I did a search around the site and was actually kind of surprised to find that no questions have been asked regarding this issue yet.

I did not like to visualize things in the past so it did not bother me much when I know I had problem imagining/visualizing certain things, but I am beginning to realize how important and useful it can be to have a great imagination.

It was in particular to these few techniques that I feel that a good imagination would really help:

Unlocking your inner genius

Becoming a vibrational match to a particular person

The Invisible Counsel as mentioned by Napoleon Hill in the chapter on sixth sense in Think and Grow Rich

So.. is there actually any practical methods that one can start doing slowly to build up on his own imagination, slowly, one bit at a time? Imagining/Visualizing a person seems to be the hardest thing to do!

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Kakaboo, what a wonderful question! I could go on and on about the importance of "play" and its role in imagining...[see my answer below]...Thanks for thinking of this!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(18 Oct '11, 15:15) Jaianniah

Good question Kakaboo.

(18 Oct '11, 16:08) Paulina 1
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Our minds need to remember to be like children for our imagining factor to be fully active. Children imagine all the time in playing example: playing Navy and Pirates, or Cowboys and Indians, or Army and Space Men, the list goes on....

They imagine everything, the whole situation and everything going on around them and what is happening right now to them and what they are doing, what weapons they have. Everything is in detail being fully experienced for the full fun of it!

This "play time" is really training time for the mind, this play time can train the mind for fast effective thinking to handle situations that may come in life. This could be from really joining the Navy and having to fight in a sword battle and all of a sudden you "see" in your mind the solution and take fast action and live to tell about it! But it also could be as simple as to be used to imagine you are the king of an empire corporation and you imagine the steps you will need to get there and follow through with them! This could also be to assist healing, imagining being healthy and thanking God for healing.

Once you have turned this off as a adult, if you want it back, you must be as a child again. Imagine something more adult then like you sit at an empty table but as you sit there you imagine there it a box on the table. In this box is a nice big pizza pie! Think of the smell of this pie, it is your favorite with all your favorite toppings! Imaging the steam hitting your face as you open the box! Look at that most perfect pizza pie you had every seen! The cheese toasted to a nice golden brown! Everything is perfect, you reach in careful not to get burnt and yank out a piece. The cheese stretches before it breaks free, you feel the heat and the weight in your hand. The steam burns your nose a little as you bit into this piece of pizza. Imagine the taste, oh it is the best!

As we exercise and train to use our imagination, we become adept to it.


answered 18 Oct '11, 14:39

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Wade Casaldi

Excelent answer Wade.

(18 Oct '11, 16:11) Paulina 1

Play is vital, absolutely vital, to the good development of children. If you have good memories from playing as a child, you can probably think of ways to find yourself "playing" as an adult. Imagining comes directly out of our ability to "play" with our minds. If you are having trouble "imagining" something, try to connect with that little kid you used to be a while ago. (Or maybe not so long ago! Or maybe it seems like centuries...LOL!)

If you did not "play" as a kid, then it will be difficult to play as an adult. So learn to lighten up; read books about using the right side of the brain (very important to imagination);; and finally, develop your sense of humor! Imagination delights in fun and happiness!

So play, play, play!

Blessings, Jai


answered 18 Oct '11, 15:13

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Playing and having fun as an adult makes lifes little glitches more easier to bear. Good answer Jai.

(18 Oct '11, 16:14) Paulina 1

Well you already have some good answers but to imagine people try using a photograph of someone you know and after observing the photograph for a while close your eyes and try to recreate in your mind what you saw. Practise makes perfect so practise till you get it right to recreate the immage. This will after a while make it much easier for you to imagine others whose photograph you don't have.

When it comes to things you can use the same method, for instance you want to imagine a certain car use a picture of the specific car and observe it and after a while see if you can recreate that image in your mind. You can do this with anything you want.

If you want to imagine more than one thing practice by observing places you go to and try to recreate that in your mind or shop window displays or your friends homes.

Once you have become skilled at using visualisation now it is time to train your imagination. You can now use your mind to put things that you favour together in any sutible way you like and have a ball doing so. Nothing is imposible to imagine and any outcome you want is yours in your mind. You can be rich or successful or brilliant or a doctor or a scientist or a filmstar or an astronaught or whatever you want, you immagine it and you are it in your mind. It is important to keep it positive and fun and playful so as not to make it like work for work is not as fun and you will soon tire of doing it. Like Wade and Jai say make it childs play for fun will make you want to imagine more and the more you imagine the more you will get what you want.

Remember only use your imagination to imagine what you want and what feels good and never ever what you dont want or what doesn't feel good.

Now you can use your imagination to change things that have already happened in your life for the mind can't tell the differance between real and imagined so if something you dont like happened chage it in your imagination by visualising it and giving it a positive outcome that will have a more positive effect in your life. Good luck.


answered 18 Oct '11, 16:36

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Paulina 1

I like what you say about giving a positive outcome, memories can be re-scripted after all they are yours alone. If we change a memory to a better outcome to heal something we only affect ourselves and no-one else.

(18 Oct '11, 17:34) Wade Casaldi

I realize that this is probably not the answer you were looking for. However, isn’t it more exciting to dive in to the deep end and go right to the core of the issue, rather than skirting around the edges? Anyway, there will be those reading who will see where I’m coming from.

Can I assume that the reason you want to improve your imagination is in order to see more of your, already existing, manifestations materialize in your life? If so, your question is slightly flawed in the sense that it assumes that your imagination needs improving or that there's actually a way to improve it. However, I
doubt this...

The reason I say this is because, if you do some research and then think about it you’ll realize that everything in your world right now was first imagined and then believed by you. I’m not saying that you imagined every detail, but you did imagine the kind of world you’re in, that’s how you created your current reality.

Scientists have shown us that the reality we perceive is merely our brain’s interpretation of vibrating energy, thus everything we see/experience was created/called fourth by our imagination and is then reflected back to us in physicality; our imagination is working all of the time.

There’s only you in your world and your world is a perfect reflection of your vibrational offerings; there’s no escaping this fact, that’s reality. There is no ‘out there,’ there’s only your interpretation of vibrating energy that represents your world in the way you’ve imagined it.

A question I asked some time ago may offer additional insights into imagination.

Realizing that everything in our world was first imagined and then believed in by us, a practical question to ask might be: What are some of the best ways to improve the results of my imagination?

The way to improve the results gained through imagination is by clarifying what it is that you want, and then believing beyond doubt that you'll receive it. It’s really that simple, although we tend to complicate it no end...

Everyone is already a Master creator and everyone’s imagination works flawlessly 100% of the time. So the issue is not about improving imagination, it’s about directing your imagination to create what you prefer in a conscious and deliberate way. Happy manifesting :)


answered 19 Oct '11, 02:21

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@Eddie-yes unlock the imagination ... i like it

(19 Oct '11, 03:52) blubird two

A true answer Eddie.

(19 Oct '11, 05:17) Paulina 1

You could try and create your own short story by writing a few things down on paper that come to your mind. This is something that I been even thinking about trying recently to improve the focus we put into imagination.

I'm not talking about writing a book or anything here but more like jotting down a few scenarios or maybe a few paragraphs that come to mind in the moment. When you think about it, reading books seem to open our imagination more than anything else. Have you ever found yourself lost in a book that you really enjoy almost as if the world around you has disappeared? Well that "current reality washing away" is actually what we are looking for in creative visualization or virtual imagination isn't it?

We don't have to think up the story because the words are right in front of us. All we have to do is take those words and create the ideal world that feels good to us.

By writing a few ideas that you desire first on paper, you take out problem of coming up with the situation in the moment and also living out the situation in the moment. You could just read what you jotted down and play with those scenes in your head. The fun thing is you can tweak what's on paper since you are the one writing the story.

Like I said I haven't actually tried this myself yet, but I wanted to throw the idea out there to give you as many options as you can use to help improve your imagination abilities.


answered 18 Oct '11, 19:12

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Good Idea Cory.

(19 Oct '11, 05:21) Paulina 1
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