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Affirmations such as "I am statements" and others are powerful and switch the subconscious mind into the direction of manifestation. It can take a lot of vibrational work because of the negative beliefs surrounding the affirmations. How ever by saying the words thank you and then making your desired statement you clear anything standing in your way of manifestation and you get closer and closer to your desired outcomes with the affirmation all in one.

This takes less work and makes the affirmation much more reassuring and clears any resistance you have surrounding the affirmation including negative beliefs.

For example:

Instead of saying "I am healthy" you would say something more like "Thank you I am Healthy".

Use just add thank you before your affirmation or belief as if it already happened.

It think it should work. I did feel a lot better after trying it a bit. I waiting to see what happens after I continue using it overtime.

Try it yourself and let me know what happens. I would be happy to hear your stories.

Thank you

asked 14 Aug '14, 20:08

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Thank you, great suggestion! I do feel better in saying it this way!

Maybe it's because after saying 'thank you' I'm automatically in a more aligned state :)

Wonderful tool, thank you very much!


answered 16 Aug '14, 15:35

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Olga Farber

Your very welcome. Much appreciated.

(16 Aug '14, 20:45) jarreau
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