Hi All,

I happened to come across this link http://www.essential-practices.com/change-core-beliefs.html

For the sake of brevity, what this says is that once you have identified a limiting belief, all you need to do or say is thank your mind for making you aware that you have this limiting belief and then tell your mind that this "the new positive belief" is what you really believe. And apparently it would accept it.

By thanking your mind, you are letting go of the resistance in the change process. Instead of holding it responsible for keeping the limiting belief till now, you are thanking it for bringing this to the forefront so that you could now work on it. By thanking your mind, you are also softening the possible resistance for it to accept a new belief.

My question is: Many of us and especially Stingray have shared a number of processes of identifying the limiting beliefs and moulding those. I think the favorite processes include Focus Blocks and Abraham grid, which I personally feel are very powerful, even ME-4. So could such a simple process like this work equally well for the same purpose.

A part of my mind says that the mind needs to be cajoled and moulded gradually into a better feeling place (Stingray's processes, another part says that something like the process of "Morty Lefkoe" - Alternative reasoning would make more logical sense to the mind, and another part says that well it can really be as simple as this or even letting go of a limiting belief in a moment when you decide to, while just breathing out with a sigh of relief (I think stingray has mentioned this in his explanation of ME-4, if I can recollect).

I wanted to have your view points on the above. This is close to my heart because in my new profession I want to help people identify their limiting beliefs and help them mould those into positive ones. Hence I am on the look out for the best possible processes and methods which could work for me and most of my clients.

@ Stingray: I am sure you would be reading this. I have personally found immense value in the ME's you have shared with us and i am truly grateful to you! I wanted to ask, If I could share these with my clients. In most cases I have modified your processes but completely attribute its origin to you. I will do this only if you would allow me to and I will not hesitate in citing the source of these processes as you :) because I think you deserve the credit, whether monetary or intellectual. I am also more than willing to share a portion of my earnings with you :) since I have progressed on this path primarily because I learned a great deal from you and I have benefited immensely by your processes and if you allow I would be partly using your processes to help my clients.

@ Stingray: Kindly advise.

@ All others, I need your best wishes and your help if you can share with me, links of some valuable resources which could help me in my work of helping my clients mould their limiting beliefs.

Thanks so much everyone, I have reached at this stage of my life because of IQ and all of you!! :)

God Bless!!

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Yes, Sourabh, the fastest way I know of to release a limiting belief is just to "let it go".

No fancy methods required. No breathing techniques. No tapping. No nothing...apart from an intent to "let it go".

Indeed, this is what Bashar tends to advocate as a primary method of belief change and also habit change. Just noticing that a belief (or habit) is limiting to you is all you really need to move on from it.

Just identify it - and let it go.

So what stops us just doing that?

In my view, nothing stops us except our belief that it has to be more complicated or difficult than that.

It's a similar idea to using manifesting methods when all you really need to do to get what you want is simply to GET HAPPY NOW but some part of most of us just won't accept it can be that easy.

The point is that you have to respect and work within the confines of your existing belief system. If you believe you need to do some kind of method in order to release a limiting belief, then you'll have to do it.

And I don't really see a problem with that.

I think it's okay to let yourself use something just because it already works in conjunction with your existing belief structures and internal mental models without needing to try to force yourself to make it more simple just because it could be more simple.

It's what I term a convenient belief.

My general philosophy regarding methods of any kind is "if it works, use it" :)

Regarding sharing and modifying the methods I've posted on this site, sure, go ahead and do whatever you feel inspired to do with them.

I think most people on this site must have realized by now that my real name isn't Stingray :) ...so clearly I'm not that bothered about taking personal credit for any of this stuff, or any of the answers I've posted on this site.

I just share stuff here because these ideas and methods have worked for me and there's no reason not to share anything freely that really works because there's always an abundance of everything for everyone who wants it and is willing to let themselves have it.

If you manage to make a living from helping others apply methods like these in their own lives then good for you :) I don't need any intellectual or financial credit from it.


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@Stingray: Thanks so much. That is really generous and kind of you. I really appreciate your gesture and attitude! Thanks for the answer and also for your consent. Very soon I will be sharing some experiments like you do :) God Bless!

(19 Dec '11, 04:15) Sourabh
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