Gratitude/appreciation is a powerful element in manifestation story.

Gratitude for the universe to introduce him self to you and invite you to his world, act and react with its laws, ask think right, align with him and get it. It is a fun story and getting more fun when things start to come when you feel your power, and your hidden relationship with great glory universal mind which rare have, when the surroundings start to astonish for the magic you are, everything is on your way, always and you are just magical, so how you do it!!!

So you start to enjoy, you want to learn more, informed with more, and keep this power in hands.

But when it comes to things you are really attach to, you just want to overcome these processes and only have it, you have your time limits, and you are good creator when you make it in time.

There is an inward thought in some place within that when the big target you are working to make from silent thought into physical reality even there will be more, you may lose that passion in your learning journey, so you are telling inwardly too let it just take its time, and let me acknowledge more and more, I am ready to learn more and correct the mistakes to improve the mind and its way of thinking when the target really means to me, so between make it an instant manifesting and impregnating with these laws, your conscious choose learning, and let it come slowly, but you want to come, you just want it, you want both!!!

Deep inside you recognize that your mental effort will fruit, they must.

So do you think that the fun in the process could make the birth slower?

Maybe creating new desires is good option, but as a discussion do you agree? And what would be the technical ways for achieving both learning and make it happen in the right time?

My manifested target, my baby I called :) is on the way, there are many signals for its birth, but the real birth is not happening yet.

Sometimes my thoughts roaming, my mind is a real factory, between enjoying, learning, stress, wanting it to just come, no I want to learn something new here, I am postponed it a little, I start this new book and I want to have it with these new thoughts, noooo I just want it now etc… and I just want to quit the whole story to just relax but I can’t I am already involved

Advise please!!!

asked 06 Dec '11, 18:16

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I would suggest just relax and meditate ... let things come at their own pace .


answered 06 Dec '11, 18:31

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blubird two

Yes I believe that good, sometimes I quit reading for couple of days to just relax, too much thoughts is not good thing, even when they are wise, I do love meditation. Thank you :)

(06 Dec '11, 19:03) r0la

it took awhile to master walking after birth,
there was a certain balance to it
both physical as well as
my mindset on if it could be done

i, now, here with wants and desires,
is it to be less cumbersome
than my learning experience to walk;
have coping mechanisms replace choice

do i still have freedom to think?


answered 07 Dec '11, 01:28

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everything happen when it is the time for it to happen. if you create more things(desire belief etc.) it is only more attachement. jesus said if you want to be perfect leave everything you have and follow me. what does that mean? to not have attachement and follow is example. experience and enjoy.


answered 06 Dec '11, 18:34

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white tiger

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I am so sure of that, more desires more attachment. I am not that religious but I love Jesus in my own way, he was always a path of relax for me, distraction you are talking about and it is good from time to time to relax. I know I have complicated mind in this time, but I do enjoy my experience, meditation is my best solution, that kind to relax mind not to create.

(06 Dec '11, 19:08) r0la

I think when I posted my question I could read me and by reading my words I can relax, just talking about it could relax me :)

(06 Dec '11, 19:10) r0la

"Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are." Chinese Proverb

(06 Dec '11, 19:19) white tiger

The technique of “Self-Inquiry Meditation” helps us to attain Self-Knowledge through self-control and self-development. Its goal is to experience and realise the Divine Self (Atma) within us. Such a supreme goal cannot be achieved overnight, but requires self-discipline, consistent practice and guidance from a Master.

(06 Dec '11, 19:19) white tiger

Essence is the constant present, healing presence of your self – free of fear, fault and illness. I understand satsang as an invitation for everyone, to see this fearless, fulfilling, healing space – the essence – as our natural condition and hereby to experience never ending meditation.

(06 Dec '11, 19:27) white tiger
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Balance is one of the lessons of life.

For each person, it is achieved by tiny steps, perhaps like the old riddle of the well: three steps forward, two steps back (perhaps) but balance and progress come along.

The interesting part is that just when you achieve balance, life is sure to upset it after a period of time, and then we all struggle to get it back.

It is a life-long process; it is a learning process.

It is a part of why we came down from Heaven to live in the physical realm in the first place: to move our souls forward.

Blessings and Peace,



answered 07 Dec '11, 00:26

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