I remember reading somewhere that as a general rule of thumb, as long as something is able to be imagined by you, then it will have the ability to manifest itself in your physical life.

Is that really true? Somehow I feel that there are just certain things that cannot be manifested in your life no matter what, unless you take the necessary actions and steps (which defeats the saying of the things you desire will come to you no matter what - even if you do nothing but are in alignment, you will still be able to receive it)


  • If you are a not-so-fit guy and want to develop six pack abs, just sitting down and meditating will get you nowhere towards this goal. You would have to hit the gym or start a work out in order to achieve this..

  • Studies and exams. You cannot manifest A+ grades on your result slips or the questions only you can answer in the exams... no matter what you do, if you have not touched a textbook at all and go and sit for a particular exam, you will definitely not be able to get an A or fail the exam.

Why is this the case? Is the Law of Attraction really able to manifest anything as long as you can imagine it? Or are there just some particular things that will not work when it comes to using the Law of Attraction for manifesting them?

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Hi Kakaboo, I recently saw a science programme that disputes the six pk theory :-) They had a chap hooked up to all necessary medical equipment and he went through his work out in his mind . His physiological responses where the same as his previous "action" recorded ones .

My own daughter has tried this, going for her run , in her mind and got that same lactic acid, pinging, and fatigue in her leg muscles. As you believe , you do receive :-)

(21 Jul '12, 10:06) Starlight

@Starlight - what is the "six pk theory"? I searched on google and only found six pack theory which was the name of a band .. lol

(21 Jul '12, 11:01) kakaboo

Hi Kakaboo , it was in reference to your "If you are a not-so-fit guy and want to develop six pack abs," etc , lol .

If there's a band callled that I might go look 'em up ;-)

(21 Jul '12, 19:47) Starlight

If something can only happen if you take certain actions, that doesn't mean it cannot be manifested. In fact, the very presence of a sequence of actions that leads to manifestation means the thing can be manifested. A more important question is, are there things that you cannot manifest, period? Example, people imagine flying like superman (no special clothing, no jets, no wings, no equipment of any sort) all the time. Is it possible?

(20 Feb '13, 18:56) flowsurfer
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First of all, it's wise not to blindly believe anything that anyone says. It doesn't matter if you read it in the Bible or if Abraham, Buddha, Jesus, Mohamed or anyone else said it, including anyone on this forum. You have to inquire into it and know it personally; you have to be your own teacher and your own student, your own authority.

Here's something to consider: within the eternal - no-time - of the present moment of now, all things that can exist already exist, right? There's no time for anything to be added to what already exists because there is only the one moment of now.

Higher Self (Higher Mind)

When you stay focused in the now you are in alignment with your higher self and that feels very good. Being in alignment you are able to receive the intuition, inspiration and guidance from your higher self. Your higher self, being the ethereal spiritual part of you knows what you chose to experience in this particular physical life experience. Remember that your higher self IS You and unlike your physical counterpart You, it hasn't forgotten why you came here to this version of space-time.

Your physical mind has access to a limited form of imagination, but this can be used to point you in the direction of something better that, perhaps, you can't yet imagine. However, once you start the ball rolling by actually using your imagination, with a background knowing in place, that imagination leads you to your future reality; your higher self will often send data to you, through the channel of imagination, containing ideas and insights beyond what the physical you was capable of imagining.

A visual idea representing an abstract concept.

All That Is

Within All That Is infinite possible realities obviously exist. However, due to the limited imagination of our physical mind, from where we are - we are limited to experiencing infinite probable realities :)

Because of the one now moment of creation and the one infinite consciousness, not only does everything exist now, but we are connected to and not separate from All That Is. Whatever it is, we are it as consciousness. Although, from the limited perception of our physical mind which is focused in this reality we may not know this truth, but it is possible to really 'get it.'


Knowing that you exist as consciousness everywhere that IS opens up the understanding that if your belief is strong enough, you can experience any reality imaginable.

Remember that your higher self knows why you came and knows the fastest route to fulfill your desires. If you want an improved experience to one you are currently having, do your best to imagine (with feeling) yourself as you will be and feel once your desire is fulfilled. If you stay aligned, your higher self will guide you in a variety of ways.

For instance, let's say that right now you are alone and you own an old vehicle. That is unsatisfactory to you, so the contrast of that sparks a new desire within you, in which you imagine yourself with a lovely partner and a new vehicle - an idea that feels wonderful to you.

You imagined it - so it does exist - and it can BE your reality. Your higher self will send guidance in the form of ideas and things you can do to move in the direction of making your imagined desire your reality. You may need to take inspired action, but that can be as simple as choosing to dine in a particular restaurant just because it feels like the right thing to do. And you may meet your lovely partner there and s/he may even own the vehicle you like :)

Belief - All in Your Mind

For the examples you quote, you may meet a person that specializes in body building and who can show you the best techniques. And if you practice them for 20 minutes per day with an imagined end result and a strong belief, you'll develop six pack abs. That may be the inspired action you need to take from your current level of understanding (remembering).

However, if your belief is strong enough you can simply do the entire workout in your mind and still get the six pack. Remember that there is no outside, everything actually takes place within your mind anyway, so that's where the change is taking place.

In the case of an exam. If you sat the exam for an unknown subject while maintaining a pure connection to your higher self, you will receive the answers. And in the same moment you receive them, you will instantly understand them; that's channeling.

Remember that as a part of the one consciousness, you are both the answerer and the writer of the question, so the answer is already within you. Your higher self is spiritually connected to All That Is and so it can channel that information to you; that's quantum oneness.

In the same way, the only thing stopping someone from growing a new limb is their own belief that it's impossible to grow one. It's much easier, belief wise, to simply fit a prosthetic limb.

If you blindly accept something because those who came before you or those who educated and conditioned you say it is true or it is not true, then you're buying into outdated ideas and incorporating them into your belief system. That's why I said at the start not to blindly believe or blindly disbelieve anything because you'll remain in ignorance. The more we inquire the more truth concerning the nature of reality becomes apparent to us.

To summarize: relax, stay focused in the now, imagine, believe without doubt until you know, be happy, feel good and allow. Did I mention - R E L A X and smile 8-)


And synchronicity being what it is, I just saw this Breaking the Illusion of Limitation video...


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Hi Eddie! Thank you for this great answer. I was going to vote you up just on the effort you put into the diagram (I'm assuming that you created it). I went through your answer quickly & although I don't agree with it completely I admire your trust in the perspective that awakened within you. As you say, it is all about trusting the answer that is within you. I need to read it again slowly so that I can fully comprehend all that you have shared.

(14 Nov '11, 05:01) The Traveller

Maybe I should clarify where I don't agree. I believe, for example, that the person who believes in growing a new limb does not necessarily believe that, but rather believes that they have overcome their dis-ability that is caused by the missing limb; and in doing that, they attract the ability to receive a prosthetic limb.

(14 Nov '11, 05:31) The Traveller

Thanks TT, IMHO to discuss the missing limb idea further, we need to look into the idea of infinite co-existing parallel realities...

(14 Nov '11, 07:43) Eddie

@Eddie- You rock. In my manifesting box I've placed the order that I'd like to meet some IQ users in real life, you're defs on there :) Sooooo down to earth.

(22 Jul '12, 04:12) Nikulas

@Nikulas - So Be It... For you to read my answers and call me down to earth shows me how spiritually aware you are. Mr. 'spiritually unaware' would say something like: you're high as a kite or what are you on? or You're tripping man! :)

(22 Jul '12, 22:20) Eddie
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The law of attraction is the mechanism that gives us access to the "other side" of reality

It is the energy side to everything that is manifested and yet to be manifested.

Manifested does not necessarily mean Physical.

Manifested could also mean "in existence"

So if you want a solution to something but that solution has not yet occurred to you, then you can say that the solution or the "idea" or "thought form" regarding the solution has not manifested yet.

You can now choose to attract the idea that you don't have yet by using the vision of the destination you want to get to as your anchor point.

So you want to visit the pyramids but you don't have the resources and you don't know how to get there. Basically you don't have the "solution" to the problem.

But you know the destination, and that is to be standing on top of the great pyramid of Giza.

You anchor your consciousness there within the only moment that exists and that is the moment called "NOW"

So every time you ponder upon your desire, you anchor your consciousness within the experience of standing on top of the Great Pyramid of Giza IN THE MOMENT OF RIGHT NOW as if you are living it.

In doing this you have launched the law of attraction to fix the seeming imbalance in the situation that you have just created.

The situation you created is this.

In the moment within which you exist called NOW you have re-defined your (limited) version of the Unlimited Potential to include the experience of BEING on top of the Pyramid in Egypt.

The problem is that IT IS NOW and you are NOT on top of the Pyramid.

The Universe can’t have this terrible Imbalance of a miss-match of energy and its corresponding physical counterpart.

So a flood of opportunity is magically attracted to you full of instructions on how to get there using whatever abundance (or limitations) that you are experiencing RIGHT NOW.


The Universe will keep on giving you opportunities for you to ACT UPON until the sequence of events lead you to standing on top of the Pyramid.

The Universe Won't lift up the pyramid and drop it on your head while you are curled up on the couch in front of the television set.

Instead the Universe will contact your friend who is a travel agent and give that agent the sudden idea to call you because there is a 50% off special on the vacation package to see the pyramids, and your friend remembered you mentioning your desire to see the pyramids.

When the phone rings the universe will not pick up the phone and place it on your ear, instead the universe will give you the sudden desire to get up and go to the phone because you will mistakenly get the idea that the Pizza that you ordered is just at the door and that the Pizza delivery guy can't enter your apartment building without you buzzing him in using the phone.

When you do pick up the phone and discover that your travel agent friend is calling you about the special on the trip to Egypt, which includes a complementary package to see the pyramids, you will feel that shiver go down your spine because you have been envisioning this experience in your mind.

You will know that this is not just co-incidence, but that it is the Law of Attraction at work.

At this moment you will choose to recognize that it is energy in motion that you initiated with your very consciousness, or you will choose to dismiss it as pure chance.

Perhaps you will choose to wait until the pyramid itself comes knocking at your front door.

It is ultimately up to us to decide if we want to see the magical power of consciousness at work in everything and every moment in our existence.

Our ability to notice this power is intimately connected to our skepticism and our casual dismissal of the unknown.

The Sad truth in this whole thing is that the Law of attraction is always at work and does not need any mastery of the mind to take advantage of its influence.

It faithfully attracts that which you envision to be the "truth"

And if Skepticism is the foundation upon which one is comfortable, then this is the form of abundance that is faithfully attracted by the skeptic.

The skeptic will constantly attract all the necessary "props" of skepticism in a continuous now moment of Skeptical Abundance.

There will be offers of free trial subscriptions to skeptical magazines, invitations to events that have a skeptical point of view; all the friends that gravitate towards this individual will mimic the skeptical expectation of this individual's consciousness.

This phenomenon is played out event down to such details as randomly switching on the TV and flipping through the channels. A skeptic will pick up the remote and will effortlessly "randomly" stumble on the shows that support the skeptic's point of view.

I am not saying this to pass judgment on Skepticism.

I am saying that "who we are" is a product of constant attraction of the physical counterpart of who we are within consciousness RIGHT NOW.

And if part of that RIGHT NOW is the idea "This is not possible" Then the Law of Attraction is also constantly thrusting the Physical Actualization of the idea "This is not Possible" towards the person who mentally exists within the idea "this is not possible"

But our consciousness is far more intelligent than ourselves.

To assume that one's consciousness is limited to how much one has learned is no different from saying that the wisdom within the Bible is limited to the intelligence of the person reading it.

Our consciousness comes from a source that is beyond us, and this source is "all knowing"

Our limitation is our ability to comprehend and translate this source into a reference that makes sense to this physical experience.

We are all working with the same source of "all knowing" creation.

The interface through which we translate this information is consciousness.

We all possess an understanding of our limitations.

That understanding comes from beyond us.

To say "Are there just some things that cannot be manifested no matter what?" assumes that at some point somebody made the statement "Anything can be manifested no matter what"

We can all safely conclude that only GOD can probably make that claim.

We all know that this is not what was meant by the question.

The question really deals with the idea "Can any of us attract what we desire, even though it seems that we may not be capable of it"

And this is where the "wisdom beyond us" plays an important part.

We rarely desire something that is beyond our potential.

For example, someone in their 50's will not "get" a desire to physically transform into a teenager again because the intelligence within creation knows that this is not possible within the physical human experience.

However they may get the desire to "feel" and experience life the way they did when they were young.

The person with the desire knows the difference between trying to "act" like a teenager and trying to actually transform into the physical experience of a teenager.

The wisdom within our consciousness always knows what is actually possible and what is impossible within a chosen physical experience.

The vibration of Excitement only gets associated with experiences that are actually possible.

In fact it is said, that excitement is the mechanism by which your higher self communicates to you what you must do to become in alignment with who you have chosen to be in this lifetime.

So to conclude this never-ending answer

Attraction works as long as you are willing to Stay clearly anchored within the experience of your desire in the NOW MOMENT without second guessing if it will happen or will not happen, both of which are only available to you when have shifted your consciousness outside of the NOW MOMENT of the experience you desire.

Act upon the opportunities that manifest as a result of you placing your consciousness within the NOW MOMENT of that which you desire

Know that if it Excites you and you can "See yourself" in the moment of it, the universe knows that you are capable of it, because your consciousness is the mechanism by which you interpret the un-limited potential and the wisdom of creation within the perspective of your point of reference.

A footnote: When you believe that what excites you and ought to be accomplished by you is impossible; this, by definition, is the form of abundance you have chosen to attract with the law of attraction.


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The Traveller

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The Traveller, the reason why I said this " "Anything can be manifested no matter what" was because of this answer by Stingray in another question: The rule of thumb concerning manifestational limits is this...

If you can imagine it, you can manifest it." and also that you can do nothing at all and yet be able to receive what you want as long as you are in alignment with who you are

(13 Nov '11, 00:46) kakaboo

Forgot to include the link to that answer : http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/6122/what-are-the-practical-limitations-of-what-the-universe-can-manifest/6194#6194

(13 Nov '11, 00:47) kakaboo

Hi Kakaboo. I read Stingray's answer from your link and at first glance I would agree with your perspective. However Stingray did leave the following disclaimer within his answer with the following statements.

"So why don't we see people manifesting the impossible all around us?

It's simply because that to meet those people and experience the evidence of their manifestational impossiblities, you need to be a vibrational match to them first."

(13 Nov '11, 06:53) The Traveller

Likewise I have my own disclaimer within the idea that our consciousness always know the limits of what is possible and what is not.

I believe that this inner knowing is what allows us to even challenge someone else’s position with an example of impossibility. To come up with it you have to know the point where the possible becomes impossible.

(13 Nov '11, 06:54) The Traveller

I believe that we are all automatically contained within what is possible. Our frustrations are usually not about accomplishing the impossible. Our frustrations are often rooted in the idea “why is it impossible for me when it is possible for them?”

(13 Nov '11, 06:54) The Traveller

Clear and concise... thank you :)

(13 Nov '11, 14:45) Michaela

Thanks Michaela! ;)

(13 Nov '11, 18:08) The Traveller

@The Traveller "For example, someone in their 50's will not "get" a desire to physically transform into a teenager again because the intelligence within creation knows that this is not possible within the physical human experience." - I am in my late 20s and I "have" a desire to physically transform (documents included) into a teenager again. Not to feel like a teenager, to be a teenager. So your whole theory regarding real limitations and our awareness of them is flawed.

(20 Feb '13, 18:45) flowsurfer
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We can manifested whatever we desire. The issue that many people experience is they don't know how to interpret what is happening. They don't understand their own desires or they look at the situation in the wrong light.

Anyone who wants to manifest themselves to lose weight should first ask themselves, "Why do I want to lose weight?" It could be their desire originates from their ego. The Universe doesn't reward based off of our whimsical desires.

A person who has lost a limb may want a new arm. They too can have a new arm. Through the Art of Allowing, that person can have a new arm. It will not be neccessarily the same arm they had originally, but if they are willing to learn how to operate a prosthetic arm, the experience can be even better than the arm they had previously.

It's our job to ask. The Universe rewards effortlessly. We have to allow ourselves to receive without placing limitations.


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David L.

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"It could be their desire originates from their ego. The Universe doesn't reward based off of our whimsical desires." If the so-called ego is not allowed to have desires that are satisfied (which is obviously false, see "The Devil's Double" for an illustration), where exactly do the "proper" desires come from? How do you distinguish between the two?

(20 Feb '13, 18:50) flowsurfer

Using your two examples, I could say that sitting and doing nothing you will attract nothing.

BUT through LOA you could win a free pass ticket to your neighbour's gym or you could incidentally find some friend to accompany you to the gym and so ypu could get the motive to exersice, etc.

As far as the exams you might had a conversation with a friend a couple of days before analyzing the subject that was going to be put on the exam, or incidentally you might had read an article before the exam day concerning the issue of the exam, etc!

Nothing will come out of the sky! You will accept it via the physical laws and manners!


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This has been a sticking point for me as well, Kakaboo...I was just debating with Wade about how a person who was missing a limb could not possibly manifest a new limb. Wade says everything is possible with God..if you believe. But I argued that God made the Universe with certain physical laws, and that new limbs do not grow (as of now- technology and genetic advancements will certainly be able to conquer this in the future) in and of themselves.

Yes, I believe that you can have what you envision..but my argument has always been that some things require hard work on our parts. Things do not always just "fall out of the sky and into our laps". For example, I have been very ill, but am trying to rehab myself back to health. I recognize that this desire has been sent out into the Universe, and with my Will aligned with God, it will happen. But I will have to work at it, and work very hard, at that. I am not going to magically get back into shape without working out.

But I do believe that the Universe will help me! All that I need will be given to me to achieve this goal. For example, Wade is a 6th degree Black Belt. (He is going to die when he reads this- he is truly very humble!) So, I have the perfect "rehab Master" right here beside me! This is God's gift to me. All I need to do is to practice and work hard. In fact, Wade showed his class how anyone can learn Karate...even someone in a wheelchair. His kids laughed at him when he told them this! So he sat in a chair, and told his student, James, to attack him from behind. James came at him, and Wade, while seated, flipped James right over himself and the chair and onto the floor! So if that is possible, I can learn, despite two artificial knees, a mangled foot, and my age.

I agree with you...some things just aren't possible to manifest- like growing a new leg or arm. But compensations can come from the Universe to adapt and grow into the situation. This would be a form of Manifestation.

I hope I do not get "Stung" by Stingray over this view! LOL!

Blessings, Jaianniah


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Well actually this question was partially inspired by Stingray's answer in another post (see my comment to The Traveller's answer).. and I just realized I asked this type of question quite some time ago! lol

(13 Nov '11, 00:48) kakaboo

I have actually wondered about all this lately, according to the teachers I follow and some theories, we have pre-agreed on everything we are going to go through in this lifetime, before we are born, and come to this life with a mission, since we do practice free will and when we come down to earth to live the human experience we forget what we assigned ourselves to do here, so we don't know exactly what our mission is, sometimes certain things we want here do not match our mission, there for forcing our destiny, sort of speak. That's why sometimes we pray, meditate, wish, do all sorts of stuff and no matter what it just doesn't happen. Later on when you get on track again, there for aligning yourself to your path you see why that thing or situation you wanted didn't fall through, maybe there was a lesson to be learned at that moment by not obtaining it that lead you to something better. This is of course just my theory since of all the people I follow, and because of my spiritual awakening has given me some comfort. I am simply sharing this with all of you. :)


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Eva goes with the Flow

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