I have searched endlessly online, but I am unable to find an answer. All of the links online imply that deep breathing resolves anger; However, it is completely the opposite for me. Once I practice deep breathing, within the hour I feel enraged, overwhelmed with violent thoughts. I try to breath through the rage, but that simply heightens it. I've "heard" that deep breathing purges all the toxins in the mind and body, but I can't find a source to back up that information. Also, I've been doing the Kundalini Yoga Kriya / Yoga Breathing Exercise (pranayama) for about two weeks. Off and on, for a couple years, I've tried deep breathing, but gave up due to the horrible anger I experience. Thanks: Any and all comments or suggestions are appreciated.

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no one is the same in body. there is different type of people. it can work for some and not for other. but the anger does not come because you are missing air. i would say that you need to meditate and see where that anger is coming from anderstand the meaning and put it to rest.

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(02 Dec '11, 00:59) white tiger

White Tiger,

Thank you for responding. What's interesting about your suggestion is that the anger is not typically about anything that I have actually experienced. I COMPLETELY create scenarios in my head and get furious about them. Now that I'm thinking about it, the common theme is always authority figures or someone trying to control me or mistreat me. Thanks for the link to the Fearless movie. It looks awesome!

(03 Dec '11, 02:23) MsKNHunt
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After deep breathing and kriya yoga you have played with prana, and when you call forth lots of prana/chi/bioenergy it can be intense. Your reaction to all that prana is anger. Just know that it's a common reaction when someone practices alot of breath work. Perhaps you could do less breath work, and/or get a punching bag or something so you can release some of that energy in a safe way.



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Thank you for responding. I was listening to Carol Tuttle earlier today. She stated that she would go down into her basement and throw dishes at the wall to relieve her anger. Maybe I need to throw some dishes or head to the gym for that punching bag. I can't stand feeling angry when it feels so good to feel peaceful.

(03 Dec '11, 02:10) MsKNHunt

It depends on the deep breathing you are doing. If you are doing deep breathing like a mad killer in a movie then those feelings will be consistent with that kind of breathing.

Deep breathing is not forced it is slow and relaxed. Deep breathing through your nose, slowly, steady and relaxed. Hold the breath. Now out through your mouth slowly releasing and relaxing.

What I can think of is maybe the the root chakra has issues that are being carried along the shushuma to the crown in the microcosmic orbit.


answered 01 Dec '11, 18:58

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Wade Casaldi

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Thanks for responding. That's hilarious. Although I feel a bit cray-cray afterward, I'm not practicing any serial killer-ish breathing techniques. The only thing that could be remotely considered intense is the Breath of Fire. Aside from the BOF, I'm doing the Long Deep Breathing and the Silk Thread Breath. I'm not forcing any of the breaths, they are all deep and relaxed.

(03 Dec '11, 02:17) MsKNHunt

Ahh the Fire Breath yes I know that from Reiki very well. I had a laugh too actually because it reminded me of watching "Remo Williams the adventure begins." His master told him breathe, he starts taking these deep breaths more and more faster and harder until he nearly passed out! lol Then his master taught him how to breathe. :-)

(03 Dec '11, 02:46) Wade Casaldi

The answer given by Wade above is totally valid.

Having said that, there might indeed be unresolved issues that are attempting to come up for release.

Even if you have no insight as to the genesis of them it is possible for them to be released through the practice of the Emotional Freedom Technique (www.emofree.com), or faster eft, which you can search for on YouTube. Actually there are many examples of both on YouTube...

In most cases the anger will just dissipate and no longer be an issue.



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Hi Carl,

Thanks for responding. I actually did the Brad Yates Anger EFT for a lengthy period of time, several times a day, but I didn't notice any difference. I think he suggests during the session to "feel" the anger. I can't command my anger to come; it just appears out of nowhere. I'll look for some other EFT videos maybe trying a different guru will help. Thanks again.

(03 Dec '11, 02:12) MsKNHunt

Hi! Thanks for the response! The best and most effective use of EFT is to use it during the time when the anger is happening. There is also a guy on YouTube that does something called Faster EFT... That might be a better tool for you. Worth a try!

(06 Dec '11, 20:37) Carl

From my therapy sessions I learnt that we keep a lot of emtions in our belly, locked in. Wilhelm Reich mentions that we build up this armour to keep out pain as a child and it stays locked in.

It's great to release and this also allows joy, pain, and anger to be felt. You will slowly begin to feel again. Unfortunatly in our society anger is the one emotion that we find hardest to deal with. Other people don't like it,which is why you have locked it in. It may have been made clear to you as you were growing up that anger was bad, stop it!

Remember this anger is your inner child expressing itself so as with any child be kind to it and don't try and shut it up or push it away but rather talk to your child and comfort it but also, as you would with any child, give it some boundries, be the parent.

For example, I would say to my child 'I've listened to your anger and we will do this again but at the moment I need to get on with my day. You will be fine because I am here to look after you and I love you very much. I want to do build up my business and this means that you need to wait for a time when I am ready to talk again, and maybe give a time.


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Alan Crabbe


Thank you for your response. I like the idea of scheduling a session with the inner child. I'll have to do that. And you're right, I do push the anger away because I can't stand feeling that way.

(03 Dec '11, 02:05) MsKNHunt

All the answers offered have some validity although I tend to agree with Carl. I think the deep breathing may have accessed some suppressed emotions within your subconscious. The key is to try to just watch the emotion as it arises without attaching any thought or meaning to it. In this way the emotion will move through you and dissipate much faster, and I have a feeling the more you can do this the less intense the emotion will be until it's finally released.

If you feel that maybe too much suppressed emotions are surfacing too quickly, it might be wise to cut back on the deep breathing or as Brian suggested use an alternative form of release


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well michaela if he does not find the meaning he can never solve it.and if it is not solve it will come back over and over again. to not attach himself to those emotion is good to help him keep control.but he must know it for what it is. he will grow from that experience.

(02 Dec '11, 02:41) white tiger


Thanks for responding. The absolute HARDEST thing for me to do is to detach from the emotion. I just can't figure that out. I have to push the thought away completely, maybe suppress it, because I find it nearly impossible to just observe it without emotion.

(03 Dec '11, 02:08) MsKNHunt

I agree with Brian, above, that you need to STOP doing Kundalini/Tumo/Fire Breath. These are advanced Tantric practices and without the proper training from a true lama or teacher, it should not be practiced at all. Forgive me if I am stepping on toes, but when yoga instructors teach this, I fear they have read it in a book and do not understand all that it entails. Even for someone who has been given the Tantric empowerments, it should not be practiced very much as it is extremely powerful and can lend itself to sickness and in some stories I have heard, near-death. Please, please, please, do not practice this type of breathing before you have been properly trained and had the practice explained to you by a true teacher. Other than this, I would simply sit in Anapanasati meditation which guides you in an in-depth body scan, and be gentle with yourself and be aware of what you are feeling, following all of the other good advice that has been given. Namaste.


answered 10 Apr '20, 22:53

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