Or is there just one vortex that we are all apart of? Everyones desires are all together, conpared to each having own individual vortex with own unique desires?

Is source and vortex the same thing, just another way of putting it?

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In the sense that I think you mean it, your Vortex is unique to you...kind of :)

For example, if you launch a desire for something in your life, that desire is already manifested (vibrationally) for you and waiting in your Vortex for you to align with. See What should we imagine, visualize or believe?

No-one can ever come along and "steal" the manifestation of your desire from your Vortex because it's yours...forever.


Now that the potential exists for the manifestation of your desire (because you have launched the desire), you have now made it more likely that others can perceive it also and share in the fruits of your desire's potential by manifesting it into their own physical realities.

See the examples of how different people had the same ideas at nearly the same time in the question: Are Copyright Laws and Patent Laws inconsistent with the way the universe works?

In that sense, you could say that our desires are influencing each other, or that we are sharing some element of them between us. I guess you could call it a kind of "collective vortex".

To take another example, let's say some activist is lobbying for some change. In doing this, they are effectively performing "Step 1" launching of desires (as explained in What should we imagine, visualize or believe?) into that "collective vortex". But they themselves might be so locked into "Step 1" that they never personally see the manifestation of what they are lobbying for.

However another person can come along and sense that unmanifested potential, tap into it, and reap the results of it in their own life...effectively having allowed it to manifest for themselves in a "Step 3" way. All they would have had to have done was align with that unmanifested potential.

This is why Abraham are constantly saying that "we are all in this together" when referring to those beings who are in a state of asking and those beings who are in a state of allowing. You need both sides of the equation...asking and allowing.

Groups of beings (like humans experiencing limitation on Earth) can launch desires (i.e. create potential manifestations) which other beings elsewhere on Earth, perhaps even elsewhere in the universe, perhaps even yourself in other simultaneous lifetimes, can reap the results of.

You see this happening regularly on IQ also. Someone often unknowingly asks a question (or even produces an answer) on behalf of another person who is too much in "Step 1" to be able to formulate it clearly enough. It's after the "Step 1" person sees the question (or answer) that they realize that's what they wanted to know but were unable to articulate it.

The other person who asked the question (or produced the answer) had tapped into that collective potential and found themselves enough in a "Step 3" (allowing) frame of mind to manifest the outcome.

Of course, it is also often the case that the original "Step 1" person is still so out of alignment with their launched desire that they don't even realize this has happened. And it might not be until week/months/years later when they are feeling better (more "allowing") that they see the questions/answers on IQ that were right there all along ready to help them but which they were not a match to seeing previously.

As for what the Vortex actually is, there are some perspectives in Can you explain the Vortex without using the word "Vortex" in one short paragraph?

My own view is (quoting myself from that question) that the Vortex is...

...Abraham's analogy for a state of alignment between your Physical Self and your Higher Self. You can identify when you are in this state because you feel joyful, excited, passionate, thrilled etc.

This is how your Higher Self "feels" and when it flows through you, you feel it physically. In short, you feel a sensation of "fullness".

Contrast that with a sensation of "emptiness" you feel when you are depressed, angry, guilty etc...that is the exact opposite state because your Higher Self is not aligned with (or flowing through) your physical self in that moment.


answered 28 Aug '12, 13:20

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There's just one. Seen through limitless number of perspectives, appearing as if there were many. :)


answered 27 Aug '12, 08:50

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