I have done quite a bit of reading lately about past and future life progression. It seems too easy just to do the exercises given and using the imagination. Am I wanting to try too hard?

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I'm not 100% clear about what you're asking here. But I will have a stab from how I deciphered it. :P

This question actually reminds me of the one I just recently read on "Why do we have to practice all these methods to maintain an acceptable life". I'm going to quote Stingray here:

Life isn't hard. People make it hard.

Many things (in this area and elsewhere) can actually be very easy...if one allows them to be.

Ultimately, everything you experience is only 'in your head' anyway. So 'just doing the exercises and imagining' is not any different. They're both just in your head. ;)

That said though, unless you have some way to verify what you are seeing...I would always be doubtful of it.

It doesn't matter much who you were - it led to who you are now, who is so much more than who you were.

And who you will be in the future isn't nearly as important for you as who you are right now.

Live your life now, so that in the future, people who want to know their past will all want to find out they were you. :)


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I understand your question, Evelyn.

I have a couple of books that tell you how to go to your meditative level, to go forwards and backwards in lifetimes. One has a CD that goes with the book to guide you. It does seem too easy and I have to wonder about the accuracy of the results. After all, our own subconscious minds may interfere, things we have read, seen and heard may interfere with the results, and even the experiences of others can possibly be picked up through Universal Mind. And the same is true about visiting a hypnotist to try finding past lives or future lives. It seems other influences can interfere and some of the professional regression hypnotists have admitted that can sometimes happen.

It's fun to try though and seems pretty harmless. I "seemed" to experience a past life with the CD, and that was very interesting and dramatic.

Unless one is talented enough to be able to go and read the Akashic records, though, past lives will probably be mostly mystery.


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Hi Evelyn,

I think you have a good point there. Actaully I feel that we are complicating this whole life experience. I am reading Abrahm's book "Ask and It is G iven" and really the answer to every problem is the same and it is simple.


answered 03 Jul '10, 22:59

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