many people have the strength to do so, but sometimes those that we believed strongest crumble in accidents involving bodily injury ... sometimes we do not know ourselves, but we are stronger than we think.

asked 12 Apr '10, 22:58

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I think most of us are stronger than we realize and only when we are presented with challenges in life, do we become aware of strength within that we didn't previously know we possessed.

Without a doubt we are limited by the ability of our physical bodies. So when someone is faced with a physical injury - what they do will have to be determined to a degree by the physical limitations on their body.

However, we can look at people like Stephen Hawking, Helen Keller or even Christopher Reeve (to name but a few) who do not and did not crumble in the face of physical disabilities , but instead rose to the challenge and became amazing inspirations to all of us and left an indelible stamp on our minds of what one can accomplish with sheer determination and a belief in their own abilities.


answered 12 Apr '10, 23:53

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always so successful in your answers. regards

(13 Apr '10, 01:21) Robert

Thank you Robert - your questions bring out the answers :-)

(13 Apr '10, 11:22) Michaela

When it comes to physical injury two stories always stick out in my mind. The stories of Don Meyer and Kevin Everett continue to inspire me. The videos are of them winning the Jimmy V award at the Espys. I highly recommend watching these two videos. The sound quality is kind of poor but when Everett walks out to recieve the award it still sends chills down my spine.


answered 13 Apr '10, 01:28

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Michael 1

thanks.I will Michael

(13 Apr '10, 02:01) Robert
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