how important belief is, but do you really believe him?

Is law of attraction real?

Reading this question may be helpful

Ultimate tip - relax and enjoy your life while expecting all good things... :)


There seems to be confusion in some of the answers here. Just to clarify for any new people reading. IMHO the best entry point into understanding the law of attraction is 'The Secret' movie. If you feel attracted to it, watch it again and again until you get it. Esther Hicks (Abraham) is in it and so is Joe Vitale, because they both teach the law of attraction. If they didn't 'get it,' they wouldn't be in it.

Who's teachings you study depends on what you feel attracted to and your current level of clarity and understanding. Many teachers from 'The Secret' helped me to understand the law of attraction, including Abraham and Joe Vitale. One thing I learned was about focusing on integration and inclusion, rather than segregation and separation. That's the kind of world I prefer anyway...


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Apparently, Abraham is not in the Secret any more. Just some.

(28 Oct '11, 14:28) Fairy Princess

Yes, the LOA works and it certainly works for me.

I agree with Benjamin about Joe Vitale. This is just my opinion, of course, which I gained through experience.

I also suggest the Hicks books, which give you actual, practical methods.

I am really surprised that the Silva method has not helped you. Perhaps you are infusing too much doubt, because nothing has changed my life for the better as much as the Silva method. I would stick with that and try for small successes until your confidence builds and doubt fades.

Also, until your confidence in manifesting builds, I would concentrate on the FEELING of being more wealthy. Do you understand what I mean?

Last but not least, continue reading the posts here at IQ. They are very uplifting and will give you practical advice.

If you have any questions I can help you with, please feel free to ask! Best wishes....


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LeeAnn 1

thank you all guys, anyway i feel better now. I will let you know of my results.

(16 Oct '11, 17:54) CRIPER

Good answer LeeAnn.

(17 Oct '11, 07:29) Paulina 1

yes it is real, as real as you and me are..


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Go Jinxx go!...

(17 Oct '11, 07:30) Paulina 1

:) u rock paulina

(18 Oct '11, 03:42) jinxx

Yes it is real. But very hard for most to activate due to negative subconscious programming. When you release... let go... or remove those negative subconscious programs then LOA activates naturally. Getting rid of those buried "issues" is NOT discussed in any of the LOA products. You are basically told to keep thinking positive thoughts. For most, the negatives creep up and cancel out the LOA. Best process I discovered for releasing the negatives is KISS Releasing as developed by physicist Lester Levenson. Now taught by his student Stephen Seretan.


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John 9

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