It looks like with the recent 'death' of Jerry Hicks, the owners of Abraham-Hicks publications have been taking steps to remove free content from them uploaded by users from various sites such as Youtube and other sources.


This has probably been mentioned before by Stingray about Bashar here with the difference that Esther-Hicks did not personally step out to say anything, it was all done behind the scenes by the owners/directors of Abraham-Hicks publications maybe?

Well, of course I personally would not encourage piracy, but considering that Abraham-Hicks has never taken any steps to remove their material for the past 15 years (?) they have been around, it just seems kind of weird to me that they would start doing this now RIGHT after Jerry Hicks has transitioned..

What do you think is the cause of this ? Maybe this is a sign of more resistance in Esther Hick's life due to the recent passing of Jerry Hicks ?

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That move does strike me as something that Jerry Hicks would not have done, so it does suggest a new management approach. But it does seem doubtful that Esther Hicks would be behind it, perhaps some corporation that she has engaged to take over the administration of Abraham-Hicks in Jerry's place?

From past Abraham recordings, Abraham have said that Jerry & Esther's only real concern with the copyright of Abraham-Hicks material has been to ensure that people were aware of the source of the material (i.e. Abraham) so that they could go directly to it if they wanted to.

Even then, I've come across many obvious derivations of Abraham material (in online ebooks and coaching material, for example) that never clearly credited Abraham-Hicks and still no action was taken.

I understand that Jerry Hicks had tried in the past to give stuff away for free but discovered that people didn't pay much attention to what they received for free, an idea that Abraham also confirmed on one of the old recordings.

The real "driving force" behind Abraham has always been Jerry Hicks in any case.

Abraham have said on a number of occasions that it was his powerful desires for understanding and knowledge that summoned (and continued to summon) Abraham through Esther Hicks, who was willing to play the allowing role in the partnership.


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I understand that but the whole thing makes me feel a little uncomfortable for some reason lol.. it seems to me like there will be another similar event of this occuring soon :

(17 Dec '11, 10:30) kakaboo

and I think someone will definitely raise this issue up in the next seminar if Esther Hicks continue doing them next year lol

(17 Dec '11, 10:34) kakaboo

It remains to be seen what will happen to the Abraham information source now. I'm sure there are many corporate interests that would love to "tap" the marketing potential of it which is something that I understand Jerry resisted, preferring instead to stick to the purity of the message. In any case, the information that is already "out there" is dramatically life-changing as it is. And Abraham always said that they only ever have one answer anyway...find ways to feel good :)

(17 Dec '11, 12:31) Stingray

The content was being stifled and marginalised. Greater consciousness has many ways of disseminating information through multiple means and sources. Jerry removed himself for universal reasons. The corporate interests and marketing potential are of no interest to higher forms and can be transferred at will. Esther was a tool and well well loved, utilised and blessed, and yet still more channels exist to enlighten the universe. All is well!

(19 Dec '11, 23:12) Parammama
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well i do not believe it was a cause of his death but i do NOT believe in putting price on spiritual work, i made my book available for anyone who wanted to but it so the could own a hard copy but i have sold 10 copys and gave away over 750.




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TReb Bor yit-NE

Hey rob when your books get real big and thousands of people want a session and you must travel to do seminars. Your going to need people to work for you and help you. They will need to be paid for their effort. So your would need to set a price on your services. to maintain them. I admire your stance and do not dispute it.But imho the A-H organization does not look like the money grabbing evangelist

(17 Dec '11, 07:42) ursixx

@Ursixx - "It's the fastest private jet money can buy. He said he needed it to better serve the Lord" . Interesting video :)

(17 Dec '11, 10:16) Stingray

ty i appricate that stance, i agree with what u mean,, but my only point in counter to that is this, even if i had 1,000s of more per day i would have to find a way to accomidate teh ideas of getting the info out as i have done now, even thjough i do not have nearly as many people requesting session as ester or daryl, i have had to get people to help me just keep up with what i do have, and yes, it would be much bigger resposibilty , but what i mena is that the 3 people that hel[p me take small parts of their life and give it for free because they love the message n know not all cna afford it

(17 Dec '11, 16:29) TReb Bor yit-NE
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If you read the comments under the video by the up-loader "homebuiltindoorplane"

Hello my friend. As far as I understand it, they don't want anyone posting new material. But they did only specify me, and my channel, in the email and just asked me to hold off until they are done reviewing their policies. However, a lot of Abe posters have written me that their videos have been removed. So I suggest if they are going to post, they need to check with Abraham Hicks regarding it, thanks!

So not everything is going away. After Jerrys passing there must be some review of the organization (those must be some big shoes to fill).
And it is an organization that has employees and resources to maintain therefore need income to do so. and the A-h sites does give away quite alot online


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I have nothing against them putting a price on their work since they are using their time after all.. it's the recent "pushing" against such uploaders when it has never been for the past 15 years..

(17 Dec '11, 10:26) kakaboo

I just want to say, very classically and perhaps humurously (because most of us have different views of 'death')

RIP Jerry Hicks and thankyou for all you've given us :)


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i found out about the passing of Jerry only moments ago... i believe that the desire in our hearts will surpass any policies... the vortex IS real therefore, the free info on youtube and such will be more than available... my love to all of you who post ABRAHAM vids, Esther and her tribe, and all the people at Abraham- Hicks Publications...get into the VORTEX and then....much love...


answered 18 Dec '11, 17:00

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