I almost hesitate to post this question because it's effectively free advertising for Dr Joe Vitale, a man who many consider to be a marketer masquerading as a spiritual teacher.

But, controversy aside, has anyone read his latest book called Instant Manifestation?

Seems like a pretty brave title for a book and it promises "...the real secret to making the Law of Attraction work for you...".

Is there anything in it that we haven't already discussed on this website many times over?


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I totally distrust that person as a source of anything beneficial to me.

(24 Oct '11, 17:54) LeeAnn 1

Joe Vitale I mean!

(24 Oct '11, 17:54) LeeAnn 1

He certainly does have a way of always having another real secret handy for each new product :)

(24 Oct '11, 18:02) Stingray

I definitely agree...

(24 Oct '11, 20:21) LeeAnn 1

Is that really any different to Abraham-Hicks' marketing hype called 'The Secret Behind The Secret?'

(25 Oct '11, 07:28) Eddie

@Eddie - Not sure what hype you are referring to. The Secret was originally intended to be a movie about the Abraham teachings but, after failing to make it to TV, the producer got greedy for DVD sales and Jerry & Esther pulled out...hence the removal of Abraham from the movie. Then it became a generic movie about Law of Attraction that deliberately avoided mentioning Abraham (ironically). So I think Jerry & Esther wanted to redress the balance so that title is probably fairly valid...however you can certainly sense some "pushing against" in labelling it like that

(25 Oct '11, 07:54) Stingray

Interesting, but not mentioned here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Secret_%282006_film%29...

(25 Oct '11, 09:28) Eddie

@Eddie - Wikipedia is more about who can get and keep the editing rights for a particular page rather than ultimate truth :) Abraham said in one of the recordings that Esther had tried on a few occasions to correct information in there, even about herself, but others kept reverting it :)

(25 Oct '11, 10:15) Stingray

@Eddie - Here's Abraham's version of events: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFp-iPSPplE

(25 Oct '11, 10:21) Stingray

@Stingray, actually this is quite irrelevant to me as I've only seen "The Secret' with Abraham in it. And I'm glad I watched it, coz it lead me to study Abraham and several other helpful teachers from it :)

(26 Oct '11, 01:03) Eddie
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I thought I would go ahead and listen to the audio on the sales page, and at the 31 minute mark is this remark by Joe Vitale:

I ask people who are not taking action or procrastinating, again look at your beliefs. That's all that the book Instant Manifestation is all about.

The subtitle is The Real Secret To Attracting What You Want Right Now. The real secret is: The clearer you are, the faster you will manifest what you want. That's it.

Dr Joe Vitale

So he's basically saying the less resistance you have, the quicker you'll get what you want...which is something we've talked about here many times.

Perhaps not such a big secret after all then, at least to those who read the questions and answers on Inward Quest.


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Well I won't rush out and get the book :))

(25 Oct '11, 02:11) Michaela

That's been his message for many years already :)

(25 Oct '11, 07:37) Eddie

Without reading the book I can confidently say that there is nothing of extra value in it to anyone who has access to IQ and Abraham's stuff. Mr. Vitale probably put out more products than any other "The Secret" (a movie that does a poor job of explaining LOA) teacher, any every time it's with aggresive marketing style "This time it's the REAL DEAL".

He put out about a year ago a program called "The Abundance Paradigm". He there in a marketing video apologized to his customers because he did not give them all the information possible until now and this time he is going to make it all clear and that this is the TRUE product that will help anyone that is struggling with LOA. I was impressed and ordered that product, of course it was again a waste of time. I am not surprised that again he has found the REAL secret to manifestation, it seems he does it every week.

I'll say it again - avoid his teachings like the plague. It is sad to say but based on his products, I think he doesn't really understand LOA fully himself...


answered 25 Oct '11, 10:41

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I know he used to be good friends with Jerry & Esther Hicks (before he "shot to fame" because of The Secret movie) so he does know about the Abraham material. I think to some extent he has tied himself up in knots with his marketing approach. By needing something new to "reveal" in each product to make sales, he cannot really credit his sources of information (Abraham, for example) otherwise people would just go directly to those sources themselves. So he cannot really build upon the momentum of, say, the Abraham teachings, only offer disjointed bits of his own insights that don't infringe

(27 Oct '11, 10:50) Stingray

@Benjamin - again, just to even out the negativity. When you say: I think he doesn't really understand LOA fully himself... Is that in any way related to the fact that Joe has umpteen expensive cars? Are you saying that he manifested those cars by non-LOA methods? Just for fun eh, Benjamin :)

(15 Feb '12, 20:36) Eddie

Of course not. He got rich through LOA (there is no other way), but it doesn't mean he really UNDERSTANDS it, or able to teach it... Many successful people in the world, although LOA is bringing them their success, are unable to explain to others what is really happening.

(16 Feb '12, 05:27) Benjamin
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I am for the source wherever you find it. Maybe Joe will strike chord with some. I'm very happy on I Q, tons of help free. One person with many points said the he/she used Learning Strategies Paraliminals. I have found them to priceless.

Everyone wants to manifest and there is a learning curve involved. Some ideas work better some than others. I.E. I don't use focus wheels, I go for the very simple ideas like manifestation experiment 1. The idea of starting out small with everyday manifestations is brilliant. We all can have better lives.

Many Great Blessing!!!!


answered 16 Feb '12, 03:10

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Also I for one have no intention of writing a book on what I've learned here free.

(16 Feb '12, 03:12) Tom

I am not saying Joe did anything like that, someone will eventually have a go at it.

(16 Feb '12, 03:14) Tom

Thanks for asking this question. I’ll use it to clarify some things :)

My actual answer is no I haven’t read his latest book. In fact, I stopped reading/watching/listening to Joe Vitale's material in 2009. Not because I had/have anything against him, I don't, but because I had moved passed the level of useful information coming from that channel (Joe Vitale) and onto channeled information from non-physical sources, including my own higher self.

However, I’m so glad that I discovered Joe Vitale before joining Inward Quest. Had I joined Inward Quest first and listened to and believed certain ‘experts’ here, I would have missed out on a great source of information. Like it or not, Joe was a part of ‘The Secret’ movie for a good reason. And while some people may not like him that does not mean that what he says is not helpful to some other people.

I want others to know that if his work resonates with you, you will find it helpful.
I know this because some of his work helped me when I needed help.

Joe’s methods and his work are obviously serving a particular segment of the self help market.

Embedded within his, in my opinion, over-hyped, overbearing (bordering on spam) mass communications machine, there are many helpful freebies.

How do you know how much repetition and how many freebies some people need before they’ll actually go out and buy a book, video or course that will help them to finally get it? And how do you know how many times some people need to hear the word ‘secret’ before they’ll allow themselves to take action?

The answer to these questions is: you don’t know!

Now on a deeper level, surely everyone here at Inward Quest understands that being against something can only serve to net you more of the same? For instance: if you hate Joe, you’ll probably hate my answer here, but that’s your reflection.

Why not just live and let live? Focus on what you want and ignore the rest? What part of you still feels the need to make another wrong? It seems to me after studying his work for a couple of years that Joe understands the ideas of oneness, integration, judgment, forgiveness, love, compassion and meaning...

The bigger question is: do you? 8-)


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I'm not sure who the 'experts' on IQ are supposed to be but certainly most of the regular posters here are always pushing people to follow their own internal guidance over any external influences, including aggressive marketing. So it seems doubtful to me that genuinely listening to the advice of 'experts' here would deprive you of Joe Vitale's work if you felt drawn to it

(25 Oct '11, 11:19) Stingray

From the perspective of new IQ users, the experts are those people with thousands of points who offer advice. This post serves to offer a positive perspective on Joe Vitale and 'The Secret,' thereby balancing out some of the negativity of said experts...

(26 Oct '11, 00:59) Eddie

@Eddie -I like the expression (and it applies here: "Life is like a salad bar. Take what you like, and leave the rest." All the threads in this question have been really interesting. BTW...I LOVE your answer<3 Jai

(16 Feb '12, 10:32) Jaianniah
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I have his free e-book "Spiritual Marketing" it is one of my favorite books on manifesting. I do not know about this new book, but I do know "Spiritual Marketing" is very good. He wrote that book actually to never sell but for his sister that was having a lot of troubles in life. He went from being homeless to having it all, he even bought Steven Tyler's custom made car (Panoz Roadster). His mind is on wealth and the good life constantly now. Everything he wants comes right to him so he is doing something right. "Spiritual Marketing" was later re-invented as the number one best-seller "The Attractor Factor." I have a few of his books but really my favorite I keep re-reading is "Spiritual Marketing." He writes with the influences of Bruce Barton, Robert Collier, P.T. Barnum, Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie. These were some of the best copy writers ever but as well some of the best manifesters there ever were. These and James Allen, Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, William Walker, Jim Rohn, and many others. He studied all of these men and learned their secrets he went to the real meat and potatoes of their teachings and found the gems. He struck a deal with Christian H. Godefroy to put his book on The Positive Club for free. You can get "Spiritual Marketing." here free. It is a simple Five-Step program for manifesting as well it talks about his life experiences with manifesting and how he went from nothing to having it all. It is one of my favorite books I keep re-reading, granted it is not as good as "Ask And You Shall Receive", that book is near perfect but it is still very good. Bob Proctor does an excellent forward to his book. Joe is well known on Nightingale Conant as Zig Ziggler, Anthony Robins, Wayne Dyer, Brian Tracy, Deepak Chopra, I bought tape collections from them years ago, excellent stuff, Jim Rohn "Lead The Field" was my favorite.

alt text


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Wade Casaldi

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I honor you for defending your hero...and for providing a different, and important "other side" opinion to the debate going on in this question and all the postings. Love ya! Jai

(16 Feb '12, 10:35) Jaianniah

I wouldn't call him my hero, however the man did write a good informitive easy to understand book on The Law of Attraction that is really worth a look. :-)

(16 Feb '12, 10:39) Wade Casaldi
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