I feel I just had another amazing revelation today. I was upset and felt hurt and let down but even through all of this I prayed for the one that I believed upset me. The next day I had an amazing revelation here:

Can being in the Vortex give us an impression of superiority?

Then just moments ago another revelation that popped into my mind, "You prayed for him and look what you gained." I felt like WHOA MAN that is so right! YES!

When Jesus said pray for your enemies the thing behind this is it releases you to see clearly to open to the Holy Spirit and gain the Kingdom Perspective that things are not as they seemed, be well and have peace in your heart.

I used to think praying for those that harm you is for their benefit and from your compassion that comes from being close to the Christ but there is so much more it does! That is only the one side of the rope one the other is your own benefit and this may very well be the revelation that you were wrong and that is okay everything is cool relax and be at peace.

As well it may even open you up to receiving something far grander in understanding and learning.

What is your impression on praying for those that harm you whether advertently or inadvertently?

asked 07 Dec '11, 18:01

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Wade Casaldi

Wade, I hope you didn't think that I meant that it was a duty. However, it has good reason to be in the Bible, because it helps you.

(08 Dec '11, 20:01) Fairy Princess

Oh no not at all Fairy Princess. I was just in an an inspired flow typing. It is good being back in the Kingdom mind.

(08 Dec '11, 21:17) Wade Casaldi

I am very happy with all the wonderful answers here. We all agree it must be heart felt and for love and compassion not a motive of gain. The gain is just a wonderful side benefit of our sincerity.

(10 Dec '11, 04:33) Wade Casaldi
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God is love. In the Bible it says to pray without ceasing, to be instant in prayer and to pray for your enemies and those who despitefully use you. So, I took my understanding of that and decided to pray for people who cut me off in traffic and who otherwise do me wrong. I pray for the emergency situation and emergency vehicles when I hear sirens. It was difficult at first to remember, but the longer I practiced it, the more instant it became. I noticed that it changed the energy in the car or in my mind or environment to a possitive one rather than negative. I realized that regardless of it's affect on the other person, it had a possitive affect on me. It gave me peace, comfort, etc... I taught my Sunday school kids to pray when they heard sirens and also for their enemies, even their brother when he is mean. :)

God is love, so when we express that love out into the world it makes it a better, brighter place. How much better is relative to the affect of not praying would be. You can take feelings of anger and change them to love. Love is the language that God speaks. You don't even have to use words.

Unfortunately, I forgot about this practice when I was in some accidents. I have had to make a conscientious effort to get back into the habit. It is certainly a habit worth my time and effort. Thanks for the reminder.

I try to not say anything I don't mean, so when I pray for people, I really try to mean it.


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Fairy Princess

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I was watching a Sid Roth show about the miracle of the Jewish blessing. There was a clip of a pastor driving that was cut off. He called the guy an idiot. His wife said that is no way for a pastor to talk, he said you are right. He then heard from God pray for that man. So he started doing a prayer his heart was really feeling still upset so the prayer was halfhearted. Just then he felt chided "is this how you would like someone praying for you?" So he started putting everything into this prayer like he would like to be blessed. That victim feeling melted away, he felt wonderful.

(09 Dec '11, 05:58) Wade Casaldi

I agree every little thing that upsets us is an opportunity to set God's Kingdom on Earth, to correct the negative and replace with the Heaven blueprint.

(09 Dec '11, 06:01) Wade Casaldi

yes, accepting all others and showing them unconditinal love for them, this is the key my freind. If you love the oes who hurt u,, because we are all one, u are only loving urself, and oppiste is teh same, if u hate soemone it ios because u hate that part of urself, so love an forgive. You R on the right track. keep going forward in love and light.

love n light



answered 09 Dec '11, 13:16

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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Through my experiences it seems that when I pray for, and hold love in my heart, for someone who has been hurtful towards me, the blessing is upon me. I can't know if the blessing reaches the other or not, but for certain it comes to me! I had never expected the blessing(s) to come my way, but found that they always do. I use the Astara exercise, where you envision love and light surrounding the person like an embrace. You hold that thought in your mind and in your heart, and perhaps a silent prayer to go along with that...something uplifting and unselfish. After a few short days the relationship improves, the person apologizes, or another relationship suddenly improves for you (or some other unexpected good comes to you). Always works! Best wishes!


answered 08 Dec '11, 15:35

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LeeAnn 1

Yes LeeAnn I very much agree. It has to be a sincere prayer like what you would liked prayed for you not some dutiful prayer like Jesus says I have to so here is a prayer. It needs to be real heart felt loving compassionate prayer. I believe we both found this I knew it released us but wasn't expecting something back myself, what a nice blessing in return. :-)

(08 Dec '11, 19:20) Wade Casaldi

Paulina addressed an important point here, your motives. If you are praying for them because you believe this is something expected of you I would advise against it. If you identify a weakness in someone that makes them do wrong, that is another story.

But just praying for an evil doer for the sake of doing so? Absolutely not. God does not look lightly upon attacks against His people. I would ignore their transgressions, do not hold any ill-will towards them, but never forget what they are capable of or that they are willing to harm others. Otherwise you will end up being used by malicious people.

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answered 09 Dec '11, 06:12

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Hi Wade, yes praying for those that upset you is good as long as it is done without ulterior motive. When praying from the heart with a feeling of love it will make you feel more loving and forgiving and yes it has positive results.


answered 09 Dec '11, 05:50

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Paulina 1

Yes much agreed it really needs to be from the heart out of love, loyalty and even friendship with God. Jeremiah was considered a friend of God this is the same level we all can strive for, this wonderful closeness like a best friend would be. :-)

(09 Dec '11, 06:08) Wade Casaldi

father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing. well wade eventually the truth will set them free. they will gain eyes to see and ears to ear. experience and enjoy.


answered 08 Dec '11, 01:40

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white tiger

Yes forgiveness is a part of healing


answered 10 Dec '11, 07:12

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