It took me reading several posts and watching videos of Abraham to find out what the vortex is. It would have been more illuminating if people just called it a place of peace or a state of happiness.

I understand those words. When people make up new words for things, it makes it seem more New Agie and therefore people put up a resistance to it.

Also, if we have to go digging for the meaning, it takes away from the rest of the words being said about how to get there if you don't know what "there" is. Thanks

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Vortex is a process much like flow is a process and much like eft is a process.You could say prayer or meditation is a process.The image of a vortex and the concept is easy for the indoctrinated to understand.I had already read and watched a few A-H books and videos before ;The Vortex, Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships. ,was released so I had a pretty good idea about the concept would be about.I think the aim of that book was towards a public that might have read previous book and or videos.
It's a funny thing about us how things must fit our idea of what is right and not be "lala fluffiness".If the image isn't just right then a lot of people have a hard time opening up to the ideas being expressed. You even see that here at IQ. So relax Juni take your time ,open your mind. Don't let the ego say this is not ..... look at the "lala fluffiness" find the truth feel the truth.and don't worry about what the others thing because it is your perception that counts


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If the word vortex doesn't work for you, just substitute it for one that does. The word or label is not really important , but rather the message contained in the teaching. Use what works best for you :)


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I would think its good to shake things up a bit. Sure the old timers will be stuck with many biblical phrases and words,but a lot of these arnt relevant any more and frankly might not be accurate descriptions of what the old words actually meant at the time of their writing.

The older words while resonating with me and my age group may well put off the younger reader.

I like what Latka put above.

If the meaning sinks in then what the hell.


ps I do actually like a lot of the biblical phrases i must admit!


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Actually, I had no name for that feeling or a way to describe it. But since I've found the name on this site I realized it perfectly describes it.

thank you, namaste


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It is our job to create, and to keep on creating, that includes new words such as the Vortex etc. Actually, I like the word Vortex, it resonates well with me, and there is a certain magic, and power to this word that makes me feel attracted to it!


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"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" ... quotation from the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare (1564-1616) ... in other words however we name things they always produce the same effect ... have a great day


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a re-suited theory of what has been presented
before in the human history of philosophy,
psychology and spiritual leaders.
perceived after reading the actions and reactions


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