Are psychic gifts and magic intertwined in some way or are they non related?

There are people with special gifts we call psychics. Some really do have those gifts and some really don't.

The real people rarely let anyone really know their powers. I met someone one time as we passed by and I thought he was crazy. So I guess that is why most people don't reveal what they can do to others for fear of being ridicule, scientific exploitation, or be considered working for the devil which could be true or not.

But when we adults don't listen to what these young children may be telling us they see, or hear or know than are we not stunting their spiritual growth at an early age. Just because we can't see it, hear it, know about something does not mean it is not true or real.

I had a friend that told me her child at 3 years old told her an lady was talking to her and she was nice. The mother did not see the lady but when the child described her to her it sounded like her great grand-mother. Then one day she, the mother, picked up the phone and it was an old phone not even connected to a line and someone spoke to her and she threw it down of course. When she picked it back up nothing happen.

I think the child was talking to a ghost but I don't know and after the child turned 5 she has no memory of it only of what they have told her.

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It could be depending on how you want to look at the matter, but in reality they are two separate issues. In fact, all people are born with psychic ability. Furthermore, we all have different strenghts, and weakness, but the magic is some of us knows how to use our psychic ability for good, and in the same token some of us will use our psychic ability for evil. The reason I said that we are all born with psychic ability is the fact, that we only use 10% of our brain capacity on a daily basis, and 90% is left unused. Can you think what we would be able to do, if we could use the full 100% of our brain capacity! That in my mind would be real magic, every thought form will manifest itself, and it will be a case of ask, and it will be given unto you. But the real question is: what would it meant to us, if we could manifest and create our every last wish? Would our lives be better than it is now? Would our word be a better place to live in, if we all had the same special psychic gifts to create magic! You can brainstorm on these ideas for a while, and see what school of thoughts comes to your mind.


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I think because of the great mis-use of power of evil we all have free will to do or not do that might be what happen of long ago the reason God had to destroy the world of long ago. Most people let evil over take them and they were killing or destroy the good people. They were doing all kinds of evil. They had to cloak some of the true knowledge so it would not fall into the wrong hands. people who would take it and use it to destroy mankind instead of build it up with love and care. That is why the God's angels came and destroy two cities and why in the end God destroyed the whole world.

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It would be great that some of these brain storming questions about this you could ASK as an question and get you some reputation points for asking. Like "What would it mean if we could Manifest and create our every wish?" Chaos I think but it would be an good question Elsa have an nice day.

(22 Nov '09, 19:14) flowingwater

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. -- Arthur C. Clarke.

Ask any magician and they'll tell you that it's not magic that they perform, it is a trick; it is the illusion of magic. Then they pull a chandelier out of a walnut, and change an elephant into a tennis racket.

Know and understand the trick, and it's no longer magic.

There may be some people who have what we would call psychic powers, powers which seem magical to us. But if we fully understood what psychics do, it wouldn't seem like magic to us anymore.


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i believe that the energies used in magick and the energies used by psychics is identical


answered 12 Jan '11, 19:01

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