There is much content to do with obtaining our desires and living a life of our full potential, via the same old prescription to feel better.

If you desire a new house, the best method is to feel better.

If you desire a relationship, you must be at peace of your current situation and feel better.

The entire concept of the vortex is an emotional flood of good feelings and thoughts about a circumstance of life in general. It is said that to obtain answers through our Higher Self, to actually feel really happy first.

Another way of saying all of this would be to seek relief from bad feelings and avoid them or mitigate them. Happiness could be defined as the absence of negative emotion and belief whilst a surge of energy is operating.

Here is my experience and question subsequent to it.

Over the past few months I have been doing my best to alter my mood and state to where I feel empowered and optimistic. I especially make these efforts my priority when I am feeling bad or down about something.

Prior to Inward Quest, I would often contemplate much of life when I was feeling bad. Now these days, I make the discipline to deliberately avoid thinking about solutions to items or thinking of ways to get what I want when I am feeling negative. My only mental effort circulates around spiking my mood to feel better FIRST.

In my experience, the harder I try to feel better (when in a bad mood such as anger, sadness, grief, isolation), the further away the happiness or good feeling seems to spread from me.

I find when I fully enter the sadness/anger/rage/grief, that is neutralises the emotion after a certain period of time. This time period I usually mean can be up to 2 days.

So why all this hype about trying to feel happy or feel better, if a better solution is to fully embrace our feelings as to what we feel right now?

I have found paradoxically the harder I try and feel happy the less likely I am ever to feel happy. What can I do to ensure my efforts are not wasted? Have I misunderstood a concept on happiness?

I am finding that whilst there is emphasis to feel happy, I dont understand that I put all this (unsuccessful) effort to feel happier, and happiness is less and less attainable. I try and feel better and the more I try to feel better, I find it is the quickest way to ensure I dont feel better.

What is this weird situation, and have you found that the more you chase happiness the more it runs from you?


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In my experience, the harder I try to feel better (when in a bad mood such as anger, sadness, grief, isolation), the further away the happiness or good feeling seems to spread from me.

When you're in negative emotions such as you've mentioned above (anger, sadness, grief, isolation) then trying to jump straight to "Happy" will usually's just too far of a vibrational jump.

And, yes, it will feel like you are sabotaging yourself if you push too hard from there.

The way around this is to use different strategies based upon your emotional starting point...

  • When starting in Jealousy, Grief, Fear, Depression (any strong disempowering negative emotion) ... the strategy is to Get Angry...for a while

  • When starting in Anger, Hatred, Revenge (any strong empowering negative emotion) ...allow the Anger to subside by itself while keeping the "empowered feeling" behind it. Now you will have access to less negative emotions and you can apply a relief-generating method (like Focus Blocks) to move you to "Feeling Okay" or "Feeling Slightly Good"

  • When starting in Feeling Okay or Feeling Slightly Good, you can use a process like Positive Aspects to step yourself up to the Vortex edge.

  • When starting at the Vortex Edge (or even slightly in it), you can use the Rampage of Appreciation to solidify the alignment, or Vibrational World Exploration to keep the alignment "thrill" going almost indefinitely.

For more information as to why different strategies are needed for different emotional starting points, see What are great ways to raise my vibrational frequency?

As you can see, you can make getting happy a completely systematic and repeatable process.

This approach works every single time under any circumstances to get you Feeling Happy...if you apply it correctly

This reliably repeatable effect was the basis of the Advanced Focus Blocks Method which I was not-so-subtly pushing on Inward Quest for a number of years :)


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Thankyou Stingray. I will absorb this and re-think my relationship with anger. Sometimes I feel stuck in anger or get the impression that anger is immoral/bad, and so thus, I think I dip down back to sadness/hopelessness. I will start treating anger as the "breakway" emotion to positivity.

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when we feel bad, we're in a momentum of feeling bad , so trying to feel good in this momentum will create a resistance and we feel even worse. because we chose the experience of feeling bad!!, and now we dont accept our choosing !. by trying to feel good we actually gudge ourselves, our choises, our judgment and our intuition. we unconsciously are filled with shame and judgment and creat alot of resistance and more anger.

it is better to allow your self to feel bad or angry when you do and just go with that momentum.

it is easier to stop this momentum before its starts, meaning to predict it or more accurate - accept that its going to be there and change percpective about it. and that is by start the day feeling good. we start every day with a freash momentum, so we can deside how we're going to feel. so slowly we learn how to control our feelings or reactions to things.


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We are programmed to seek a better feeling all the time. Even the serial killer is trying to feel better, and the best way of feeling better he knows is to seek and kill his next victim.

What you are describing in your question is two possible ways to feel better:

a) Neutralise / replace / reprogram the current bad feeling with a better feeling thought.

b) Feel the current bad feeling fully, till it burns itself out.

Even in (b), you are hoping that you'll be left with a better feeling. You are not aiming to keep the current bad feeling burning forever. Why would you?

So you are always aiming to feel better, consciously or unconsciously. If one is consciously aiming to feel worse, then there is really no point of living.

There is another key aspect to feeling better consciously. It is this: as you practise feeling better consciously, the quality of your life improves over time. There is no argument about this in my mind because I have seen this in my life beyond doubt.

This is not to say that consciously feeling good will always get you what you want within a particular timeframe, because manifestation is tricky business, especially for things you have wanted for a long time. And deliberate creation takes a serious amount of skill contrary to popular belief. But what I can say categorically is that the conscious practice of feeling better will take to a stage where the absence of the things you want will cause you much less pain than before, and your life will in general be peaceful and easy. This may be good enough for most people. It's certainly good enough for me most of the time. I notice from time to time that something that used to really bother me five years ago is either a) still there but doesn't bother me or b) Has vanished altogether.

With all that out of the way, the summary is: Feel better any way you can. Whatever way suits you is fine, as long as you can feel better reasonably quickly.


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Good question.

Very recently it has dawned on me that for at least some of us, life experiences have left us unable to really feel our feelings in a way that actually allows us to move up the emotional scale. I do think that "just feel better" is always the answer. I believe that this is pretty pure biology: even very basic life moves away from a painful stimulus and toward a pleasurable one, I think it's the organization of most beings. But many humans have grown up in families and cultures that caused us to radically suppress our emotions, so now we can't always accurately tell how we feel, or what feels better. If you use Abraham's GPS analogy, I think many of us believe we're starting in a place we're nowhere near, so then the directions aren't accurate, and they don't "work".

I think @Stingray above is absolutely correct that when you're on average vibrating in any of the powerless emotions (despair, depression, shame) then temporary anger is the path to more empowerment and better feeling. But if you come out of an environment that caused you to suppress anger to survive, anger might not "feel better". The mildest flicker of life-giving anger might cause you to panic and shut down and feel awful. So you logically (but mistakenly) believe, well, that doesn't feel better, that doesn't work. So you try to make big huge jumps from feeling some kind of powerlessness to something sunny and optimistic, which you can kinda fake for a little while, but I don't think it's real movement for most.

It sounds like you're realizing that fuly feeling negative emotions rather than shying away from them produces some kind of positive result for you? To me that makes complete sense. When you can stop resisting how you actually feel, and fully feel it, or move those emotions through and out of the body (whatever your metaphor is), THEN you can move to a better feeling emotion.

Trust yourself!


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