Hi friends!

I am new to the law of attraction and have only been studying it for a month or two. Just to give some background about what I understand/have tried so far, I think I'm to the point now where I understand the basics. What you want is created the moment you want it, and your job is just to be a vibrational match to your desires. I've practiced a few methods recommended by user @Stingray (who is awesome, and I'm incredibly grateful for their posts) such as the manifestation box and focus blocks method. I also do daily visualizing, which I'm enjoying, though I wonder at times if it can contribute to a feeling of lack.

My question is, what are the best Law of Attraction tips for newbies? There is just so much information, which, while great, sometimes causes me to feel overwhelmed with so much to sift through.

I would like to know what helped you guys the most when you were first getting started learning this stuff. It doesn't necessarily have to be about a certain topic, just whatever was the most useful to you would really help a lot. Any daily routines, methods for getting into the vortex, links you find relevant, etc. would all be fantastic.

I really appreciate you taking the time to read this. Thank you in advance to anyone who comments!

asked 11 Sep '19, 19:14

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hi @chocolatechips yes meditation is good and i like to precede it with the prana tube exercise and the five tibetan rites ... you may find the teachings of melody fletcher useful, her book "deliberate receiving" is fun easy to read and very practical :)

(27 Jan '20, 04:36) jaz
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Make it your highest priority after waking up every morning to meditate without thought.

You will be inspired/guided to everything else you need to know once this has become a habit.


answered 12 Sep '19, 02:03

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@Stringray so true, I was waiting for your answer to this because currently i am in the same position as the poster but i have started to notice i take alot of inspired actions nowadays that i made it a habit to meditate every morning and night. Being a procrastinator I delayed lots of stuff for months heck i stumbled across inward quest a year ago but its recently that i started taking actions to learn everything and it never felt forced. downloaded a nlp program........

(12 Sep '19, 13:13) majnu

.... started watching abraham hicks videos, watched few webinars, started applying for online jobs which i procrastinated/didn't feel like doing for months, watching your webinars, learning new technique and it never felt forced its amazing.

(12 Sep '19, 13:15) majnu

@Stingray, thank you so much for your response! Your guidance and advice has been what's helped me the most so far and I really can't thank you enough.

(13 Sep '19, 00:25) chocolatechips

@majnu - "nowadays that i made it a habit to meditate every morning and night" - Yes, it's funny how simple it is to start transforming your life for the better - but it's hard to convince people of that. So many people are looking for unnecessarily complicated solutions instead.

(13 Sep '19, 04:11) Stingray

@chocolatechips - You're welcome. I'm glad you've found some value in all of it :)

(13 Sep '19, 04:13) Stingray
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Hello chocolatechips! I am also new to practising the Law of Attraction although I have been interested in it for quite some years.

One of the biggest things that has jumped out at me in regards to spiritual practises or more esoteric subjects is that the underlying goal is to Feel Good and to help others to Feel Good also.

Is it not the real reason why we search out this type of thing in the first place? The reason why we have desires? The reason why we crave answers to life's most difficult questions?

If we just feel good now, then we are free to live life and allow ourselves to have fun while doing so.

Unfortunately it may well be easier said than done if you truly believe it to be so.


answered 23 Sep '19, 15:33

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Viktor Vaughn


@Viktor Vaughn, thank you for answering! I appreciate that you took the time to help me :)

(02 Oct '19, 18:28) chocolatechips
  1. Start by becoming aware of the feelings/emotions in your body;
  2. Concurrently, become aware of the thoughts you have and label them - are they giving me joy or unhappiness (and then back to awareness of the feelings/emotions in your body). Awareness is imperative for the beginner.

Then, start by making it a priority to make yourself feeling a little better by asking questions such as: 1. If this situation/person is making me sad/unhappy, what positive elements can I identify in this? or 2. Tell yourself 'good wants to come out of this' (because if you pay attention, it always does!)

These are the first steps. Forget visualising and meditation for now. You cannot meditate unless you are very aware of your inner self.


answered 23 Jan '20, 14:03

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