A lot of literature exists on conscious breathing.

But they are all different.

There are primarily two schools of thought:

  • Breathe deeply and consciously.
  • Make exhaling or inhaling longer than the other.

There is a further variation that talks about retaining breath, and that can span across the above two schools.

For example:

  • Patanjali's Yoga Sutra recommends 1:4:2 (inhale : retain : exhale).
  • Abraham recommend 3:5 (inhale : exhale)
  • This gentleman recommends 3:2 (inhale : exhale) - you have to go to the 'documents' section of the website and register before you can get hold of the PDF that suggests it.
  • Here on PSITek, this book suggests forgetting about counting, and just breathing deeply and consciously.

So my questions are:

  • Is uneven breathing superior to even breathing, and why?
  • Why are there so many different counting schemes as far as uneven breathing is concerned, and why can't they agree on something as fundamental as which duration (inhaling or exhaling) should be longer than the other?


The question is not:

"Why is breathing important?"


"Why is conscious breathing important?"

The question is:

"Why is uneven breathing important?"

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@cod2 I must admit I've always been confused about this so the answers have really helped me too to get clarity - thanks for asking.

(16 Aug '15, 04:07) Catherine
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There are two polarities of energy within the body.

  • Holding the breath activates one polarity.

  • Emptying the breath activates the other polarity.

The ratio you choose to breath/exhale is a function of what you want to achieve with your "conscious" breathing.

Some breathing methods are appropriate to healing, health, vibrational alignment etc. Some breathing methods are appropriate to power, aggression, attack etc.

Preventing breathing itself in different ways is a whole separate "can of worms", so to speak :) - and one that I'm not going to elaborate on further here because people are going to start hurting themselves when practising techniques out of context.

Why are there so many different counting schemes as far as uneven breathing is concerned, and why can't they agree on something as fundamental as which duration (inhaling or exhaling) should be longer than the other?

...because there are so many different purposes for utilizing breathing techniques.

It would be like saying "How should I drive?" and expecting just one answer.

If you were driving in a Formula One race, you would use a different driving method than if you were dropping the kids off at school or taking a driving test.


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Thanks @Stingray. Would you be happy to recommend any sources for information on the different breathing techniques and their uses? And the same for holding breath? Regards.

(13 Aug '15, 07:49) cod2

I am guessing that longer exhalation helps healing while longer inhalation sharpens power. The same duration for both would then - at least logically - be the best of both worlds.

(13 Aug '15, 07:51) cod2

@cod2 - "recommend any sources" - My information sources (outside of Abraham, Bashar etc) tend to be the teachings of private mystical/spiritual "schools" that require, at least, a few years of practice and commitment before they trust you with some "good stuff" - and then they want it kept private. Unless you've got a few years spare, I can't really recommend those :) If you clarify what are you trying to achieve with your interest in breathing, I'll see if I can think of anything public.

(13 Aug '15, 10:45) Stingray

@cod2 - "I am guessing that longer exhalation helps healing while longer inhalation sharpens power" - Broadly speaking, you could say that. But that's simplifying it so much that I probably wouldn't say it :) I can't speak for the other patterns you've mentioned but the Abraham breathing pattern deliberately emphasizes exhalations over inhalations (in a Fibonacci-style ratio) to bring about a Vortex-aligned state.

(13 Aug '15, 10:49) Stingray

@Stingray, I have the rest of my life available :-) not just a few years. I am not looking for quick results and I am happy to keep doing what needs to be done day in and day out even when I see no sign of progress. I have done this in other fields over many years. My only requirement is that I have to enjoy the process...

(13 Aug '15, 11:38) cod2

... @Stingray... If there is a choice, I'd prefer yoga-based schools over Chinese schools - but it's not a deal-breaker. You asked what my intentions are. I want to acquire powers known in yoga literature as siddhis.

(13 Aug '15, 11:39) cod2

@cod2 - I don't have enough knowledge about a specific Yoga-based approach to spirituality to confidently make any recommendations. You'd be better off asking someone else here (perhaps a new question) or in a Yoga forum. If you're just after the "unusual" abilities then I'm afraid it's back to the same (and only) school recommendation I've been making on IQ (for a few years now): The School of Chi Energy

(13 Aug '15, 12:56) Stingray

Thanks. I did join the Chi Energy Heal School towards the end of 2014. Unfortunately it didn't resonate with me then and I stopped after two months. Not because I was expecting results in those two months, quite the contrary, I felt I somewhat rushed by their monthly programme.

It wasn't right for me then, that doesn't of course mean it will never be right for me.

(13 Aug '15, 13:06) cod2
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Hi @cod2 Why is breathing so essential? well to start with holding the breath for just a short time brings rapidly the realization of how important it is :)

Respiration (the verb) is charged with power. Breathing has always been considered as the propagator of life, so breathing consciously is a great exercise to get consciously into the flow of magnetic energy chi energy if you prefer.

And learning to control breathing is also learning to control the flow of the polarized magnetic energy that flows through all. Occupying the conscious mind with things like counting is a way of relaxing the mind so that energy can flow freely. My favourite method that I practice daily is to consciously breath deeply, first slowly inwards through the nose then slowly outwards through the mouth while making "VH" that produces a sound without vowel that comes from the vibration of the column of air that amplifies incessantly.

alt text

Here's something you may find interesting;



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Thanks @jaz. I accept the importance of breath and the yogic significance of breath (the two currents, ida, pingala, etc). I also totally dig the practise of conscious, slow, deep breathing - I practise it myself.

Do you know why the proponents of uneven breathing propose that?

(13 Aug '15, 06:00) cod2

comparing breathing to driving @cod2 I'm a sunday driver that's only experienced in driving annoyingly slow :) I've read about lots of things that can be done but never been motivated to try though I did try for a short while a rythmic breathing method for practicing magic.

(13 Aug '15, 11:00) jaz

@jaz - I like your drawings. They remind me of James Thurber'a "beautiful pictures" in his "amazing stories". :)

(14 Aug '15, 00:51) Grace

From The Day The Dam Broke, one of my favorites. ;)

(14 Aug '15, 00:52) Grace

definition of dam in the Free Dictionary; a barrier (resistance) constructed across a waterway (magnetic water symbol of magnetic fluid). "Two thousand people (of all shapes and sizes and many animals too) were in full flight" (driven in the same direction by a natural inner impulse triggered by an external event) ... the words in brackets are mine :)

(14 Aug '15, 01:11) jaz

Spoiler alert!!! The Day the Dam Broke was an imagined external event, which is even more interesting, no? :)

(14 Aug '15, 16:30) Grace

Never heard of James Thurber before @Grace I feel sure I'd really enjoy reading his works :) I love the drawing "two thousand people were in flight" that you posted, my comment above is my personal interpretation of it.

(15 Aug '15, 02:24) jaz

@jaz Your link has helped me with an essay I am writing about the importance of breathing -thanks.

(16 Aug '15, 04:05) Catherine
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though all grouped as the same of
species individual
differences matter, he
prefers exhaling longer

it is as important to
rid ones body of wastes as
it is to intake vibrant


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Hi! Cod2 ( you are might not familiar with me but the question breathing so familiar that I think must answer the question to strength peace of mind) :) I as a human struggle with so many pains (physically and mentally). Breathing is very close to our(all humans) hearts. And because it is so dear and near human always ignore to focus on it because it has no copyrights or patents taken by anybody. Or the another reasons could be it does not practically visible to eyes so that anybody can convey that this the one that can earn money... (escaping the fact that in real it is all source of power). Ok now points to list out directly relate to your question in regards to my experience is as follows: Suppose I got a small discomfort (or pain) in co-relation with the person I'm in contact.. Now that pain (discomfort) is because I (or him) speak something inappropriate that is not fit in the biological factors. When I back to my leisure time it start doing its business not allowing me focus on what is necessary. Now the time counts on (human breathing) either it could be 1:4:2 or 3:5 or 3:2 depends on how we (or anyone) wants to end it.. (aspiring for environment that bring a few moments of peace). As Stingray mentioned the example of Formula one the same thing I put it in my way :)

ending statements to me and to all "ALWAYS BE CHEERFUL"

Thanks to Cod2 and Stingray for the question and answers they put in on in particular (I don't know I mean but that something I want to say).



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