Yesterday, I got (what I call) "nudges" from Someone outside our world...It feels like I am being "pushed" by an angel to change what I am doing. They come quite suddenly, and I just lately have learned to trust these nudges...Here's what happened yesterday, as an example:

Wade and I decided to go to a Chinese restaurant for a late lunch. We pulled into the plaza parking lot. All of a sudden, I felt that "push", and turned my head; I saw a Greek restaurant to my right, and suddenly "knew" that we should go there instead. I said to Wade, "How about some Greek food?" He agreed and we went.

Once we got inside the restaurant, and were seated, I noticed that the owner of the restaurant was being interviewed by someone. My curiosity was piqued. Then I got another "nudge". [Get up and talk to them, said the nudge.] I got up, and felt like a pushy intruder, but trusted the nudge and stepped right up to the table, and asked what was going on.

As it turns out, the town that Wade lives in is being considered seriously as the setting for a new TV show. The owner was being interviewed for the TV show. Just then, a camera crew walked into the store, and I watched as they set up. We were eating by then, and I was enjoying my gyro as I got yet another nudge. [Go talk to the lady running the camera, it said.] Oh, dear, I thought. More intruding. But I got up, and went over to the woman operating the camera. I introduced myself, and as we talked, she realized that she had spoken to Wade's Dad on the phone and connected me to him (all of which I knew nothing about!) I said, "Well, Mr. Casaldi's son is sitting right over there!" So she ran over to Wade, and we talked; the next thing I know...we are being taped in a preliminary short for the producers in L.A. to see.

Very cool! But get this: the Lady on the camera said she sent Wade an email to apply to be in the show, but Wade knew nothing about it. So when we got home, he checked his email, and sure enough, there was the Email...And it was signed by the lady who we spoke to that was running the camera...And as it turns out, she is the casting director for the show!

Now, these nudges I feel...I think these come from being in the I right? If so, this is a wonderful feeling, and I hope it does not stop.

Am I right?

Blessings and Peace,


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Wow! That is great. You and Wade must enjoy every minute.

(05 Dec '11, 09:32) Paulina 1

How exciting! :)

(05 Dec '11, 13:27) Fairy Princess
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You are practicing communications with your self. These are levels of communications that most people don't use. There is nothing wrong with this type of reception, just acknowledge and move on. It will keep you close to the best possible path for the present moment. You will find out the other levels in time.


answered 03 Dec '11, 16:54

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The Knights Alchemy

Nice one TKA :)

(04 Dec '11, 04:47) Eddie

Wisdom from The Knights Alchemy.

(05 Dec '11, 09:33) Paulina 1

Inspired action.


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Fairy Princess

The shortest correct answer, ever :)

(04 Dec '11, 04:48) Eddie

No I wouldn't call it being in the Vortex, especially after some of the snide remarks made by those who supposedly are in the Vortex, about those who are not in the Vortex.

I would more call it the Kingdom Life. As we accepted Jesus as our personal Savior, we inherited the Kingdom of God. All that is good is ours always, we expect the blessings of God and are blessed as God's sons and daughters. No one is stupid that is not in the Kingdom Life, they are simply unaware that the Kingdom Life awaits them. There is love, compassion and consideration for those not in the Kingdom Life. In the Kingdom Life we receive understanding and wisdom that comes from the Holy Spirit through us, we are inspired forwards and guided to the right choices and paths to take, we are blessed in health and finance.

The Kingdom Life is wonderful, feels good, has happiness and peace.


answered 03 Dec '11, 23:27

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Wade Casaldi

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... ;) see you around, friend[s].. hopefully. ^_^

(04 Dec '11, 01:01) Leo

Thank you Leo yes and you know I am on Face Book if you ever want to talk with a friend. :-)

(04 Dec '11, 04:10) Wade Casaldi

Just out of interest Wade - what Vortex remarks? I can see how, from your perspective, your words say the same thing as other people's words spoken from their perspective. However, being a non-religious type I prefer different words. Ultimately, all words are symbols, which are labels and none of them are empirically true.

(04 Dec '11, 04:55) Eddie

Stingray who is top king here that is always in the Vortex calling everyone else completely and utterly stupid. I feel if this is how someone in the Vortex talks then is the Vortex really a good thing or a counterfeit of the dark side? He represents what being in the Vortex is because he is always teaching how to be in the Vortex.

(05 Dec '11, 10:50) Wade Casaldi

Anyway I am forgiving him and taking time to cool down.

(05 Dec '11, 10:53) Wade Casaldi
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Jai you are in the flow girl, so enjoy it to the limit. I call it haveing a positive momentum where finaly you have learned to listen to your inner God, self, uniwerse, or whatever. Does this mean you are in the Vortex? Who cares what its called for like Leo says they are just words and people have experienced stuff like this long before the word Vortex was invented. Yes you can say you are in the Vortex if you like and if it is important to you.

Learning from others is allways nice but remember listening to the Creative Power (God)within is still the best and truest way and you can call it whtever you like.

So glad good things are happening to you and now that it has started the ball will keep rolling for as long as you give it attention.


answered 05 Dec '11, 09:46

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Paulina 1

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