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I hope that all of you will send out love, compassion, and positivity to the people in these videos, and take their messages to heart.

The first video I like to call "Are you going to finish strong?" It is under 3 minutes long and has an amazing message.

The second video I refer to as "Dreamer" is an excerpt from the Australian X Factor, a story about a man born in Iraq who wants to be a professional singer. This one is considerably longer, but even more moving. If you have 10 minutes to spare, give this a chance, it will bring tears to your eyes and warm your soul.

[I'm not sure if this is the appropriate location and method to post something like this, I'm a bit new around these parts. I just believe that this is something that would interest kind souls.]

asked 20 Nov '11, 01:35

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Hi Leo, I have seen these videos before and yes they are great and I especially enjoyed the young man from Iraq. He sings with his heart and the message of the song was loud and clear. He was smiling and to smile and enjoy life when many otheres in this world who are blessed with good health and are spoiled do nothing but bitch and moan is a contrast that says a lot. We can all learn from this young man.

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answered 20 Nov '11, 11:30

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