I understand that the Universe is geared up to produce never ending desires. But the thing I don't quite understand is that if you have the ability to manifest almost everything you want in your life, then what would be the point of living? Wouldn't life be pretty boring if you know you can get anything you want in an instant ?

I guess I am speaking from a point of TReb Bor yit-NE's view or entities in the 5th dimension. From my understanding, most humans want to live because there is a "joy" of coming back into alignment with their desires after their desires are launched.. but when you have the ability to manifest you want in an instant there would not be much joy in coming back into alignment, is that not right?

asked 10 Dec '11, 04:44

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wow, I am sad i didn't see this question when it was new lol, either way , the question was asked and answered i believe from the inward quest open forum?? or no? i do believe it was after u wrote this, thank u . love n light

(17 Feb '12, 12:47) TReb Bor yit-NE

This kind of question or concern can only arise from the perspective of a 3D/4D linear thinking entity's mindset. There are many things that, at least from my experience, we are not able to fully comprehend from our limited current perspective. I put them into a box labelled paradox and leave it at that.

I believe that to answer your question in full, the being answering must exist in a higher dimension than ours. And even when presented with a concise and accurate explanation, our 3D/4D mind may not be capable of full comprehension because we can't see and understand everything that lies outside of the box of our current reality.

Having said that, when we reach a place of mainly existing in the present moment, past and future are no longer a concern, so we don't worry about what's coming, we just enjoy the now :)


answered 10 Dec '11, 05:13

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Maybe I shouldnt have talked about the 3D/4D but even as a human being if I mastered the ability to manifest anything I want or maybe just with a high % .. I would probably still feel pretty bored?

(11 Dec '11, 03:29) kakaboo

In my view, the only real question is: are you bored now? If you are, is it because you have everything you want? If not, then you will never be bored, because life is a constant state of becoming, now...

(11 Dec '11, 03:41) Eddie

From my understanding, most humans want to live because there is a "joy" of coming back into alignment with their desires after their desires are launched.. but when you have the ability to manifest you want in an instant there would not be much joy in coming back into alignment, is that not right?

This is a really complex question! This is the sort of idea philosophers have been arguing about for ages...What is the point of living, anyway? Hmmm. I am no philosopher, but I guess I can at least say what I think...

I have said on this site that I remember coming to Earth from Heaven. I also know I have a Soul because I used to "fly" around the world when I was small, leaving my body at will. That being said, I know I have a Soul, and I came from Heaven. So there has to be a reason for living--why leave Heaven to live a life that can be hard, that can hurt and have pain? So the only answer I have to this is because it must be "good" for my Soul.

My experience with Manifesting has been sometimes excellent and sometimes with absolutely no results. If we could manifest perfectly, we'd be in Heaven on Earth. I really do not think our purpose in life is to manifest reality. I do not imagine that always getting exactly what we want, exactly on time, would be the total point to life.

I guess all that can be said about this, then, is that we have been put here to "grow" our souls. We are being tested, perhaps. They say that you cannot make clay hard without firing. The same holds true for our spiritual progress. I think we are here to do the Will of God for us each day to the best of our abilities. I would think that manifesting, then, would be a tool for life rather than the whole purpose for life.

Life is a journey. The destination, for me, is to "Grow My Soul" and eventually get back to God.

Blessings and Peace,



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Beautiful answer.

(11 Dec '11, 05:38) Paulina 1

Thank you, Paolina!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(11 Dec '11, 12:42) Jaianniah

I really like what Richard Bach says for this. We are spiritual beings on human journey. We have come here to travel in this human world and enjoy variety of experiences. In this journey we also meet some fellow travelers that add much more fun to this journey.

At the same time we all remember that we are spiritual beings and can manifest anything we want. So the point is, we have come here to experience the life with human limitations and human abilities. Just enjoy it! If you want something different, just get back to your own being for a while or forever, whatever you like - after all it is you that started this journey so ultimately you can end it or pause it for a while.


answered 10 Dec '11, 09:21

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We already know what instant manifesting is like, we do this all the time in our dreams. The second I get scared, there is something to be scared of. The second I fear something and what I think it is, it then is.

Do we really want to live a life like this in reality? Think of it and it happens instantly. There is a scene in the movie, "The Secret", where the guy gets a post card with a picture of an elephant. He started thinking of the elephant and next he is scared because right in his living room is that elephant! Abraham said in "The Secret", "We have a buffer, and that is a good thing, we do not want to have everything manifest instantly."

If we reached the point where we could, we would have to be in constant control of our thoughts! Not only this- but it would be impossible to ponder anything, because the second we start to think of it we would have it! If we have fears, the things we fear worst would be in our world of experience.

There would be people living real nightmare lives, others living real heaven on earth lives, but no one has yet full total control. So for most there would be a mixture of ups and downs, like regular life but in the extremes.

The Tibetan book of the dead talks of the death bardo (Stage of existence). It says when we die, at first, we can see all kinds of wonders, and all of these are from our thoughts. They can be beautiful or terrifying, but we must remember, we are creating the experience through expectation or belief, our hopes and our fears.


answered 10 Dec '11, 15:31

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Wade Casaldi

i agree wade one needs to be in total control all the time. and one cannot have all the power if it is to crush others because he will lose control and crush him self.


(10 Dec '11, 23:59) white tiger

This is a scene from Jai and I's favorite version of the movie "Jesus." Thanks.... :-)

(11 Dec '11, 00:39) Wade Casaldi

Nope.. obviously when I said the ability to manifest anything you want you are also able to reject unwanted thoughts and events.. and just manifest the things you want

(11 Dec '11, 03:32) kakaboo

well kakaboo you could reject unwanted thoughs and event. but what you want might not be what someone else want. there is a balence of harmony to maintain.example if i decide that tomorrow every one should get what they deserve to the right mesure. would it be fair? some would probably say no we need more time.

(11 Dec '11, 04:32) white tiger

Well done Wade.

(11 Dec '11, 05:51) Paulina 1

Thank you Paulina 1. :-)

(17 Feb '12, 11:39) Wade Casaldi
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well who said the point of life was to get all you desire out of it? experience and enjoy.


answered 10 Dec '11, 05:26

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white tiger

well I think it is the way you are veiwng what is being said. The different perspectives will give you a different reality. So in fact Treb can NOT be a liar, no one can, only ones who deceive and i do not believe him to be that, with all he has helped i doubt this. I think he is only one who explains his perspective, and does so with great compassion and has helped many people, with THAT being said, here is what Treb means by this. What Treb's view is on reality and coming back has less to do with what is being enjoyed and more about what is meant to do in the way of our soul evolving. This is a large difference in his view of 4th density and 5th density, the 4th density sees as everything should be fun and full of love, the 5th density is about the best good of all and doing what you intend t do as your duty in life. Treb explains what life is and the reason for this cycles as this. this specific question is answered here most directly


but here are more points on this subject. listen for yourself and you see if it makes sense.


also expressing the ideas of longer life spans this is what is said by this.

The way a lifespan is made, is on the need to evolve. The reason that humans live longer now on your planet than they did hundreds of years ago is because there is more in life to experience. This is why we are in this physical existence. Is to have the soul have manifested their wants and needs... the experience in the physical realm into the physical life. So the distance in the life depends greatly on how much the soul can accomplish within each period of life. ~Treb Bor Yit NE

love n light



answered 17 Feb '12, 12:41

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TReb Bor yit-NE

edited 17 Feb '12, 12:57

@TReb Bor yit-NE Rob I have to admit some things Treb says are way too far out there for me but you know I respect you. I used to channel myself so I know how that can be. Even for the one channeling to have information come through that when we ourselves hear it and then we say "Wow I didn't know that!" or "What on earth did that mean?" lol

With this understanding as a fellow channel I think we both can see how it can be even harder for someone that doesn't, to believe. Keep doing your best.

(17 Feb '12, 13:53) Wade Casaldi

@wade ty ,, yes i do , i am not upset someone doesn't believe in my source or me , just have a nicer way to say it, i was a lil' more energetic this morning lol, thank u very very much, love n light wade, and ty

(17 Feb '12, 18:09) TReb Bor yit-NE

I was looking at the last paragraph, very interesting stuff. This makes sense why in the earliest days (Biblical times) there are records of people living hundreds of years. In those early stages everything was so slow they had to live that long to achieve what little they did. Now there is so much to learn that to cram it all in takes longer so we are again living longer and longer! Very interesting thoughts to ponder indeed! :-)

(18 Feb '12, 11:32) Wade Casaldi
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Well, tell me if you can answer these questions definitively:

What is the meaning of life? and What is the point of living if you can't manifest anything you want?

It seems to me that you're operating under the assumption that what you do or don't obtain somehow correlates to the meaning of life, and I don't personally find that to be true.

So, my answer to both your question and my own:

Life is a journey. Where you start doesn't matter, where you're going doesn't matter, nor does where you've been. What makes our journeys matter is the people we decide to experience them with, even if one decides to take a journey alone now and again.

Just because I felt like writing more: Imagine for a moment that you are very tiny. Relative to the rest of existence, it would be an absurdly generous complement to even call you an ant. Now imagine that there is so much out there to experience that your current consciousness is incapable of even beginning to comprehend what that means.

Just on this planet alone there are so many interesting people and things to see, you could never do it all even if given a dozen lifetimes. Multiply that times infinity a few times and you'll begin to understand the possibilities and potential that lie in our solar system alone. Now compare the size of our solar system to the size of the galaxy, then universe.

Humans haven't even begun to understand what it means to be alive.. I wouldn't worry about running out of 'reasons to live', even if you can get anything/everything you want.


answered 17 Feb '12, 18:18

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You cannot manifest anything. TReb Bor yit-NE is a liar and you can only create what is available to your stream

see comments and relax


answered 10 Dec '11, 07:09

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edited 11 Dec '11, 06:21


No one really knows whether what TReb Bor yit-NE is saying is true but I would not be so quick to label him as an liar.. at least he is helping or sharing his opinions out of his free will and not charging anything for it..

(11 Dec '11, 03:31) kakaboo

i agree with kakaboo. why judge someone? did you walk a mile in is skin? you will be judge with the same mesure. so you should be sure that your judgement is perfect. because if it is not perfect you will not like to be judge with that mesure.

(11 Dec '11, 04:16) white tiger

What a terible thing to say about TReb Bor yit-NE that is very judgemental. How about an apology.

(11 Dec '11, 06:02) Paulina 1

Am I not allowed to have an opinion? That all it is.

(11 Dec '11, 06:19) you

When I think someone is lying, I say it. I might be wrong, but I am allowed to have my opinion. I know he is a kind loving person. There is no doubt about that whatsoever. But as far as his channeling...I call BS. Am I not allied that.

(11 Dec '11, 06:21) you

You may call BS as you see it but then he might too. I think with compassion we can tolerate what may be seen as BS to us or others and not be offended or offend as the case may be.

(11 Dec '11, 21:22) Wade Casaldi

Tact and genuine compassion go hand in hand and any opinion should be borne from that :)

(12 Dec '11, 02:47) Michaela

wow, what a great thing to say , lol, i do understand what caused that reaction but i will add my 2cents and that is all I can do :-)

(17 Feb '12, 12:01) TReb Bor yit-NE

and i would like to know what is meant by " you can only create what is available to your stream" what exactly does this mean??

(17 Feb '12, 12:42) TReb Bor yit-NE

@Michaela Yes "tact and compassion", much agreed. I tried pointing that out with my comment. Everyone disagrees with someone else, but we don't need to call another a liar because of what we think. Because they just may as well feel exactly the same about us. It is all opinion and subjective. In an objective perspective there is no judgement of what is said. I gave most our comments a +1 here. :-)

(17 Feb '12, 13:43) Wade Casaldi
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