I've been listening to some new videos of Abraham and it seems the new focus (the previous one was on the meditations cd) is on the "emotional grid". I've seen the term here used by Stingray - a kind of a focus wheel, and they do talk about going generally negative, then generally positive and so on. But I see in different videos that Abraham is talking about the "emotional grid" as some kind of a vibrational foundation, and in other places using the term when the word "vortex" would be appropriate. In this video for example :


I understand they are talking about an early, non physical manifestation of the desire as the "Grid"... I know that grid means table, but I don't really understand the connection. Could anyone please offer a clear definition of it, based on Abraham's words, so we can all understand this once and for all? Thanks.

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@Benjamin , thanks for asking this , I too wondered what it was

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The vortex is the positive energy. The grid is the structure that energy takes in your manifested world. The grid is a general emotional framework that is "filled in" by specific manifestation.

(26 Feb '13, 15:16) flowsurfer
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I'm behind with the latest recordings so what is presented below may now be out of date, but I agree with you that it can be hard to get your head around this idea.

Because Abraham is primarily audio-based, they need to rely on words to explain ideas when sometimes a simple picture would make everything clear.

So here's a picture of how I view the "emotional grid" they are talking about...

alt text

This is a picture of a boat jig, the skeleton framework that a boat is then built upon.

By altering individual shapes of the framework, you alter the final shape of the boat. It is, as you say, a "foundation". If the shape of the foundation is not as you like it to be, you need to change it one bit at a time...perhaps you would start with one of the center beams and bend it a little more ("do some vibrational work on it") and then maybe choose the structure of a side-panel and change it slightly in the same way.

As you alter the "grid" of the boat, you are laying the structure for what the final boat will look like but you are not building the boat. You are just designing the blueprint for the boat. In my analogy, the universe is the boat-builder that will come along and fill in the gaps to make it look like the finished boat.

I've heard Abraham say on at least one recording that it's our job to go from "Specific Negative" to "General Positive" (reshape the boat's template structure) on an aspect of our lives and then the (boat-builder) Universe will automatically come along and fill in the gaps. ("Specific Positive"). "Specific Positive" in this analogy would be the actual building of the boat based upon the jig's shape.

So the emotional grid is like a general vibrational template for our lives and as we alter more and more parts of that template to feel emotionally better, our physical life naturally changes shape to match it.

UPDATE - FEB 27, 2013

When I originally wrote this answer, I was probably more than a year behind with listening to Abraham recordings.

Since then I've caught up completely often listening to new recordings back-to-back for hours on end trying to get my head around this "Grid" business. It's a concept that just doesn't seem as initially clear as some of the other Abraham concepts like "The Vortex" so I'm not surprised that many have problems with it.

Then one day, several weeks ago, a flash of understanding came to me that made all the "Grid" explanations very clear.

It was this...

"A Grid is just a Focus Block"

That was it in a nutshell. It all made sense to me after that. Just thought I would share that little insight because it helped me quite a bit :)

Of course, that one-line explanation assumes you know what a Focus Block is :)


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Thank you Stingray. I will take the time to introspect about this point of view.

(17 Mar '12, 04:56) Benjamin

The way I understand Abraham's Grid analogy, it's not a specific tool. However the Grid analogy seems to come with a process called "Grid Work".

But Abraham are really just trying to explain how negative emotions work. Because once you know why humans feel negative emotion, you know how to easily change that (fast). It then doesn't really which one of Abraham's processes we use. By talking about the Grid analogy, they are basically trying to explain the following fundamental principles.

  1. Negative emotion is the result of (specifically) negative thinking.
  2. Negative thoughts: The more specific they are, the worse we feel. So the more general they are, the better we feel. Positive thoughts: The more specific they are, the better we feel. The more general they are, the less good we feel.
  3. Every thought has momentum and automatically attracts more and more specifics to it. So it becomes bigger and more intense (because of the Law of Attraction). You see, thoughts can either become a vicious circle (negative thoughts) or they can become a virtuous circle (positive thoughts). See the concept of the Snowball effect.

The grid analogy is intended to metaphorically explain those principles. Because many people especially don't seem to get the difference between specific and general thoughts. So I'll try to outline the differences quickly because it is the heart of the grid analogy/concept.

Generality vs Specificity

Here is an example of a specific thought: "I need 200.000 dollars by next Monday and I don't know how".

Now this whole statement is quite specific. The figure "200.000" is quite specific, wouldn't you say? I'm not using general or abstract words here. I'm not using a more abstract word like "money", or a even more general/abstract word like abundance. Instead I focus on the specific number that I need and I also add the specific currency to it. I say "dollars". "Next Monday" is also quite specific.

Want to increase the negativity and feel worse? Just add more specifics to it.

For example:

"I need 200.000 dollars by next monday at 11 a.m. in my bank account and the bank wouldn't give me bank loan."

Do you feel the difference? By adding more specifics, it becomes even more negative and more intense.

So if I want feel better, I just have to make this negative thought less specific/more general.

For example:

"I need abundance in my life and I don't see/feel it yet."

Sounds less specific, right? Yes, it's still a negative thought that doesn't feel good. But it doesn't feel that intense now. Because I've made it less specific/more general/more abstract.

How does the Grid relate to the Emotional Guidance Scale?

Abraham say that the concept of the Grid is a different take on the Emotional Guidance Scale. This is how it roughly relates (I guess).

Specifically positive emotions/thoughts:

1.Joy/Appreciation/Empowered/Freedom/Love 2.Passion 3.Enthusiasm/Eagerness/Happiness 4.Positive Expectation/Belief

Generally positive emotions/thoughts:

5.Optimism 6.Hopefulness 7.Contentment

Generally negative emotions/thoughts:

8.Boredom 9.Pessimism 10.Frustration/Irritation/Impatience 11.Overwhelment 12.Disappointment 13.Doubt

Specfically negative emotions/thoughts:

14.Worry 15.Blame 16.Discouragement 17.Anger 18.Revenge 19.Hatred/Rage 20.Jealousy 21.Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness 22.Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Powerlessness

How does the Grid relate to the Vortex?

I think being in the Vortex would be the same as thinking and feeling specifically positive thoughts.

What is Abraham's "Grid Work"?

The Grid Analogy (not "Grid Work!) isn't a specific tool necessarily. It just explains how we have negative or positive emotions (as I've mentioned above). You can apply this understanding to different processes such as "Focus Wheels", "Moving Up the Emotional Scale", "Pivoting" etc. However Abraham especially seem to apply it to a new process which reminds me of "Finding the Feeling-Place".

They call this "Grid Work".

You basically ask yourself what you are feeling now and what you want to feel instead. You start extremely general with 1-2 emotional words. So for example, if I feel overwhelmed for whatever reason, I want to feel the opposite indeed.

And what is the opposite of feeling overwhelmed?

It might be "ease", "flow", "safe" or "free" . It depends on my interpretation of my feelings. So in the seminars Abraham take those general words and encourage people to find the feeling place of them.

And if we just stay with those generally positive words and their feelings, the specifics start to show up within a few minutes often. LOA does all the work here. So holding the emotion of "ease" or "flow" in mind leads to specifically positive thoughts/feelings soon such as "I know I can handle this situation because I have such and such options, and my friend called yesterday and he said such and such..." etc.

The specifics fill in, in the form of specifically positive thoughts first. And sooner or later they also show up as physical manifestations.

This is why Abraham say that we only have to do general Grid Work. The LOA will take care of the specifics automatically.


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@releaser 99 Thank you for this - it's great. Lately I've got back into Abraham and am loving it. Recently though they have started talking about "being on a high flying disk" which fits in quite nicely with 1 - 4 on the emotional scale/specifically positive.

(04 Nov '13, 17:14) Catherine

@Catherine You are welcome. "which fits in quite nicely with 1 - 4 on the emotional scale/specifically positive" Agreed. The "high flying disc" is just another way of saying "being in the Vortex" or "thinking specifically positive thoughts". Different terms/analogies seem to resonate more with different people so they always come up with new terms and processes.

(04 Nov '13, 17:23) releaser99

This is an incredible post - it gets specific about so many things I've been able to glimpse more distantly. The Vortex is my personal favorite Abe analogy, but your explanation of the Grid here helps me understand all of it a little bit more. Thank you!

(05 Nov '13, 02:45) corduroypower

@releaser99 - Nicely explained

(05 Nov '13, 03:29) Stingray
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Hi Benjamin,

I am not very solid in my understanding of the grid yet, but I will fill you in what I have found out so far.

First of all, it is hard for me to grasp, too. The Vortex, all the other processes etc. were at one time hard for me to BELIEVE maybe, but I understood them. I think that perhaps the notion of 'The Grid' is higher in vibration. I believe that because when I am REALLY feel good I understand it and it is easy and makes complete sense..and then when I am in my "current normal", or my current set-point, which is not bad but not jumping for joy either...I am again mystified lol.

I did view the live Orlando session on 3/31/12, so I will share some of my understandings that I have gained thus far...

We are ALREADY creating grids all the time.

We only have one grid going at a time.

Our grid, or maybe another word for it could be our "basis", takes it's main frame from whatever emotion we are feeling at the moment.

I think of it like a building structure with all of the metal frames in place and nothing else. Imagine if the frame was made out of long metal pipes instead of metal beams. Imagine if all of those pipes were open to each other, for example if we poured water into an opening on top of the building grid, that water would flow fluidly throughout all the piping/gridwork. Now replace the water with happiness, so now you have happiness flowing all throughout this gridwork. Now imagine those metal pipes are ALSO magnetic, and they pull into the holes of this grid ALL THINGS THAT MATCH WHATEVER IS IN THE PIPES. So, if you are feeling HAPPY, then happiness is flowing all throughout the grid frame "pipes", just like the water would. Because the pipes are magnetic, it pulls into the "building" - pulls into all the spaces in between the pipes - all things that make you feel that emotion - HAPPY. And the longer the HAPPINESS is in the pipes, the more magnetic that HAPPINESS becomes so more and more things come in faster and faster to match that. Great parking spots, a new sweater you didn't expect, someone let's you come out of a parking lot, you hear your favorite song on the radio, a friend emails you about how much you mean to them, you get home and there is a check for $2k you never expected, someone invites you to a yummy homemade dinner, you feel energized, the birds chirping sound SO much more beautiful than they ever have, beauty is everywhere, etc.

Now, let's say right at this minute you are feeling FRUSTRATED with something at work or with an item you cannot find or with a mate who isn't treating you the way you would like. NOW you have FRUSTRATION running through those pipes. At first - when you have only been feeling FRUSTRATION for a bit - it's running through lightly and magnetizing slightly frustrating things toward you...you pop a button on your shirt, you send an email without the attachment you intended, you are late to a meeting, the store is out of the item you want, your computer is slow etc. etc. If you don't notice at this point how you are feeling and, therefore, what is running through your pipes and that the pipes are magnetic - more and more FRUSTRATION "water" will pour into the pipes and the manifestations that are magnetized to the pipes get bigger and bigger. But if you can stop EARLY on in the frustration grid creation, it is far easier to stop and do some grid work to create a better feeling grid instead of waiting til you are at stage 4.

This is how I picture it when Abe says it is so important to pay attention to your feelings because if you can catch yourself creating something you don't want early on (and you know if you are creating something you don't want by the fact that you are FEELING a feeling you don't want to feel more of) it is far easier than waiting til you have steeped in it for a while.

SO. You always have a grid going - and you only have one grid going at a time. If you have a mucky grid, you do not need to spend time cleaning it. You can DUMP that grid - throw it out and start a NEW grid.


Decide what kind of grid you want to work on - ie relationships, financial etc. the great part is, it really doesn't matter which one you work on (there is only one grid activated at a time) because as Abe said, once you flip back through the pages you have written about your relationship grid and your money grid etc., you realize they are all the same thing! So here I will do a grid on feeling good about the grid! :-)

You want to start by thinking/saying/writing general statements that make you feel good.

It is not about the statements, you are really going for the FEELING they bring to you.

Here we go...and this is just MY grid on the grid...so I did it via what made ME feel good. Again that's all your going for..not creating with the sentences...just finding sentences that make you feel better...feel a little relief...a little more relief...feel good etc.

I like the idea of the grid being the easiest process Abe has given us to date. I like the idea that eventually this will be old hat to me and I will totally get it. I like the image of my grid filling in with all kinds of gifts...like christmas! I am excited to see what is coming. I am excited to see the surprises that will fill in to my grid. I like the idea of truly BELIEVING I can have whatever I want...of truly KNOWING all of this solidly. I love the idea that the best feeling part is the part before my manifestations come. I love the idea that even when my manifestations come it will be a brief joyous experience before I am called toward another delicious desire. I like the idea of more and more and more and more. I like the idea that there are THOUSANDS of joyous desires ahead of me. I love it when Abe says it's just like food - we would never want to eat ALL of the best, most delicious food we will ever eat - all right now. I love the idea that we do NOT want everything to come right this minute. I love the idea that we LOVE the anticipation of what's coming! I love that anticipation is OUR FAVORITE PART! I love that being ON THE VERGE is the best part of life! I love matching that up with the idea of "enjoying the journey not the destination"! I love that I just had that aha moment! I love that it is really easy to snowball this grid-writing work! I love that it makes me think about that analogy Jerry has given in Ask about the big ship docking rope having to be thread into a smaller and smaller twine so they can throw it over to the ship/dock! I love that I can start wherever and not really even try and it starts to snowball! I love that just trying to help someone understand the grid has helped me understand the grid a bit more! I love that I am in the Vortex just because of this grid-writing thing! I love knowing that it was hard for me to start, and now I can't stop! I love that even when I wrote above how I love the idea of this being easy, I didn't think it WAS easy and I now I know it IS! It has to be because this stuff is just flowing out of me! I love letting go of trying to understand the grid! I love knowing I don't need to get it emotionally I can just do these grid-work paragraphs and that's all I have to do! I love knowing that not only is it all I can do, it's enough!! And not only is it enough, it's all I can do!! I love that I just realized I have been writing for FAR longer than 68 seconds so I will witness this work TODAY in my physical world! I love knowing the long distance relationship I am in is not a source of frustration but a source of utter JOY! We are in the best part of life! I am so excited that I get to feel this feeling of anticipation my whole life because I will always have another desire! I love knowing I have these desires because that is the way we experience the deliciousness of life! What a different take! I went from being in a place without what I want to being on the verge of having what I want...and it matters not if any of it comes! Because HERE on the verge is what I am really wanting!!!!! And I had it all along lol!!!

Okay, Benjamin, hope that helps. :-)



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Me again...just found this posted over on www.abeforum.com....always better to hear it straight from Abe/Source! :-)

Link to original post: http://www.abeforum.com/showthread.php?28337-Great-Grid-Example-by-Abraham

FYI: "HS" refers to the "Hot Seater", who is the person sitting in front of Abe and asking the questions.


“Can you feel the difference between having a knee jerk response to life which causes you to establish and keep going a grid and deliberately creating a grid that then you will see things fill in around? It’s the difference between creating by default and being a deliberate creator. So let’s go after that general grid.

An easy way to do a grid is when you know what you don´t want, you know what you do want. So, if you know what you don´t want, you know what you do want. Start talking about what you do want. So what do you want? Use emotional words. I want to feel……

HS: I want to feel better, I want to feel more relaxed.

Abe: Those are all a little too specific, in the sense they’re about physical things that you want cause what you’re actually saying to us is, I will have the emotional ease once I feel better. We’re going for the emotional ease first.
So, I want to feel…

HS: Certain.

Abe: Certain is good. It’s a really high flying vibration though – on the emotional scale, knowledge is right up there at the top so it might not be the best place to start with.
(audience and HS laughter)
I want to feel….

HS: Hopeful (laughing)

Abe: Yeah, I want to feel hopeful.

I want to feel Ease. (Abraham talks slowly, softly and peacefully during this rampage - you can feel the ease in the room)
I want to lighten up on myself. I want to feel ease. I love that feeling of satisfaction and contentment. I want to feel…ease is the best word isn’t it?
I want to feel ease, I want to feel ease, I want to feel easy we’re just sort of sticking there. I want to feel comfortable. I like comfortable, I like confident.

(HS leans back in the chair and rests his hands behind his back in a posture of ease)

I like the feeling of being in the right place at the right time. I like to feel comfortable, I like to feel relaxed. I like to feel certain. I like to feel sure. I like knowing it’s ok. I want to feel ok. I want to feel alright. I want to feel good.
I want to feel like me – it’s a little bit of a stretch
I want to feel ease
I want to feel calm, relaxed, I want to feel good at my center, I want to feel loved, I want to feel heard.

I want a response, I want a frickin response from the Universe.
Well, we got carried away.

I like getting into this centered place. I want to feel my true, natural comfort and worthiness and point of attraction. It just feels good to feel good. I like slowing things down like this, sort of finding boring, slow, simple conversation with myself.
I like this feeling of sort of slowing the frenzy down and just resting with the idea that It’s going to be ok and that I’m good and that All is Well.
Now that was way more than 68 seconds and it was way more than enough.
So let’s ramble a little bit. Talk to us.

HS: Ok, I want to go run around the Universe right now and scream with elation.

Abe: You feel exhilaration now, you feel eagerness. That’s an emotion that the grid filled in with. IOW, the grid is ramping up, IOW, a sort of feeling of invincibility is going on there.
So your thoughts are the first things that begin filling in. What’s filling in for you?

HS: Well certainty.

Abe: I’m feeling sort of invincible, I’m sort of not worried about this anymore. Talk to us.

HS: I feel good. I feel like I was put here on this planet for a very very strong purpose.

Abe: Now you see, where did THAT come from? You tapped into that broader knowing, you tapped into life purpose. No wonder you feel like you just want to get up and get going on it, going on it.
You see how simple that was?

You’re going to feel what’s coming into your head, you’re going to notice the rendezvous that are coming to you and you’re going to know unequivocally what was accomplished in this little bit of emotional grid building conversation. And then you’re going to do it again and again and again and again.

HS: Now I feel like I want to cry, in a good way.

Abe: You know what that is? That’s always access to more Well-Being than you are quite up to speed with. It’s another thing filling in.

It’s going to be way fun for you and now you know what to do.

Be easy about it. Playful about it.”

Orlando 3/30/12
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sunshine 11 WOW!!!! I really loved what you did there. I too was in the Orlando/ Maitland FL seminar and though I was able to grasp the emotional grid process maybe the easiest of all, what you wrote gave me an even clearer understanding. Whenever I find myself building a grid that is not equivalent to what I am truly desiring, I change it almost instantly. Abraham's suggestion of even saying "time to start a new grid" has helped me tremendously. Thank you for sharing your grid work.

(09 Apr '12, 22:56) maitaigemini

What is the emotional grid?

Emotions are vibrations, here's a graphic representation that divides the global vibration of an individual into 240 different vibrations

alt text

just as a prism divides sunlight into color vibrations of the rainbow

alt text

The grid itself is made up of 12 x 20 = 240 squares.

You can use this device to modify vibrations; first of all align it with magnetic north, place a photo of yourself or the person to be treated on the dot of the large square and a short written text explaining what you wish to modify on the dot of the decagon. Using a pendulum select the positions to place two copper coil spirals;

here the clockwise coil is on column 3 line XVIII

alt text

and here the anticlockwise coil is on column 9 line III

alt text

A "Clockwise coil" is a coil constructed so as to turn upwards in a clockwise fashion when placed vertically and an "anticlockwise coil" is the inverse.

This device causes a circulation of subtle energy to flow exactly where it's needed and is used mainly for harmonizing and rendering equilibrium. I like to think of it as a variant of accupuncture.


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