who is the strongest the bully that need to prove that he is strongh by harrasing and beating up people! or the sage that as nothing to prove he could kill anny one by giving 1 blow and he is making the decision to not kill the bully even if he deserve it!is it not the one that can defeat him self?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SVzzhN-hQIhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yZ0M1pWD44&NR=1http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgghWr3oICI&feature=related

asked 24 Apr '11, 01:05

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white tiger

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@white tiger Power that is not used means nothing.

(28 Mar '13, 01:42) flowsurfer

You're comparing a particularly low ranked 'baddie' against a particularly high ranked 'goodie' and finding it a worthy consideration.

If you were to ask who is stronger a sage or a beast / tyrant / [insert some equivocal word here], the question may warrant more thought?

(28 Mar '13, 05:51) Snow

@Snow It doesn't matter how strong the sage is in theory, if he is not willing to use his strength, in reality he is weak. If you are multiplying a number by zero, the result will be zero no matter what the number is. There is no difference between someone that consistently refrains from using power and someone that has no power.

(28 Mar '13, 06:08) flowsurfer

it's just a question of whac-a-mole


(28 Mar '13, 06:15) ru bis

Oh defiantly the bully.

(28 Mar '13, 06:38) Nikulas

What are you looking to justify white tiger? The question is needless to ask at all from any other perspective but the one you hold on life and are in fact looking for answer which will confirm what you would like to be the truth, thus also arguing with any answer that isn't close to it. And it's the same as asking what happens if the unstoppable force meets with an immovable object ? There is no answer to such question, but every answer that mind can think of.

(28 Mar '13, 06:40) CalonLan
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regardless of the intent of the person,(evil or good, the universe dosn't judge us in that fassion, the one who will prevail is the one who FEELS most justified in their hearts, the one who has the best "reason" even if the reason is not seen as corrent bu us!

love n light,



answered 24 Apr '11, 02:03

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TReb Bor yit-NE

the sage is mercifull with the bully! he know that it would not help the bully to kill him even if the bully deserve it in is stupidity!the sage understand both side of that duality and will use it accordingly! that is how the sage unite opposite by defeating one side of him self through reason both side are true but the sage use is wisdom to unite both side to get the clearest picture and act accordingly!

(24 Apr '11, 02:26) white tiger

yes i understand what you are saying and i agree that is the way it SHOULD be, but in real life, the bad guys still win, they win because the want of their greed is stronger than the love of the other. if you are talking about duaility than you must accept that evil and good are always equil and there is no ONE WAY that the results can always go to the good. right? i agree with your philosaphy I am just stating that the ability to hate from one can be as powerful of the one who loves UNLESS the love is equil to OR stronger that teh hatered being given.

(24 Apr '11, 03:10) TReb Bor yit-NE

we all have good and evil in us at equal level! it is the choice we make that make it a good or bad action!the bad guy never win because he will always finish by meeting is match!and all you do to other will be done to you! and that is the way it is! good always win because it is constructive force it build! and those 2 opposite can work together in balence for the same objective!

(24 Apr '11, 03:33) white tiger

even in negative there is a little positive and in positive a little negative!

(24 Apr '11, 03:37) white tiger

look at water and fire! the water is calm the fire is burning all what happen when fire drops in water? and still fire can warm water!

(24 Apr '11, 03:43) white tiger

you want a good image of something that use both energy in unity look at tiger!

(24 Apr '11, 04:01) white tiger

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdKFioMyieQ tiger is attacked by hunter

(24 Apr '11, 04:07) white tiger

of course,, Dr Martin Luther King Jr. says,,and i use this often, "there is a little bit of good in the worst of us and a little bad in the best of us" u are right, i do agree with teh duality i am just saying that it is because we limmet ourseklfs to that, i will see the vid tomorrow, thank you for sharring your wisdom my freind

(24 Apr '11, 04:10) TReb Bor yit-NE

you are welcome rob that is how we evolve in this world!

(24 Apr '11, 04:16) white tiger

Maybe not "better" reason, but "stronger" one. "A man who has a why, can bear any how"

(28 Mar '13, 06:34) CalonLan

actually it's Nietzsche who said it. :)

(28 Mar '13, 07:39) CalonLan
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Neither and yet both because they are from the same source and we are not wise enough to really know anyone elses intent or purpose.


answered 24 Apr '11, 03:01

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i do not agree with that some are able to find the intent and purpose. some feel it in them self! and some are able to reason it out! and some are able to search for it!

(24 Apr '11, 03:07) white tiger

Even a less than sagely martial artist will almost always show restraint when interacting with others barring extenuating circumstances. Excluding the very annoying warmongering minority that looks to flaunt their abilities, any true martial artists will only ever utilize their abilities in situations where the antagonist crosses an extreme threshold.

A 'sage' may grant them a few extra parried strikes responded to with "you really don't want to do this" before they put down the aggressor, but this behavior is also common for any martial artist who was trained by any sort of proper instructor.

At that point the sage or the martial artist will consider "how much of a lesson should I teach this person?" It becomes a balancing act where one decides if the person should be disabled without any harm at all, or if they are doing them a disservice by not aiding them in learning a lesson that the next person they encounter may not be gentle while teaching. Spare the rod doesn't only apply to children, and situations like that can just as easily end with the hothead getting killed as it can them being let go for their impudence.

But in the case the bully is from the aforementioned warmongering outlier group, then there's a decent chance the bully stands a chance. So to answer your question.. It completely depends on the matchup, but in a world where all is equal, the person fighting for love (as a sage will only ever be, for example) will be fueled with much more strength than one fighting for no emotion or more still than one fighting for anger.


answered 28 Mar '13, 07:23

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@Snow- Perfected martial artist actually don't even attract fights, or violence. I believe it is much of a case of performing physical action to bring about alignment. When you know you are strong, whether physically or otherwise, there is absolutly no desire to prove it.

Btw, we are all strong.

(28 Mar '13, 07:58) Nikulas

The answer is relative to the beliefs of the individual. To compare them is irrelevant. Each has their own strength and weakness. The amount of energy and reserve is dependent upon the person.


answered 26 Apr '11, 02:45

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The Knights Alchemy

well the question as been changed! the original was who is the strongest? and the bully only exist because the wise let him live! because when the wise decide that it is enuff the bully will be stop or die!

(26 Apr '11, 03:23) white tiger
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