People were shocked to find out that Jerry Hicks may have died from some sort of "disease". I seem to remember Franz Bardon had a difficult life physically (was tortured) and died at a young age, yet he still managed to leave mankind with a huge gift (Hermetics)...Just like Jerry via Esther-Abraham. Do we expect that Spiritual Icons should only die in a "peaceful" non disease or physically violent way ?

Does the way in which a person leaves this earth, a reflection of their spiritual growth or attainment ? It seems that people expect a "spiritual guru" or ascended being to die "happily in their sleep" or something of that nature. What are your thoughts on this ?

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I've often considered this myself and will be anxious to learn something from those who can reply!

(17 Dec '11, 15:47) LeeAnn 1

it is in the way they live and not in the way they die.

(17 Dec '11, 16:21) white tiger
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I'm not personally aware of any correlation between spiritual attainment and manner of death. Who is the judge of another's level of spiritual attainment anyway?

However, Abraham have spoken in the past how the general manner of one's death can reflect the vibrational attitude leading up to death.

To understand how this can be so, there needs to be a couple of points made clear about so-called "death"

  • All death is suicide meaning that every death is a perfect vibrational match to a person's vibrational attitude, which is always under that person's control whether they choose to exert that control consciously or not

  • Death is not a bad thing - quite the opposite actually because there is no such thing as death in the way that most people fear it. Death is a superconscious state of existence and Abraham have said that many choose so-called death as a joyous exit from physical reality when they feel they want to move on from their current life.

So how does the manner of one's death fit in here?

Abraham have said that as a "rule of thumb", a death that is sudden (regardless of the circumstances of the death) is generally one that was chosen as a joyous transition.

On the other hand, deaths that are long and lingering are generally resistance-related i.e. it's not that death was necessarily the immediate next joyous step in an eternal life experience but rather that someone became so resistance-laden in their life that life-force was gradually throttled to such an extent that death (being an expression of joyous non-resistance) was ultimately the only option left as the release from that resistance. Death became The Next Logical Step for freedom in those cases.

This is because during the death transition, all resistance built up over a physical lifetime is automatically and permanently released. There is never any carrying-over of resistance from one lifetime to another so that Karma business cannot exist in the way that many people think.

So given all of that, it might suggest that Jerry Hicks was perhaps encountering some resistant attitudes within himself that led to a long-term illness that led to his eventual death. I don't know and I don't really care. I'm not in any position to judge, and would not want to anyway.

We need to bear in mind that Jerry Hicks, like every other person who has ever walked this planet, was choosing to have a human experience and the experiences he chose were for his own reasons just like the rest of us.

In my view, labelling anyone else as more or less spiritually attained than another is where disempowering and judgemental philosophies of life get started.


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great links Stingray..thanks for your thoughts

(18 Dec '11, 16:49) streetsanto

You're welcome, streetsanto

(19 Dec '11, 00:05) Stingray

@Stingray- Do you think, that before a person physically dies and their body understands it is unable to function, that the consciousness of that person is exited from the body before the physical impact? For example, if one were to jump from an airplane to their death, that before the body hit the floor, their consciousness would prematurely "escape" the body before the pain is impacted? In my belief system, this is so unless their is resistance as you have described.

(01 Oct '17, 21:43) Nikulas

@Nikulas - the consciousness of that person is exited from the body before the physical impact?" - I believe Abraham have previously said something along those lines. Being somewhat un-dead at the moment, I can't speak from personal experience :)

(02 Oct '17, 11:58) Stingray
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  1. And he said, "Whoever discovers the interpretation of these sayings will not taste death."

  2. The disciples said to Jesus, "Tell us, how will our end come?"

Jesus said, "Have you found the beginning, then, that you are looking for the end? You see, the end will be where the beginning is.

Congratulations to the one who stands at the beginning: that one will know the end and will not taste death."

  1. Jesus said, "Often you have desired to hear these sayings that I am speaking to you, and you have no one else from whom to hear them. There will be days when you will seek me and you will not find me."

  2. Jesus said, "Whoever has come to know the world has discovered a carcass, and whoever has discovered a carcass, of that person the world is not worthy."

  3. Jesus said, "Look to the living one as long as you live, otherwise you might die and then try to see the living one, and you will be unable to see."

  4. Jesus said, "Two will recline on a couch; one will die, one will live."

Salome said, "Who are you mister? You have climbed onto my couch and eaten from my table as if you are from someone."

Jesus said to her, "I am the one who comes from what is whole. I was granted from the things of my Father."

"I am your disciple."

"For this reason I say, if one is whole, one will be filled with light, but if one is divided, one will be filled with darkness."

  1. Jesus said, "If you bring forth what is within you, what you have will save you. If you do not have that within you, what you do not have within you [will] kill you."

  2. Jesus said, "When you see your likeness, you are happy. But when you see your images that came into being before you and that neither die nor become visible, how much you will have to bear!"

  3. Jesus said, "How miserable is the body that depends on a body, and how miserable is the soul that depends on these two."

  4. They said to him, "Tell us who you are so that we may believe in you."

He said to them, "You examine the face of heaven and earth, but you have not come to know the one who is in your presence, and you do not know how to examine the present moment."

if you live by _ you will die by__.

experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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Thanks White Tiger.

(17 Dec '11, 20:44) Paulina 1

White Tiger, please quote your sources if you are going to copy and paste material from other websites

(17 Dec '11, 20:53) Barry Allen ♦♦

it is done barry.thanks for telling me i add forgot.

(17 Dec '11, 22:28) white tiger

Thanks White Tiger !

(18 Dec '11, 16:50) streetsanto
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The one whom is advanced enough to consciously die is awake. This is the goal to see that there is no death but of the body we continue on and as we do if we pass over consciously we know we still are. Many die unconsciously because they fear so much they shut themselves down like going into a deep sleep or void until they can eventually be awakened on the other side. This is a step most end up going through a shut down between life awake of the physical and awake of the spiritual side. The goal of the master is to stay awake through the death process as a transition in conscious awareness. He finds for himself in this the body was only a vehicle he had been using.

The Epitaph of Young Benjamin Franklin

                     The body of
                B. Franklin, Printer
           (Like the Cover of an Old Book
                Its Contents torn Out
      And Stript of its Lettering and Gilding)
             Lies Here, Food for Worms.
           But the Work shall not be Lost;
    For it will (as he Believ'd) Appear once More
          In a New and More Elegant Edition
                Revised and Corrected
                   By the Author.

Benjamin Franklin's Final Epitaph

         Benjamin and Deborah Franklin: 1790

answered 17 Dec '11, 16:48

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Wade Casaldi

I like this it tels the truth.

(17 Dec '11, 20:42) Paulina 1

thank you Wade ...

(18 Dec '11, 16:52) streetsanto

Birth is the beginning of physical life and death of the physical body is the birth of a beginning into the spiritual life. We end up where we started at the beginning. It simply means there are only bigennings and no ends for the moment something ends something else is reborn.

We are all human and I don't see the reason why people were suprised by Jerry Hicks death. We all have to die physically sometime. Human bodies are just that bodies and they can't last forever.

Why not rather remember the gift he gave us and let him rest in much deserved peace.

R.I.P. Jerry


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Paulina 1

true words indeed Paulina...

(18 Dec '11, 16:52) streetsanto

our physical health or lack of it,
besides the time of our first breath
is a completion of prior choices we made,
and of the care we took of our physical form.

our surprises come from ignorance
or that of undeveloped consciousness.
our lack of vision of what we are
does have it's cyclic consequences


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thank you Fred...

(18 Dec '11, 16:53) streetsanto

What was disappointed to audience not his death but the way or how he died, for he must die someday.

To me it is not disappointing, scanning many spiritual leaders death, most of them had a dramatically death story when you have a journey of spiritual life, mind and soul experiences the body get weak, I when I force my mind in a spiritual analyze and thinking at the end of the day I feel the desire to just sleep and stop thinking and that is not because the spiritual experiences are harsh to the physical body, it is because of that curious soul that want to undergo through many many spiritual stories at no time, which body can not handle all at once and shout to be slowly on him, I believe the soul is more energetic than the body which are busy in completely materialistic jobs such as digestion, respiration, blood transmitting and so on the fun thing is to have balance between magic soul and normal physical body.

About Jerry he just not any spiritual leader he is teaching the science of being well, strong, energetic, clear of illness, distraction and again it is not astonishment that he died with some disease for me, because you can know many things, you could recognize the whole story but it does not mean you can make it all the time even if you are the teacher, because even the teacher is experiencing and testing, and he can make it here and lose there and only then he can gain the knowledge to spread it.

For him that he died and could not overcome the disease is like that the death is the end but it is not, the body let him down but the spirit is flying and experiencing a lot in some where, and maybe the body did not really let him down maybe his coming experience is his own vibration.

I do believe that death is the next exciting stage when you overcome the past one and he already experienced and gave a lot when he was in a physical body.

So the death has nothing to do with your spiritual attainment, you can die in the car, in the bed, in the prison, whatever that could not cancel what you experienced and what you have done.


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Barry Allen ♦♦

death is the next exciting stage..very very thought provoking ! thanks r0la

(18 Dec '11, 16:55) streetsanto
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