I rarely have to use releasing methods now. However recently I encountered a lot of resistance and none of the releasing methods I used before worked for me.

Has anyone had this problem? Do you have one releasing method that works for you consistently that you can always rely on or do you have to vary them. What do you think is the reason for this?

Thank you.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I'm one of those people that can happily eat the same kind of food day-after-day-after-day for a long, long time and seemingly never get tired of it.

And then, suddenly, something seems to click on/off within me and I find I just need a break from it. So I go eat something else for a while.

Then, perhaps some days later, I'll feel like I've had enough "food holiday" and it's time to return to my "usual" feast :)

I think the same thing happens with releasing/manifesting techniques you are attracted to.

We're all swirling, ever-evolving vibrational mixes of beliefs, thoughts and desires. And as our vibrational make-ups change, we can sometimes manufacture reasons in our lives to "taste" something different. So we find our usual vibrational "meal" no longer seems to satisfy.

I find that these little excursions into different territory often give me new perspectives on my usual "meal" of techniques and I return with either renewed enthusiasm for them, or else with a knowing that it's time to learn to "cook" something new :)

Either way, I always find that the excursion has benefited me because of the change in perspective. So I suspect these changes in method preference are gentle reminders from within that everything in life changes eventually and not to get too wedded to any particular viewpoint.

For that reason, I try to not to get too emotionally attached to any one process or technique. If something works, I use it. If it doesn't, I'll drop it and try something else for a while.

And that fits in with Abraham's own suggestion that if any Abraham process doesn't deliver immediate relief, go try a different one

I think the continuing desire for changing perspective is something that lies very much at the heart of who we are as human beings. And that is demonstrated in how we are naturally attracted to shiny, new, "fresh" desires - there's always something delicious and tasty about them :)

Life never lets us stand still no matter how much we wish it would (often from an inner fear of change).

And indeed, I think that if we ever do manage to get ourselves into so much of a rut that we run out of fresh, new perspectives, a part of us simply decides that it's time to revert to the ultimate change in perspective of withdrawing our focus from this physical body completely...and perhaps try a new different one, some other time :)


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@Stingray - Of course. We are constantly changing so it makes sense that the same method that once worked for me might not work the same way after a period of time. Maybe I'm am too attached to certain methods. This reminds me of Bruce Lee quote "Be Like Water My Friend". Thanks for another fantastic answer Stingray:)

(03 Dec '12, 12:46) Satori

This question i asked myself in the last 2 years very often. And i came to the conclusion that if you push too hard you create a very resistant thought. So the permission slip you give yourself doesn't work and you create a

Mental trap

What works for me is to identify this resistant thought or mental trap and work on it.

So for example if i do focus blocks and suddenly they don't work for me i

  1. Dissociate myself from the problem first.
  2. Identify the mental trap.
  3. Do a focus block on it.

The mental trap can be tricky because you have to go meta (a level above) your mental framework which for example brought you here Satori to ask this question.

The mental mind can't see that this question itself (and the feeling behind it) acutally is the problem why releasing methods don't work sometimes.

In your case your actual mental trap seems to be the thought "Why doesn't it work? I want it to work now!!!!". Realize that this is just another thought just as "my daily bills make me nervous", or "i hate joe because he wants to trick me" etc.

So you can do a focus block on this thought. Start with "i want it to work" and also find the reason why you want it to work with belief uncovering questions such as "What would I have to believe is true about myself in my relationship to this situation to be wanting releasing techniques to work?"

Maybe you come to the conclusion that you want it to work because you want to believe that you are in control of your emotions all the time.

So you start the focus block with the following statement.

I want releasing methods to always work because i want to feel the emotion of control. If they don't work i loose control/feel insecure and therefore my belief that i am always in control of my emotions becomes false which makes me even more insecure.

  1. I know that i don't have to be in the vortex all the time. So it is ok if they don't work all the time.
  2. I know that they will automatically start to work when i have a resistant thought that is even more resistant and painful than this thought.
  3. Even if they never work again i can still meditate and stop ALL of my thoughts. So this thought will be released too and i might still get into the vortex.
  4. ....

This is also the reason why you should do the processes just to have fun and feel better. That way you don't create mental traps.

EDIT: Here is a fancy little sketch ;) that should illustrate the idea of mental traps and the second statement in the focus block example above :) ( "2. I know that they will automatically start to work when i have a resistant thought that is even more resistant and painful than this thought.")

alt text

We as humans are able so store millions of thoughts in our brains. But there are always a few dominant and active resistant thoughts in our minds. But one of them is always the most dominant.

Releasing methods work when we have identified the most dominant thought that is active now at the moment and release the resistance of it. But they don't work when the dominant thought is a mental trap that your mental mind cannot be aware of at this moment.

So look at the sketch. The dominant resistant thought is the mental trap (I want releasing methods to work.). You cannot work on hating uncle joe or any other secondary active thought if you don't work with the dominant thought first.

Sometimes you don't have to identify the mental trap. Because when for example the thought of hating uncle joe intensifies because for instance you are going to meet him in an hour or so then this thought becomes more resistant. So it becomes the most dominant thought (a big red circle instead of smaller and yellow one) and the mental trap thought becomes weaker (it becomes yellow and smaller in the sketch). And your releasing method seems to magically start to work again. But the reason is because your most dominant thought changed at the moment. Your mental trap is now a secondary weaker thought.

So identify the most dominant thought or the mental trap and your releasing method should work again.


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@releaser 99 Nice answer

(02 Dec '12, 11:51) Catherine

@Catherine thank you.

(02 Dec '12, 14:40) releaser99

@Releaser99- Fantastic answer here. The mental trap theory is very interesting. Thank you for these great insights:)

(03 Dec '12, 13:12) Satori

@Satori you are welcome :).

(04 Dec '12, 04:56) releaser99
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Yes, other techiques didn't always work for me. That is one reason I came up with Two Hands Touching and EZ Deletion Sequence. It has worked for me every time. It worked so well, I ran out of things to clear without going digging, so I made a systematic thread to clear your way through the emotions. It hasn't cured the common cold, but it relieves emotions I don't like.

Sorry, I can't tell you why some modalities sometimes don't work.


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Fairy Princess

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@Fairy Princess - Appreciate your answer. I'm glad you have something that works for you. Thanks:)

(03 Dec '12, 12:21) Satori

@Satori You're welcome. I hope that it works for everyone. :)

(03 Dec '12, 13:00) Fairy Princess

Yes - I absolutely know what you mean. I don't really know why this is the case except to say that the relief from resistance is an art rather than a science. By this I mean that it can often be quite subtle vibrational changes that make the difference between being in resistance and letting go. Think of the bird in flight - a small degree of directional difference on day one can result in a very different destination in a few days.

The other point to make is that it sounds to me as if you are doing really well - could this be one of your deeper, major issues and maybe this can only be handled in layers? I often make the mistake of trying to clear everything in one huge go and going round in ever decreasing circles and building up huge resistance. If I take a breath (do THT as that is great for just stopping the anxiety) and manage to find even a small amount of relief and feel good about that, sort of nibbling around the edges of it, that can often be the less resistant approach for me.


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@Catherine - Very interesting. Thanks for the advice Catherine:)

(03 Dec '12, 12:23) Satori
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