Of course it is impossible (I think?) to ever 'prove' that you were or were not someone in a past life, but there are many things that I personally believe because I feel them in my heart to be true, and that is enough to me.

Do you believe it is possible to definitely identify (in yourself, not to anyone else) where and who your soul has been in other existences? Any tips or suggestions in trying to accomplish this?

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Great Question, Leo>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(24 Nov '11, 13:15) Jaianniah

Yes, it IS possible! I heard a great story somewhere--I will research it and edit this answer if I find it through Google.

There was a young man killed in the Middle East. He was killed at 19 in an auto accident. Not far away, he was reborn to another family in the same town. When he was little, he began asking where his "family" was. He asked very specifically about certain people. He asked so much that his new family began hunting for the people he was talking about. Finally, they found his "old" family, and amazing stuff happened. He identified everyone, and said he was their son. The two families began "sharing" the boy.

Then there is the very famous tale of Bridey Murphy, an Irish gal, who a women remembered being. She told so much detail about Bridey that a man went to Ireland, and found that Bridey actually lived. This one you can Google for yourself. There was a book about it.

Hope these stories help...I will go research the one about the boy, and see if I can get you a link.

Blessings, and Happy Thanksgiving 2011,


Check out this story about James L., a boy who remembers being a fighter pilot.


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A very interesting story indeed. But unfortunately it leads no clues as to how to accomplish this end, besides being a child. I do think Jesus was on to something when he taught that children were wise. I think we are born with abilities we cannot begin to comprehend, and they are slowly drained from us (unintentionally) by the restrictions placed on us by society, our families, etc.

(26 Nov '11, 00:27) Leo

it is said that we are protected by nature from the awareness of our past lives,
but that there will be a time with the development of our clairvoyance that we will know,
and be able to accept our past choices without self-detriment


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Over the Summer I read a book by Dr.Brian Weiss: Same Soul, Many Bodies: Discover the Healing Power of Future Lives through Progression Therapy.It was a very good read.I would love to try Progression Therapy sometime and see who, when and where I have been and possibly where I am going.
But when you get right down to it I am here NOW and that is really what is important.Because it is Now that I make my past and future.


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Hmm. An excellent quote. ^_^ Thanks for sharing, I will have to get that book. There is a lot of reading in my future thanks to the members here, something that I'm very happy about. =)

(26 Nov '11, 00:24) Leo
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