Have been manifesting good things easily for quite some time. Health, relationships, finances. Pretty much everything. Have a very good abundant life.

Then something very unusual and nasty comes along, totally unexpected.

We are a very healthy and active couple. We take care of ourselves and our health. Recently my wife's back started hurting She could barely walk. Could not sit, only lie down or stand, couldn't bend over, I had to tie her shoes. It was that bad!

No traumatic event, she did not fall or even exert herself more than usual. No reason we can find. Doctor visits. X-rays, MRI, she can barely walk. Pain is extreme. Then it is gone, completely gone after about a week of absolute agony. Perfect health has returned.

We collect old Cadillacs. We bought several and it went easy, simple, smooth. The cars were easily located, bought at good prices, delivered and driven. Little needing to be done than a few minor details.

In February we bought bought a really neat old car. A 1960 Cadillac Limousine. Beautiful car, perfect paint. Respected seller, well known in the community. He had been working on it and had done several upgrades, new brakes, new gas tank. A happy, effortless transaction.

The car was loaded on a carrier in Pennsylvania and delivered to Atlanta. The driver had unloaded the car before we got home. When we got there, he showed us the Bill of Lading indicating that there was pre-existing damage to the front door, preventing it from opening. I signed off on it and brought the car inside our garage. It turned out that when the driver was unloading the car, he dropped it into the transporter causing the damage, a neighbor told us later.

The insurance company is sending me a check for almost three times what it will cost for me to have it repaired. Just heard from the adjuster.

We try not to feed energy into these events and stay positive. Other than gently taking small action steps to resolution. 99% of our life is fantastic and we know better than to dwell on negative events. We do not worry and face each day with joy. Wonderful things happen to us each day.

I had to think about finding the two events above as examples because the good examples far outweigh the negatives. There is enough wonderful contrast in our lives deciding between fun situations that when something like the above comes along, it is a surprise, but we would like to increase our joyous situations even more.

Your advice? Thanks, Bill

EDITED Do most of you feel that the Inner is reflective of the Outer? That by refining yourself you have more joyful lives?

Or do you feel that you are at the whim of outside forces beyond your ken? That, just to teach you a lesson, something has to come along and knock you off your center? You are neither rewarded, nor punished FOR your behavior, but BY your behavior.

And you have the guidance system to help you get back on track.

There is enough contrast going from beauty to beauty. There is no need to experience despair in order to feel greater and greater joy. God does not test. No.

I think that I have the answer to my question and it is to walk away from this post and the unnecessary emphasis I have put on these very minor negative situations. I have better things to do and am leaving to go do them!

I'll be back from time to time. "Experience and Enjoy!" And thank you for being a part of this process. It is through our relationships that we define ourselves.

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Dollar Bill

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How do you think you would feel if life was perfect? Would you appreciate the good things? I'm just curious... I've never had that experience... Do we think it's a good thing if everything always goes how we want it to, to the finest detail? Isn't this providing an opportunity to grow, reassess, become more non-judgemental etc.

(21 May '15, 21:36) Inner Beauty

A good point, @Inner Beauty! When and if we do see perfection, as in a rose, or a painting, we cherish it, don't we? ♥

(21 May '15, 22:30) Jaianniah

the back pain story reminds me of George Soros the financial wizard ... Soros admited he relied largely on animal instinct when trading, acute back pain was a signal that something was wrong in his portfolio ... when he changed his position on the market his pain went away

(26 May '15, 05:32) jaz

"manifesting good things is easy , but sometimes nasty surprises, why? ... because there are still some clouds hanging around that mask the sun

(27 May '15, 00:56) jaz
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@Dollar Bill - In answer to your edit today: HOORAY!!!!!! :D

alt text

For a minute there I was wondering if this was going to bring you down a notch. Whew! ;)

I'm sure everyone means well - no harm, no foul but.... YAY!!!!

Go be happy and love life! Go on modeling just exactly how to do it for all of us, and thanks for the reminder. I'm covered in goose bumps typing this. :D

I didn't answer initially mostly because I knew that you know it as well as I do - or better lol! But once I saw your edit I couldn't help but come and cheer you on.

We know it would have to do with that tiny fraction of time you spend outside the Vortex, in order to find more rockets of desire to send up. And now we can see - look what it's done - its solidified your beliefs even further, and mine too, thank you!

Love, a thoroughly encouraged,




answered 22 May '15, 19:53

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edited 22 May '15, 20:01

@Dollar Bill- Dear, dear Bill! Did you forget that you were on Earth, in the physical plane? Life can be soooo wonderful, soooo good! But you have mistaken Earth for Heaven? Easy to do, when everything is really, really good. But there is the random, the mindless turning of the Wheel of Fortune. Take aging: We are all aging, and it is easy to forget. Someday, we will conquer aging with genetics; it will happen. In the meantime, gravity pulls at our faces, and the sun shines on the skin, and laugh lines happen- or- your back goes out for absolutely no reason at all.

You might be in the Vortex, but your carrier wasn't! Mindless, random excrementy things happen. Remember when Forrest Gump stepped into the pile of biological waste? And remember what he said?


Let Go, and Let God, Bill! There just is no why...God has no why!




answered 21 May '15, 11:08

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Hello Jai! So good to see you here! I think that we live in a universe where we attract certain events. That we are absolutely responsible for our lives and that our inner reflects our outer.

The huge amount of my life is joyful. I am just curious about these minor incidents that come and go. Somehow I am attracting them. Of course there are FAR FEWER events than in the past.

(21 May '15, 11:24) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill- This is a difference in philosophy. I think you should be proud that you have done so well, and have worked so hard to get where you are. When my life is 98% good, I try very hard not to look at the 2%. It usually goes away then. I had a friend named Joe S. (he was a friend of Bill W. about 35 years when I met him...he brought sobriety to Chicago from Akron. Very neat guy) and he took me under his wing. He told me not to sweat the small stuff. Not that your troubles are small...

(21 May '15, 13:14) Jaianniah

@Dollar Bill- They are not small. But remember that what you focus on gets bigger. Get your car fixed and be done with it. Are you absolutely sure that you are not dealing with a resentment against this carrier? And your wife... The back thing I can relate to. But it was Taken Away! Your work removed the problem. See it from a Universal point of view. Who knows what will come of this? You wrote of it.. Now I know to pray for both of you! That is a good thing. Thanks for the question. ♥

(21 May '15, 13:22) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah sweet lady! I have not worked hard to get where I am. 98% of it has been easy. Wonderful things have fallen in my lap. Inspiration put me in the right place at the right time. A small action and a great reward. And, for the most part I don't struggle. I flow, and it works beautifully.

(22 May '15, 19:19) Dollar Bill
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Have you considered writing off that loss on the car altogether and moving on? You have to weigh up which option would gives you less pain - to keep fighting, or to let go.


answered 21 May '15, 08:03

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edited 21 May '15, 08:52

There is $4,000 damage. But more importantly I want to find out how to resist these surprises that seem to come unbidden. I don't really even like to talk about them as the huge majority of our lives is great!

(21 May '15, 08:53) Dollar Bill

You have written a whole post about it Bill. You are already talking and thinking about them.

(21 May '15, 09:15) cod2

Whether there is $4,000 of damage, or $4 million worth of damage - is immaterial. The question is which direction would give you less pain?

(21 May '15, 09:17) cod2

@cod2 - you seem to be stuck in the metaphor. It is not the damage, I can write that off and no big deal. There are some that I can't write off (do I write off my wife?) and I am looking for answers as to how I have attracted these few issues.

And it is not what would give "less pain". We, all of us, are not here for "less pain" we are here for more joy.

I realize the post points out negative situations. For every negative issue in my life, I can point out at least a hundred positive.

(21 May '15, 11:20) Dollar Bill
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well surprise will come wanted or not wanted you are not alone in this world and we are all interdependent. for your wife back it could simply be a bad posture or movement. siting in a new car or doing something she is not use to doing. and for the guy that deliver car a bad accident that he did not want to be responsible about. for what reason who know ? fear of losing is job or loosing some money or promotion etc...

many people out of fear and desire take stupid decision that have consequence inside and outside. they make division and fight inside and outside. they do that for desire and fear often they will even accuse other of what they are doing them self thinking I will have every one on my side just by telling this little lie no one will know of this evil deed. they should have stay in truth then they really would have been blameless. in this world of people being lead by desire and people thinking that they can hide their evil deeds to get their desire. they make fight and war for belief money power or any other desire that they seek to acquire to promote their little self.

so do not be surprise that someone to keep is job will lie or hide the truth; to keep is revenue. is boss is doing far worse then him to gain money and power; to promote himself over other.


answered 21 May '15, 19:48

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white tiger

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@white tiger, so good to see you again! How is that narrow path, my friend? I learned a lot from you. I have a lot of surprises in my life. Good ones, and they seem natural. I guess this is because I have a natural co-creation with my inner self.

Moving toward alignment with the inner self feels good, moving away, feels bad.

Just that simple and I learned a lot of this from you and your wonderful statement - "Experience and Enjoy!"

(22 May '15, 19:13) Dollar Bill
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