Give a little for a good cause, be it money, energy,time. ... and you will get ten times as much back.Some churches call this tithing ... this certainly does seem to work but can anyone explain how it works ?

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It works because as you give, you create a feeling of surplus within yourself.

At a deeper level, that feeling is interpreted (and "broadcast" universally) as "I have more than I need" and hence the Universe responds with giving you even more...just the Law of Attraction doing what it does.

I think the 10 times thing is just a convenient number to pass around. There are mystical aspects to that number so perhaps a bit of that has been mixed in as well.

If you try tithing with a deliberate feeling of prosperity, it will be even more effective.

If you tithe from a feeling of scarcity, it will be less effective (perhaps even not effective at all) though the fact that you are still giving away something important to you can still kick off the "I have more than I need" feeling to some extent.

You don't need to give to a "good cause" to make this work, you just give for the feeling of abundant giving. So Abraham recommend, for example, tithing to your clothing account :)


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Tried to quote Luke 21 regarding the poor woman giving all of her coins and Jesus saying she had given more than the rich giving small bits of their wealth, but the formatting mechanics on this site are quite confusing. But anyway, an excellent response, and an important point: Our donations do not always need to be to a worthy cause, but it is definitely one should consider doing when they see another they feel is in need.

(24 Dec '11, 13:09) Snow

The bagua is a useful tool for showing how subtle energies circulate and manifest themselves in the universe.

At the cosmic origin of the hexagrams is the tai-ki, a circle of which the surface is split in two by an S shape line.We name it the yin yang and it is the figuration of the male (white) and female (black) principles. These forces represented by the trigrams are essentially living and spiritualized forces, the material energies are just aspects of them.

So let's keep in mind that the trigrams represent the principles and manifestations of life and thought ... manifested universe can be presented to us by full lines (yang) and broken lines (yin) and only have a relative sense in the material world.

The original idea is represented by the tai-ki and forms one of the five forces through which all physical phenomena are manifested, these five forces are symbolized by fire, water, wood, metal and earth.

This central idea is the driving force and manifests itself through the other remaining four forces forming eight directional forces and nine in all, known as the Nine Ki.These eight directions are shown as trigrams represented by full and broken lines.

The following diagram shows how the eight forces expand to form eight individual circles,

themselves forming a large concentric virtual circle, that is, the tenth force, and this tenth circle resonates in perfect harmony with the original central tai ki idea, giving birth to the phenomenon of tenfold return.

The whole mechanism resonates on a ten fold circular system and clearly shows that what we think determines the direction that we take and that these thoughts are magnified ... more attracts more and less attracts less ... we create our own lives through our own thoughts.


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For the "short" version, read only the bolded / backgrounded areas. The rest is personal stories for relatability.


Every action has a reaction, this much is true.

Great minds in the past have said "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction", but this is a lie. The reaction depends on the input, and can be shifted and molded.

Every "good" or "giving" act you commit creates ripples, and depending on the intention you have when you start this act you may just cause more ripples, and more, and so on.

Every "evil" or "selfish" act you commit also creates ripples, and depending on the methods you use you may cause more ripples, and more, and so on.

This is the true nature of Karma. Karma is not a "Law", it is not a "Rule", it is not an "Absolute". Karma is an infinite series of balancing mechanisms that work together to shape reality.

Since I love the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, a relevant quote therefrom explaining this thought: "...the code is more what you'd call "guidelines" than actual rules."

Karma, in its truest definition, which would be closer to the "Law of Three-fold return", but that is also untrue, is "God". "God" is "Karma". If you do good things, Karma, or God, will return this favor to you. It may not be immediate, and it may not be what you expect, but the ripples that you start will always find their way back to you.

And so, be careful what seeds you sow, because something will always grow, it just may not be what you expect.

Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

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"Be careful what you want in case you might get it" ... that was one of the favorite sayings that my dad would say jokingly ... :)

(24 Dec '11, 12:18) blubird two

Not sure about the reply Geo, i'll think about it

(24 Dec '11, 12:20) blubird two

Well, it is one of my favorite sayings that I would say seriously.. :) I mean it exactly as I say it, as it refers to spirituality, life, and the LOA itself. One must be careful when tempting fate, because if we aren't VERY careful about what we ask for we might get it in a form we do not enjoy. For example, I may "wish" or "pray" for eternal life, but spend eternity as a decrepit old man. I may "wish" for eternal youth, but spend eternity as an infant. Do you see the meaning behind that quote?

(24 Dec '11, 12:47) Snow

More importantly, we must be careful WHY we are asking for what we are asking for. If we are spending more time worrying about ourselves than the time we spend worrying about others, we will forget that anyone else even exists and live a selfish and self serving life of loneliness and despair. If we spend too much time worrying about others then we spend our life slaves to the wills of those who would act selfishly. And so, we must focus equally on ourselves and those around us, treating others as we would want to be treated. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

(24 Dec '11, 12:49) Snow
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We need to think of this like a Boomerang thrown. The harder you throw it the harder it returns back to you. It goes out into the grid of existence like if we could throw a Boomerang around the Sun and gets launched back towards us with our force plus extra force thrown back to us. It gains a momentum on its way back.

Here is another way to look at it, you are in the ocean water. You are only exerting the force of your body on the water hence displacing the amount of water that your body now occupies. But if we look at it from the ocean millions of gallons of water have actually been displaced from your body. You have affected the entire ocean causing an effect of displacement of the entire ocean for your swim. So your pushing down is tinny but the ocean pushing back is huge!

We believe we have a small impact but really we affect the entire grid of existence and this has to settle back into equilibrium.

In conclusion every push to the grid we do will result in the grid pushing back.


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what happens if we exchange the Frisbee for a boomerang ?

(05 Jan '12, 04:59) blubird two

LOL you got me there, yes Boomerang even better! :-)

(05 Jan '12, 11:57) Wade Casaldi
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