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I now sincerely believe and see why feeling good is the single most important thing you can do for yourself and for those around you. 

Fair enough you get knocked out of your vortex for a reason, youve expanded but is there any point hanging around.surely the best thing to do is realign ASAP;).Instead of wasting time wondering whats gone wrong in our life or why this and that hasn't manifested or this isn't working all we need to do is get back in the vortex.

The problem is once im out of the vortex realigning is usually the last thing i think of doing.i tend to look at everything else as a reason only the most are stupid when not in the vortex


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The quick answer is, Smile, Breathe, and Tell Yourself Everything is Gonna Be O.K.

Reminding yourself is to know that this is supposed to be fun.

Then you must evaluate your life and figure out your most perfect day.

Start with your typical 24 hours. Figure out those things that take you out of the vortex and reduce those. Then take the elements in your perfect day and add more of that. Pretty soon you will be having spectacular days that spill over into wonderful weeks creating more fantastic months leading to phenomenal years.

When you know you have to do something you don't like, Smile, Breathe, and tell yourself everything is gonna be O.K.



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I love your answer Brian,thanks:)

(29 Dec '11, 13:36) Satori

Hmm.. an interesting question.

I would start by analyzing your priorities. Think to yourself, what is most important to me in life?

The answer to these first few things should always be the same.

If you are alone? Whatever makes you happy! Whatever floats your boat, whatever puts wind in your sail, anything that your heart desires.

In the case of two people; yourself, and someone who is trying to harm you without visible justification: Self Preservation.

In the case of three people; yourself, a loved one, and someone who is trying to harm your loved one without visible justification: DEFENDING Your loved one becomes more important than self preservation. This does not mean ATTACKING the "Other", it means protecting the one you love with every weapon in your arsenel, up to and including your very life, up until the point the "opponent" is no longer a threat to either of you. When someone is no longer a threat depends on the situation, but there is no point in time where you should be beating someone to death who is INCAPABLE of defending themselves any longer.

In the case of any more than 3 people, it is up to your discernment and judgement of the situation. If you see someone who is 'weaker' being BULLIED, you intervene on behalf of the weaker party. If you see someone who is "stronger" but being ASSAULTED (and is only attempting to defend themself, not hurt the others) by multiple "weaker" foes, you intervene on behalf of the the "out numbered" party. Etc etc.

Logic, common sense, reason, all of these are what should be responsible for the prioritization of your actions.

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get over duality in out left right up down dark light etc. it does not serve you. experience and enjoy.


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Well, this question reminds me of a local market woman, she runs a family business specialist in commercializing bananas, she's the third generation and a real expert ... starting "from cold" in the morning to bring-in clients she puts on a smile walks around her stall and says in a loud voice, "what a beautiful day" and other such positive phrases to people walking past ... needless to say there are always plenty of customers at her stall.

have a great day !


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