I have been pondering this question. Many people of the Bible said basically, "What can I do I am only one person." Most of society seems to have this same low opinion on their own influence as well.

We tend to think "What can I do about it, I am no one special." Well that same attitude was with Gideon in the Bible and yet he led an army of a few against an army of many and he won. I think we tend to see ourselves as less than we are.

This seeing as less brings less through less expectancy. We try not as hard as we believe someone else more worthy would try. "I can't climb that mountain. I'll try though." and then give it a try that was not worthy of being called a try only to say "ahh I knew I wouldn't make it!"

Moses said to God that he picked the wrong man because he had a speech impediment. But even still listened to God and did everything to his best that he felt he could for God. He was one man that changed the world.

When we try to do our best and give a real try that is not giving in to failure we see things get done. Not only this we as well influence people for generations to come also we influence people not only forward in time but sideways in time as well. The people we influence have an influence on others around them, people we do not even know are influenced by us.

This works both to the benefit or the detriment of society depending on our influence to society. Any time we uplift someone with praise and worth and show that they can we have benefited society. However, any time we say "That will never work." "You are crazy to even try that." "You can't do that." we have thus been a detriment on society and society will never know the possible benefit that we just destroyed through careless but not without consequences words or actions against progress.

Think of it if when Thomas Edison invented electricity he had someone there to say, "You are crazy, this will never work! Why don't you get you pie in the sky head out of the clouds and come down to earth the lawn needs mowing!" Now imagine he said "Maybe you are right, I don't know what I was thinking even trying this!" We would not have electricity today, no computers no internet!

Every time we join in the dream of how things can be better we encourage progress and are actually a cause of that progress directly or indirectly but nonetheless a cause. By the same token every time we go against the dream of how things can be better we discourage progress and are actually a cause of the detriment of society whether directly or indirectly.

Matthew 12:37 English Standard Version (©2001) for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.”

I believe we mostly cut our selves short, that we are capable of so much more than we ever achieve if only we believe in our selves as worthy and also for others if only we encourage and believe in them as worthy. The Bible teaches we are to uplift others in love and compassion with encouragement to further God's kingdom on earth, if everyone joined in on this I believe the progress of our technology and health and welfare would be amazing.

This was seen many times on earth though each renaissance first was art and music, then industrial then technology, then information but now it seems we have slowed down again. The world needs to believe again it can be better, it can do better. Remember the old DuPont commercials "DuPont better living through chemicals." That was a great commercial! It inspired us with hope and made us feel good that we were moving full speed forwards in life. This influence society on to greater and greater expectation and achievement, nothing seems impossible there would always be an answer if not now then soon.

I believe we got off track and need to get that feeling of hope back.

So I ask you now do you believe we are cutting ourselves short? What are some ways we each may contribute to bringing society to greater and greater progress?

Progress such as solving death, exploring deep space, controlling weather etc...

Those are only some of my dreams for our future I am sure all you have many of your own.

asked 02 Dec '11, 16:27

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

by self improvement first.and helping other to the best of our ability. experience and enjoy.

(02 Dec '11, 20:07) white tiger

One time not long ago, I was suicidal.

I tried desperately to think of something that would help me hold on until I felt better. I Started to write in my journal, and this is what saved me; it has a lot to do with what one person means to the world, like George Bailey found out in the movie, "It's a Wonderful Life":

If I were to die, who would be there to comfort my children? Who would teach my grandchildren about my grandmother, and what a wonderful and unique person she was? Nobody... She would truly die right along with me...Her memory lives in mine.

Who would love my cats they way I do? They would probably get taken to the pound. Who would appreciate pink roses like me? Who would write silly stories like me? What would my friends feel if I died? I'd have to see them cry, and not be able to hold them or comfort them at all.

Who would watch my maple tree grow- the one I transplanted from Illinois? Nobody. Who would take sunrise pictures like me? Who would sing in choir for me? Who would appreciate the viola like me, and enjoy the times that the viola section in an orchestra has the melody...except me?

If I had never been born, my novel would never been written. I would never have been in a group that saves alcoholics for so many years...all the young people I helped would not be sober today (perhaps) if I had not cared about them, helped them and supported them as they learned how to live a drug-free life. This means that Annette would not have a Master's in Social Work, and all the alcoholics she counsels would also be still drinking because she was not sober because I was not there to help her!

Now, as I wrote this little passage, I began to feel that if I killed myself, I'd leave a hole in the world that only I could ever fill. I decided to separate myself from my suicidal thoughts, and treated them like the rash you get from the measles: I just said to myself that my mind was going to think this way until I felt better. The thoughts were not a true measure of my reality; they were only a symptom of depression, after all.

I got a real look at value of one human life. We all matter. All of us. Think about the people here on Inward quest. Where would we be without Stingray? Vesuvius? Fairy Princess? Michaela? and so on. I play a great game called Babble, and it has the best people there at the website. One of our members just died, and we were all devastated. Her name was Fiona, and she mattered. Jerry Hicks has passed- think where we would be without him. (Please pray for Esther!)

All of this really makes a person think.

Peace and Blessings,



answered 02 Dec '11, 17:35

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What a beautiful answer Jai, it realy makes a person realize that they truly are worth living. People give of themselves without even realizing it and are loved sometimes without knowing it.

(05 Dec '11, 07:14) Paulina 1

People must lead by example. "Be the change you want to see in the world." Ghandi We all know this quote and it never rang so true. We can complain all we want, but what are we doing about it? I just watched the movie "2012 Time for Change", and it's all about rising up to a higher awareness of Self and the Universe. They make cars that run on H2O. They have ways to make roof top gardens in the cities, and if the cities made use of all their roof tops they could just about grow all their produce up there. Also, if everyone ate right, exercised, and practiced yoga, dis-eases would decrease significantly and over time become nonexistant. They make a clothes washing machine which is powered by a stationary bike.

I think "They" are selling us short, but people are buying it. Don't buy it! We can do this.

You are an amazing being with the power and the choice.



answered 03 Dec '11, 11:40

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Love your answer but its obvious you dont do the washing otherwise you would definately but that washing machine. Two in fact one electric for home and the stationary bike one for camping.

(05 Dec '11, 07:22) Paulina 1

You're probably right, but my wife also liked the idea. Either way it's a paradigm that can change. Everything in our homes operates at the push of a button, yet people pay big bucks for gym memberships. Peace

(05 Dec '11, 09:55) Brian

if you understand why you are here,
you have a primary mind set;
the active player becomes part of the visualization,
do you recognize it as yourself
or your foe


answered 04 Dec '11, 15:48

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there is no foe. the only foe is fear and ignorance.experience and enjoy.

(04 Dec '11, 19:01) white tiger

Spot on White Tiger.

(05 Dec '11, 07:17) Paulina 1

white tiger, for those who see a foe in their minds, it is there and resulting consequences of such thoughts. it effects the cutting one's self short

(05 Dec '11, 13:38) fred
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