Hi All,

This is an out of the vortex question but I really need your help. I have learned so much from all of you out there and I seek guidance from all of you as to where am I going wrong.

I was introduced to this subject of reality creation in the month of Sep 2009. In the last one and a half year and have listened to and heard a lot about this subject. I truly believe that I create my own reality. Prior to receiving this knowledge my life was in a complete mess and possibly everything was going wrong.

Anyways to cut things short, I went for my MBA program and I graduated in Dec 2010. I have been looking out for a job since more than last 8 months but haven't found one. I have been a predominantly positive person since almost past 1 year. I make it my dominant intention to feel good. I use most of the Abraham processes to feel good and not to manifest anything.

It really feels nice when I feel good and I reach out for it. In fact there has been a complete transformation in my thinking and I am liking it. Even my spouse and my close friends can see a change in my attitude. I was one of the most positive students in my batch and I convinced everyone that you all will surely find very good jobs, as the placement scenario in our B-school was not to good.

Almost 5 months after my graduation I still haven't found a job. All other friends of mine who graduated with me have got jobs, even the seemingly most negative ones. There were several opportunities which were working out for me but didn't materialize as something went wrong in the fag end of the process.

I started a small business, which also isn't doing good. I have huge personal and family debts on my head, I am married and I need to start earning asap. Till now I was keeping all the patience and keeping my self positive all the time. But still nothing seems to be working out for me.

I know my sustained good emotional state is a sign of good things coming. I stay in the vortex for almost two hours a day. The balance time when I am awake, 80% of the time I am quite positive (although not in he vortex) and the rest 20% not in a great mood.

I listen to Abraham tapes, I have fine tuned my knowledge and practice with help of everybody on this website. I am practicing vibrational tuning and as advised by everybody, the only motive I have is to get into the vortex.

Everything said and done, nothing is working out for me. My spouse and my close friends who were quite impressed with my positive frame of mind are questioning me as to why aren't things working out for me, now that I am doing all that is needed. Also I myself am upset that I am doing exactly what is required, then why isn't my life moving in the right direction.

I am in a very desperate situation now, I really want things to start working for me. I have kept so much patience and each time I console my self that you are moving towards the right direction, but at times I just give up and feel this thing isnt working. But I get back to it as I really really believe that this stuff does work.

I need help from all of you as to where am I going wrong or what should I do differently so that things work out for me. I am aware that there is something in my vibration because of which this is still my reality. But I am not able to recognize what is it and what should I do..

Any help, guidance and advice will be highly appreciated.

Thank you so much :)

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@Sourabh not sure whether you are still active on this site, but I'm just curious to find out how have you been after posting this in 2011? It's been 3 years now and I think it would be a great update.

(28 Dec '14, 07:03) kakaboo


I do sincerely sympathize with your plight - I really do.

I've been there before in my own life when I was figuring out all this stuff for myself. Ideas for tools like the Focus Blocks Spreadsheet and the Focus Blocks Method were actually born out of sheer desperation when nothing else seemed to work :)

I know from interactions with you in the past that you're well aware of all the pitfalls in manifesting when you have a need and have the knowledge to avoid those pitfalls.

But I feel like offering you another perspective on what may be happening...just something for you to consider and something I've not really spoken much about before on this site.

I was watching the movie Batman Begins the other day (which probably explains my Batman analogy in the other message :) I wasn't watching it for any particular reason, it just happened to be on the TV, my wife said she hadn't seen it, and I had some free time.

There was a quote in the movie that struck me as particularly meaningful to much that is going on in people's lives right now. As I've mentioned before, I often get spiritual advice from songs, movies, etc.

The quote was this:

Why do we fall? ...so we can learn to pick ourselves up

Batman Begins

I've heard from many sources (Abraham included) that often those who come forth to impart a message to others ("to teach") deliberately put themselves in situations where they fall over so they can learn to pick themselves up again.

Enormous clarity can come from that process of learning to "pick ourselves up".

If I lived a perfect life from the start where everything had always gone the way I wanted then I wouldn't be here now trying to help others gain some of the insights I've had. And I'm sure it's the same for many others who contribute wisdom here.

From learning to pick myself up, I've become more of who I really am.

I've gained something from the experience of falling.

This idea doesn't defy the laws of manifesting, or the Law of Attraction. I think what happens is that sometimes a broader part of ourselves sets up a situation that will cause the physical part of ourselves to gain some wanted experience.

The laws still operate as before - it's just that now our previous clarity regarding how they operate seems to be temporarily clouded, for want of a better word, so we are not applying them in a way that will work...even though we might be thinking that we are. But the end-benefit is well worth the temporary discomfort of the new desire.

Let me tell you a quick story to illustrate the point I'm making.

Some years ago I went to speak to Abraham in person (in New York State in the US) and, on the night before the seminar, I realized I had lost my passport. I don't originate from or live in the US, so this was a major problem for me because I was supposed to leave the country again within the next few days and losing my passport was going to have major knock-on effects for all my travel plans and much else.

I just couldn't believe I had been so careless.

That night as I fell asleep in the hotel where the Abraham seminar was being held, I had the choice of worrying about the situation or just truly learning to trust that the Universe would deliver...and that's what I did...I deliberately trusted.

The next morning I attended the Abraham seminar and tried to put my hand up a few times to get picked by them to sit in the question-asking hot seat. But I seemed to be invisible to them...there was a part of me that was still concerned about my passport loss and I really wasn't myself.

At lunch, I truly made peace with the situation and decided to just enjoy the rest of the day regardless of whatever was going to happen next. I went to a restaurant near the hotel where the seminar was and just "let go" of all my concerns.

Within minutes, I had an inspiration to ring a location I had stopped at while travelling across New York State. A man answered the phone and I explained about my missing passport (and other items that were with it). He went off for a few moments to check "Lost Property" and then told me that they had found them and I would be able to collect them on my drive back to New York City - the location was a few hundred miles away. I was amazed at the response from the Universe at this.

Soon it was time to restart the Abraham seminar. I was feeling absolutely joyous at the rediscovery of my passport. I put my hand up to ask the first question of the afternoon, and was picked immediately by Abraham to come up and ask.

So naturally the first question I asked was regarding the loss and rediscovery of my passport.

And Abraham told me something quite unexpected. They said that, even though I had been assuming I had made a silly mistake in leaving my passport behind at another location, they said that it was not a mistake.

They pointed out to me that at that moment, while I was sitting in the "hot seat" talking to them, they could sense I was feeling invincible. And they were absolutely right. Having relocated my passport a few minutes earlier through my deliberate letting-go, I felt like there was nothing in this universe I couldn't do.

And Abraham pointed out to me that, feeling the way I did right now, did I really think that losing my passport was a mistake or was it an excuse that had allowed me to experience these moments of total and absolute joy?

They told me that the broader part of me was providing opportunities for the physical part of me to learn to "feel good under any and all conditions" (their words).

That was a revelation to me at the time. And it made sense when they explained it.

After all, how do you know you are a masterful creator of your life when everything is already perfectly created? How you do exercise your talents when all is well all the time? How does a (vibrational) artist create a work of (vibrational) art when there is no inspiration?

I've found in my own life that, even though I have a reasonable understanding of manifesting principles, a part of me keeps pushing, pushing, pushing the limits of what I believe is possible and I often make myself fall from time to time. But the difference now is that I don't fear falling.

Every time I pick myself up again by systematically applying the principles I've gained clarity from before, and thereby gain even more clarity. And perhaps others around me (or even perhaps on this website) benefit from that clarity themselves when they interact with me.

I know this doesn't solve your problems right now but it might give you a different perspective on them, which might make you feel a little less blaming of yourself.

Why do we fall? ...so we can learn to pick ourselves up


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Great answer Stingray.It helps me have a better understanding of something that I am facing at this time. Thanks

(16 Apr '11, 15:08) Roy

Excellent, thanks for sharing this Stingray!

(16 Apr '11, 19:57) Radius 7.25

Wow.. Thank you for sharing. I'll remember your story and message to check myself. This is beautiful..

(16 Apr '11, 19:58) Imperfect

Stingray: This was such a beautiful answer, thanks so much!! You put across all the relevant messages across to me in such a subtle way, which is so awesome!! In fact just after posting the question it struck me that may be it is nice that I am getting a chance to practice my vibrational tuning now, so that once I am up for bigger things in life, I am in a much better position to offer a beneficial vibrational offering and there comes your beautifully worded answer which explained it all marvelously! Also your story and its message is something that I will always remember. Thanks so much. :)

(18 Apr '11, 10:00) Sourabh

Glad you found some value in it, Sourabh (and everyone else)

(22 Apr '11, 12:13) Stingray

@stingray-What a great story, loved it.Do you think losing your passport also contributed to fulfilling your desire to be on the hot seat(if you desired it of course)as you were not invisible to them anymore:)

(04 Feb '12, 11:46) Satori

@Stingray so you have been in the hot seat twice? once for your passport and the other one for asking about levitation during the pyramid times?

(04 Feb '12, 12:31) kakaboo

@Satori - Yes, good point. Hadn't thought of that before but I think you're absolutely right. "Manufacturing" that passport incident easily made me stand out (vibrationally) from the 100+ (I think) other people there. If I had travelled several thousand miles to speak to Abraham and had not been picked to sit in the "hot seat", I probably would have been quite disappointed.

(04 Feb '12, 14:01) Stingray

@kakaboo - No, I've only sat in the "hot seat" once...but you are allowed to ask more than one question, you know :)

(04 Feb '12, 14:03) Stingray

@Stingray-right makes me think twice now a about labeling any 'incident' or 'situation' as "Bad".more like 'necessary':) its amazing how all these things blend to make a perfect manifestation:)

(04 Feb '12, 17:01) Satori

@Stingray- I finally found this answer again in relation to my debt question.....Reading this it already brings me serious relief, and I love your term of vibrational artist

(25 Feb '12, 02:28) Nikulas

@Stingray - I love when I happen on one of your older answers! I feel like I'm seeing signposts left by an adventurer/sage that read "this is what it's like when you get where I was when I was here" - of course, by the time I read it, you're off way down the road, an idea that once would have alarmed me ("I'll never catch up and know everything") but now seems pretty okay. Thank you. :)

(15 May '15, 00:00) corduroypower

@corduroypower - "that once would have alarmed me ("I'll never catch up and know everything")" - You're welcome. I tend to think that when one genuinely becomes comfortable with being "incomplete" (and accepting that life will never be perfect - because perfection implies completeness) then one has taken a big step forward in living life the way it was intended to be lived...as an never-ending "adventure" :) Boldly Go :)

(15 May '15, 03:24) Stingray

As we say in Sweden "Nejaa" yes and no @Stingray . Even if something is perfect it still needs to be dusted off and moved around a bit now and then.. just to keep it looking good and working well ... imho ;)

(15 May '15, 03:38) ursixx
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Also I myself am upset that I am doing exactly what is required, then why isn't my life moving in the right direction.

The only thing that's required of you is first to increase your vibrational state of being, through your positive thoughts and beliefs and then to maintain that state. Being upset and asking why are probably the things you keep doing that (to borrow Abraham's analogy) turns your boat upstream, thereby holding all things wanted away from you.

Consider this:

  • You're the creator of your reality
  • You have no idea when the manifestation will happen
  • Manifestation can only happen when you're a vibrational match to it
  • Once you're a vibrational match, it must and so will happen, but cannot happen otherwise
  • Your resistant thoughts and beliefs are the only things keeping what's wanted from you

You may have a deadline to meet certain financial obligations or maybe you've created and now project an artificial deadline of doom and gloom (we have a tendency to exaggerate) sometime in the future and now you believe it. Either way, you have to do your best to ignore any and all real or artificial deadlines, because...

You may receive a phone call with good news, meaning your current challenges are over. The phone call may come in 5 minutes from now or 5 minutes before your deadline, but as long as you're pointing upstream that phone call cannot happen. Never focus on deadlines.

I am in a very desperate situation now

Your feelings of desperation are on the lack side of things wanted, which again is upstream to what's wanted. Think more of the positive wanted outcome and less of the negative unwanted outcome. Be aware of your thoughts and tip the balance towards the positive.

Therefore, if, as you say, you've done the necessary work; all that's necessary or even possible for you to do now is to maintain your positive state of being. While believing in and trusting your Universe and then taking inspired action when the timing's right. I believe in your success and am sending positive vibes your way :)


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Hi Eddie, you explained it so beautifully :) Well I am aware of all that you put so clearly here, just that when I posted this question I was absolutely out of my vortex and as Stingray put in his answer, my knowledge and thoughts were probably clouded and I wasn't doing what was required even if I thought that I was. I have been doing all of this and will continue to do as you have advised even more diligently, and I know that is what will surely help me. Thanks so much for sending positive vibes, I am already feeling much better. Thanks so much :) Really appreciate!!

(18 Apr '11, 10:18) Sourabh

Your vibrational escrow is full to bursting Sourabh.

When it comes in it will be like an avalanche.

Your position sounds very much like mine.You will find that when things break you will see multiple manifestations.

You seem to be keeping positive,monitoring your feelings and reacting to them constructivly.Keep it up,it "MUST" bear fruit.

Ive been attracted to "detachment" reading just recently.Dont know exactly why but it just resonates with me.Perhaps theres something in that for you.

Sorry this isnt the most constructive or detailed answer,others will no doubt provide that.Its just what sprung to mind when reading your question.



answered 16 Apr '11, 11:57

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Monty Riviera

Dear Monty,

Thanks for reassuring me and making me aware of my vortex. Yes I truly believe that when it comes, it would be unstoppable. The day I posted this question was a day which comes may be once in a few months. I will keep working on this path and I am sure with all your best wishes and blessings things would work out for me soon. can you shed some more light on the "detachment" reading that you mentioned about.

Thanks so much :)

(18 Apr '11, 09:48) Sourabh

Hiu again,let me reassure you, i get days like that too,no one can remain in the vortex all the time,weel i cant anyway.Ill be honest here,im still on a learning curve as far as the detatchment thing goes.I have posted a question on it and am thinking about the answers.I will no doubt read thru some of Stingrays ideas on this.He does have a knack of gettingb to the jist of things and communicating it pretty well,of course there are others too.I will study this and maybe post something later.Keep it up Sourabh,let me know when the harvest comes in.

(18 Apr '11, 12:52) Monty Riviera

My thought is that you are barking up the wrong tree. Do a brainstorming session and think of all the things you really enjoy. Also, make a list of the limiting beliefs about all the things you want to do. Learn and practice EFT to eliminate the limiting beliefs. If you don't resonate with what you are trying to do, you won't make it happen. Find what you resonate with and do that. What makes you happy? What do you enjoy doing? Not specific or general, just everything. Then focus your attention on these and see what happens. Don't limit yourself to what you know, just define what you like and enjoy. Pay attention to the things you find yourself doing throughout the day, be it helping people, nurturing people, teaching, encouraging, directing, counseling, listening, etc... Let these little details direct your path so that you do what you do best and enjoy doing.


answered 16 Apr '11, 18:22

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Fairy Princess

Hi Fairy Princess, I have been practicing almost all of what you have advised but may be I was not doing it as diligently as required. I practice EFT regularly to release negative and limiting beliefs. Thanks so much for reminding me to enjoy my whole day doing little things which in turn will make a big difference for me. Really appreciate !! Thanks :)

(18 Apr '11, 10:12) Sourabh

Now, this is going to blow some minds ;o)...I agree with Stingray 100%.

I am going to tell a similar story. I have had major trouble with my teeth since I do not know when (at least four years). I was getting help from my sister in 2006 to pay for the dental work, when she suddenly became convinced that the dentist and I were ripping her off, and cut off the funds. My teeth rotted away quickly, especially after all the surgeries and antibiotics I had to endure in 2009 for my knee infection (which came from a bacteria from my rotting teeth...).

Despite many prayers and Inward Questing, etc. etc., I still could not afford any dental work (no insurance). I was finally approved for SSI and Medicaid this past March, so there was going to be an answer if I was patient. My appointment with the Medicaid dentist was set for this May 16th (it is April 16th today 2011). So I relaxed, knowing that the tooth thing was finally going to come to an end. I quit even worrying about it, actually.

I developed a terrible abscess about two months ago, and had been putting up with it as best as i could. I had three rounds of antibiotics, but they did not work. I finally got into so much pain that I, in desperation, called the original dentist and asked for help with that tooth. He remembered me.

I went in. He took one look inside my mouth, and said,

"I am going to pull all your teeth. You have suffered enough, Miss Jai."

In 12 minutes, he had all the mess out. Then, another miracle happened.

Wade and I were talking, and he asked me, "Now how are you going to chew?" I replied, jokingly (sort of- it really was true),"I am going to have to gum everything to death!" He decided then and there that that was nonsense. In a twinkling, we worked out a deal to get me some dentures.

I now have a beautiful new smile.

What was the point?

I realized that when I totally relaxed about the issue in March, I released the whole problem to the Mind of GOD, and then HE responded very quickly. I also gained a great appreciation for pretty smiles and healthy teeth, and am now trying to figure out a way to help other people who cannot afford dental work. So it was an experience I guess I had to endure to learn.

It is as simple as that.

Blessings and Love, Jai

P.S. Of course, I am looking forward to thanking Wade in person over Easter...;o)


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Jai: Thanks so much for sharing your heart warming story. This clearly proves the point that if I let go of all the worries and tensions, and release all my resistances, things would soon work out for me. Your story gives me a lot of inspiration to do so and which is what I am working on. Thanks a lot!! :)

(18 Apr '11, 10:08) Sourabh

It was my pleasure, Sourabh. Thank you.>>>>>>>>>

(18 Apr '11, 10:40) Jaianniah

If Karma and attraction are intertwined and I think they are then some seeds you have sowed in your past have yet to or just harvested. Of all the acts we create some come to fruition sooner than later. If your vibrational work is consistently high now and has been for a while, sadly that does not undo past debts figuratively and symbolically. And if your on a fast track some of this cleaning old house happens at once or in bunches. Looks like you're on the right track :)


answered 16 Apr '11, 15:15

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Long Gone: That makes sense to me and I do get your point. Well all I am upto now is to clean my vibration and release any resistance that I can notice. Am sure with best wishes of all of you here, I am moving on the right track and things will start looking to be great soon :) Thanks so much!!

(18 Apr '11, 10:03) Sourabh

There is a saying: “Patience is Virtue.” Everything you desire is yours, believe it, and indeed you will see it!


answered 21 Apr '11, 05:13

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Inactive User ♦♦

you are responsible of your free will has every one else. and not every one are using their free will in the right way. that is why this world is like it is. so change what you can change and what you can't change because it is not of your free will let it be but you do not have to suffer for it change your decision accordingly. experience and enjoy.


answered 04 Feb '12, 14:11

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white tiger

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