anyone manifested anything big using wayne dyers ahhhh meditation?

asked 17 Nov '11, 06:02

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Ross 1

edited 17 Nov '11, 12:52

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Hello Ross, the wayne dyers ahhhh meditations were originally transmitted by the guru dattatreya siva baba ... plenty of testimonials to these meditations can be found on this link ;

have a great day :)


answered 17 Nov '11, 10:26

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blubird two

I met Wayne several years ago and I thanked him for all the times I've found the perfect parking space! I have manifested learning to surf & obtaining two sailboats using this technique, (i think those qualify here) but creating inward peace and closing familial communications gaps still elude me.


answered 19 Nov '11, 06:10

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answered 18 Nov '11, 00:42

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Ross 2

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