Some issues i have been writing in my notebook during the day are resolving themselves before I get to mold them in the Abraham Grid.This is a great thing and im grateful for it.However me being me I would like to know why this is happening,especially as no vibrational work has been done on these issues.

  Thank you and merry Christmas IQ :)

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Thanks for the edit Barry;)

(22 Dec '11, 14:09) Satori
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If by the word "issues" in this context, you mean generally "things that need doing" then, yes, this happens regularly for me too.

It's just Abraham's Placemat Process at work.

I've previously explained my approach to the Placemat Process in Can you give me some clarity on Abraham’s Place Mat Process?

The only two requirements you need to satisfy to deliberately manifest anything are:

  1. Focus

  2. Allow

(There is more explanation about "Focus & Allow" in How do I channel experience of meditation to art?)

In clearly deciding what your issue actually is (what thing you want to get done), you are satisfying the first requirement of Focus.

In writing it in your notebook with an intent to deal with it later, you are probably relaxing about the issue (knowing you have a definite process to apply later) and so this satisfies the second manifesting requirement of Allow.

Focusing + Allowing = Manifesting

Hope that's clear.


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I like that it makes sense.

(21 Dec '11, 21:27) Paulina 1

YAY, I love it! :-)

(21 Dec '11, 22:58) Parammama

Yes Stingray, that's it. I get a good feeling of relief when I find an issue and write it in my if its as good as fixed already. I must remember that feeling.thanks again Stingray. Question answered;)

(22 Dec '11, 14:08) Satori

@Satori - Yes, if you can keep remembering and practicing that feeling, you've got it nailed :)

(22 Dec '11, 22:00) Stingray
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I know nothing about Abraham, nor the Abraham Grid, nor what issues you refer to resolving themselves, however I do have an opinion on the subject if you're interested in hearing it.

It is my belief that the idea that "all is 1" is incorrect, I believe that "life" is a journey that is not about the destination, nor the beginning, nor even the paths taken on journey itself, but is about the people you decide to spend the journey with.

From there, I believe that if you are receiving 'help' from an unknown source, that means that you have earned the favor of someone, and their positive energies are overflowing from their own life into yours.

My personal interpretation of this idea works like this: [Of course this answer uses angels for simile because that is how I envision it in my perceptions. You can substitute any reference to 'angels' for 'spiritual energy', 'souls', or anything else and the point remains the same.]

Each person has at least one guardian angel. Each guardian angel has at least one person they serve, whom in turn serves them. A mutually subservient and symbiotic relationship. Certain individuals command more powerful hosts of angels, others command lesser numbers of extremely powerful angels, while others still are protected by a single angel who also protects others, and so his/her/its attention is divided between multiple 'hosts'.

Whenever you meet with any living creature, an invisible bond is created. A connection through which the two of you can share energy. As more energy is sent between the two of you (whether positive or negative) the 'size' or 'capacity' of the connection increases. This connection is specifically between your angels, but the energy passed between the connection is decided by the humans.

This means if you send positive energy to someone, they become more powerful, and negative makes them weaker. It costs you nothing to send energy, whether positive or negative. There is a limit to how much energy you can send, but this limit goes up the more you practice sending this energy.

And so, I believe that if you find that life is just 'falling into place' around you, it is not sheer chance, it is the result of another entity's positive manifestations on your behalf.

Similarly, I find that most often when life is 'falling apart around you', it is usually because there are others whom are attacking you with negative energy, and you are not strong enough to reject the energy or knowledgable enough / skilled enough to redirect the energy. People always explain bad things that happen to us as being a result of self manifestation of negative energies, which can absolutely be the case at times, but to claim that this is ALWAYS the answer seems inappropriate to me. [I mean, there are definitely times when I am mad at myself, but there are a LOT of things that go wrong in my life and I really doubt that I would wish them ALL upon myself...]

So to put it simply, I believe that someone with whom you hold a connection has become more powerful and is sharing that power with you, which allows your 'angel' to perform tasks without you personally being the one giving/fueling 'him/her/it' the power to perform those tasks.

This answer is marked "community wiki".

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Yes angels are truly helpful especialy when help is asked of them. As for all being one I believe it is right for all is life and life is all there is. Life/God or whatever one calls it.

(21 Dec '11, 21:30) Paulina 1

Yes, just another perspective of a very similar picture. ^_^ I personally believe our angels are always helping us, whether we acknowledge it or not, and whether we 'thank' them or not. Personally, I've had way too many close-calls where I should have died and didn't to believe that I don't have SOMETHING or SOMEONE protecting me, and doing one hell of a job at it I might add.

(22 Dec '11, 00:09) Snow

Thank you Black Dragon, yes sometimes it feels as though I'm getting help from somewhere;)

(22 Dec '11, 14:10) Satori
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Hi Satori, Isn't it wonderful to know that issues can resolve themselves. As you found out to your amazement. You got out of your own way and the issue was gone. You are now at that stage where your subconscious has taken over and allows the solving of your issues in watever way possible. Its a good place to be in so enjoy it.


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Paulina 1

Yes Paulina, I think your spot on here, thank you:)

(22 Dec '11, 14:12) Satori

Hi @Satori, why do some issues resolve themselves without effort? it's because the magnetic energy flowing through you is stronger than any resistance that they may have, thus by strengthening the magnetic energy flow you'll automatically have more desires fulfilled simply because you have put out a desire for them. Anyone can practice to increase their flow of magnetic energy (chi energy if you prefer).

Bruce Lee (1940- 1973) was a martial arts instructor and was certainly conscious of the effect of the magnetic flow of chi energy, his description;

"Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless like water, you put water in a cup it becomes a cup , put it in a teapot, it becomes a teapot. Water can flow or creep or drip or crash, Be water my friend"

The Servranx brothers published a lot of work in this domain mostly between 1946-1967 and their work continues to this day;

"Magnetic water, symbol of magnetic fluid, of the accumulation of force" alt text

This energy has been known since the beginning of time and is consciously or unconsciously used by everyone. It's naturally inherent in any desire , intention, aspiration. It's the path of least resistance, things flow to you simply because you desire them. Each experience produces a new desire, and when you live that desire it's a new experience which itself produces a new desire ... etcetera

The vibrations of my magnetism carried by my imagination reach everything whatever the distance. The more relaxed I am, the less effort I make, the more my magnetism travels far and well. :)


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