I stumbled across a Youtube video that was talking about Abraham predicting destruction all over the US... And it referenced to the book "A new Beginning 1" by Abraham. I got my hand on a copy and here is what Abraham wrote :

It is our intent, in this section of the book, to give you as much detail as we are able as to what you will experience physically as your earth achieves this partial shifting upon its axis. We accentuate the word "partial", for it is important that you understand that the shifting that is occurring will not mean the total destruction of your planet. Nor will it mean the destruction of all that exists upon its surface. There will be, however, areas of great devastation, where most of those who are dwelling will not survive, while there will be other areas of comparative safety. All areas of your planet will experience tremors, and by your standards of measuring earthquakes the tremors will be significant, but not so significant that everything, everywhere will be destroyed. The land will not rupture everywhere.

and also :

We offer our expectation of the areas of greatest destruction, that you may make a decision, if you are living in such an area, to remove yourself from it, for once the tremors begin there will not be time to evacuate. Throughout the world, all areas which are near large bodies of water will receive much damage, for the water will be very high and powerful as a result of the jolting as your earth is shifting upon its axis. In the United States the greatest damage caused by water will be on the east and west coasts of the continent. Because of the low elevation and the extremely high and powerful water, much of the coastline will literally be swept away, and large portions of those areas will no longer exist. It is our belief that much of the state of Florida will be swept away, or submerged, in that fashion. The following information pertains specifically to the United States of America: Aside from the damage that will be caused by water, there will also be much upheaval of land as the sudden jolting of your earth will cause the crust to push together and buckle in some areas, while it pulls apart in other areas. Many of the more dangerous areas have already been pinpointed by scientists who have been recording the movement of the earth's crust. A well known earthquake activity area which will receive tremendous damage runs lengthwise down the state of California affecting major populations from San Francisco, to San Diego, and even into Mexico. Another area of greater destruction, caused by earthquake and volcanic activity, will begin near the northern border of the United States, coming through the state of Idaho, through the state of Utah, through the state of Arizona and into the state of New Mexico. Another area of greater destruction will surround the area of the Great Lakes, south to the Mississippi river and to the southern boundary of the United States. The east coast will receive earth- quake damage as well as the damage that will be caused by water.

There is more in there but I think the point is quite clear. This was written in 1988 and I have never heard Abraham speak about this besides in this book... And this is not the first time I hear predictions about California being destroyed. Any thoughts about this? This is very unlike Abraham's style.

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I started following Abraham back in the mid-90's and, from what I can remember, they had already dropped most, if not all, of those "Earth Changes" predictions by then.

From what they said subsequently (again I'm just going from vague memory recall, so don't quote me) I think they said something along the lines that those changes were considerably lessened by various shifts in vibrational attitudes of the mass population, or something like that.

This also ties in with information from other channeled beings that I've heard over the years, the implication being that something happened back in the 90s to shift humanity away from a much more turbulent path than we are currently on.

Sorry for such a vague answer - it's not something I've really gone back to investigate. I do have some of the earliest Abraham recordings but haven't really felt inspired to relisten to them for a long, long time.

In those days, Abraham took a lot of time and words to explain ideas that they now seem to explain clearly almost in an instant, so those old recordings can be hard to listen now because they seem so slow and tedious. Yet, I still remember back in the mid-90s about how cutting-edge and head-spinning some of those "trivial" ideas felt :)

I think that's symptomatic of the "higher" vibrations of today where reality creation knowledge is more accessible and readily understood by the masses at an intuitive level.


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According to Bashar, upon reading the energy as it now stands, the potential for disaster is far less severe than earlier predictions. According to Kryon, what happened to cause a major change in the energy potentials was the overnight fall of the Soviet Union. You have to remember that the earth is not separate from us and thus, the human collective energy affects events occuring on the planet.

On a practical level, 'Get Out of Dodge!' :)


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Interesting. The collapse of the USSR in 1991 would tie in perfectly with Abraham's general shift in world predictions, and an event on that scale would certainly create a further massive lessening of fear of war from people living in Western societies as well as those in the former Soviet Union. So, outside China, that's probably much of the world's population feeling better just from observing it.

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This is exactly what Edgar Cayce predicted and close to the predictions of No Eyes, and Sun Bear. Whether you believe in prophecy or not, by anyone, it is not hard to imagine any of this happening, since water levels are rising with global warming.


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people will run like chiken with no heads


floods all over the world.


the ground will swallow people.


the finger of god will destroy the wicked.


until then do the right thing experience and enjoy.


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