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Do couples create and enjoy one shared, collective Vortex?

How about friends, lovers, authors, filmakers, teachers, families?

How about all of us here on IQ? Is there a Collective IQ Vortex?

If so, does it follow that when the participants no longer get into their shared Vortex together, the relationship ends?

Then what brings you back together, again and again? Is it inspired by a shared, collective Vortex, or co-dependancy? ... Is there a difference?

EDIT 07/23/12

Thank you for your answers so far guys, you've got me thinking further about this.

I'm am also thinking out loud (and thoroughly enjoying it btw :) ) about just what a Vortex is. What is put in, what is held within (and growing or evolving, if i remember rightly?), and what we get from it (what we align with and so see in the form of manifestation). Isn't a Vortex a natural occurrence, created by the energy and the nature of desires themselves? So wouldn't that mean we as a group create this group Vortex simply by being?

In any grouping of humans, but using IQ as a handy example, what would that look like?

We identify something we don't want. Say... ignorance, or just a gnawing hunger for answers, or even something as simple as boredom or loneliness, needing to belong to like-minded humans - we are humans after all... and we launch a desire for the opposite, automatically.

The universe immediately responds by creating what is desired. It is in the Vortex. Who's Vortex? Each of ours? Or as we are one, in our one? Or both? Or is there really only one, giant Vortex?

If we as a group align ourselves with that vibration, we participate in the group's manifestations; the learning and expansion, solutions, friendships and fun.

Some don't; individually, they judge, dismiss, resist, ignore, so they do not participate in the group's manifestation.

If desires are launched as a group, can they only be manifested as a group? I see and experience individual growth here on a regular basis - sudden ah ha! moments, steady, purposeful progress, the honing and clarifying of ideas, but what I wonder is, if these would manifest without that launched desire of the group? If you launched the same desire individually, did it bring

If you are a part of a group and don't align with the group's desires, you don't reap the benefits either, but you could do that anywhere at all. Could you only enjoy the manifestation of a group's desire within the group? Does that mean, drawing from the group's Vortex?

Also, if desires grow and evolve inside a Vortex, isn't the desire itself aligning all the time with the group, not with any one individual?

If all the above were true, and a definition of a Vortex, IQ itself is a Vortex. :)

What do you think?

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When you want to be in a group of people, regardless of whether it is collective Vortex or co-dependency, you want it in both cases. But you want each of them out of different reasons. You want to be in a collective vortex group out of joy, and in a co-dependency group out of fear. You might somewhat enjoy being co-dependent but only because your fear of not being co-dependent is bigger and keeps you there.

(21 Jul '12, 04:36) CalonLan

@Grace - more and more interesting. I wonder how The Grid fits in to all this or is that the same as the collective vortex. I know NDW in Conversations with God talks about the criss crossing of thought energy between people and that matter can be created from these thoughts. I wonder if that is a collective vortex?

(23 Jul '12, 13:22) Catherine
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Human consciousness congregating within a group definitely forms a group "personality" at least.

This is an old mystical idea, of which the most elegant-sounding name for it I've come across is Egregore.

Mundane Astrology also deals with the same concepts from a cyclic point of view and maps those group metaphysical cycles, and I've previously written about IQ's own group cycles in Why is Christmas so popular?

Group personalities are fascinating to observe or, at least, I find them fascinating :)

On IQ, if you ignore who is posting what (because different participants are just different expressions of the personality) and just observe the general "mood" of the consciousness here, you can see it go through happy times, sad times, angry times, thoughtful times etc on different days.

You can see certain kinds of questions attract the interest of the group personality at certain times but are completely ignored at other times when the group personality isn't in the mood for them.

You can even see when certain individuals try to defy the group personality and try to impose their own individual selves upon it and force it into a certain direction - rather than harmonizing with the flow of it - and the resultant kickback from that group personality as it reasserts itself :)

Also the "wisdom" of the group speaks through different people at different times so, when observing the group personality in that sense, it is more important to understand what is being said rather than who is saying it.

Now with that brief background, the question now is does a group personality also have its own Vortex? - as Abraham terms it.

Certainly every human consciousness that participates within the group has their own Vortex - that broader aspect of themselves that aligns immediately with their new desires and then provides constant emotional feedback to the physical self regarding its vibrational alignment with that new expanded broader self. The process is explained in What should we imagine, visualize or believe?

The question then becomes whether those individual Vortexes form a "Collective Vortex" i.e. does the group personality have a similar broader aspect to it which acts in a similar fashion?

One clue might come from what Abraham has said in the past about Collective Inner Beings.

That recording does indeed seem to hint that the "best" of each person does indeed contribute to some kind of Collective Vortex. (They called the Vortex a "vibrational escrow" in those days)

If that is true then applying these ideas to IQ, it should be possible to observe (and, for the participants, to feel) when the group personality is in its Collective Vortex and when it is out of its Collective Vortex i.e. expanded beyond where it is currently focused.

I don't know. I'm still pondering these ideas myself but the information here should at least lay some foundation to start looking at IQ (or any other group) using the idea of "group personality" and seeing whether you can sense "group desires" being launched and the "group personality" coming into alignment (or not) with those desires i.e. whether it is aligned with its own Collective Vortex or not.

I might edit this answer in future if I come across more definitive information from Abraham, or if I get some further insights of my own.


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@Stingray, I think also Bashar mentioned something like a group personality, but I don't remember the reference to video in which it was unfortunately. Anyway, it is my belief, that if A and B interact, they create C, which is as you say - a group personality. Which would not exists if there were not group formed. So while A and B has their own Vortex, it should be possible to create 'unified' Vortex of those two which will become C and both A and B might find higher satisfaction and more...

(21 Jul '12, 04:49) CalonLan

...happiness in C then they would ever be able to find in their own Vortexes. You can see it in sports, when e.g. in soccer, 11 parts of the team become one through interaction with each other, they may create collective vortex of the one (whole team) which is unaccessible individually as it composes of more than 1 personality contribution. I find this fascinating in a way as well, because individual vortex is directly related to one person, whereas a group vortex is something you can see only..

(21 Jul '12, 04:54) CalonLan

@Stingray, I would imagine a 'group personality' is very different than a 'collective Vortex' specifically. I would say, some real life occurrences like say a riot is a 'herd mentality' and takes form of a 'group personality' but not all rioters are in the same 'Vortex'. Similarly, a group trance (Osho was a big proponent of this) is 'more of a positive' (as compared to riots) group personality, but the individuals in the trance experience would not be considered being in same Vortex...

(21 Jul '12, 05:00) Xoomaville

...when people get together. And I know from a personal experience many years ago, that a collective vortex might get so powerful, it can define and change lives of members of the group in a great way. It can, not necessarily always will be, more powerful than any individual vortex. I mean, it has potential to be. Just as one bird can fly a certain distance by himself, he could never go as far as he can when in a group.

(21 Jul '12, 05:02) CalonLan

@Stingray...also, from a very higher, broader point of view...everything is 'collective'. For example, say the 'humanity' is in general in the Vortex of despair and fright, but as we know not every single being is feeling 'despair and fright'..I dunno if this makes sense at all:))

(21 Jul '12, 05:04) Xoomaville

@Xoomaville, you can have a soccer team of 11 players. The team will have group personality always, regardless of Vortex of each individual player. But there is a significant difference between, "a group of 11 people" playing soccer and "a team". The group of 11 is 11 different Vortexes, the team is 1 vortex. When all the parts of the one become one they share the vortex of one (the team). With every group of people comes possibility of creating vortex which is unique only to the group...

(21 Jul '12, 05:11) CalonLan it could not exist on its own within individual players in its whole. And it's when each member of that group 'gives up' their own vortex for vortex of the group, when parts of one become one. And they move as one, think as one, enter vortex as one. But it's only when you allow possibility of this concept that this concept of unified and unique vortex can exist. ;-)

And from personal experience I know, it's very powerful. If you let it.

(21 Jul '12, 05:14) CalonLan

@Simon Templeton- After reading this answer, I have an idea; but is only that- an idea. Perhaps there should be some guidelines (not rules) that one should only post questions and answers when in the vortex? Or perhaps, one should also include, especially in their questions, at what sort of emotional state the person was in when the question was asked.....

(27 Jul '12, 10:47) Nikulas

@Nikulas, your suggestion should be put forward on the Inward Quest support site, IQ Meta, rather than here. IQ Meta :

(29 Jul '12, 01:47) Barry Allen ♦♦
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@Grace, I don't think there is any such thing as a collective Vortex or a shared Vortex.

I am admittedly limited in my understanding of how the Vortex works, but I will say that climbimg up the vibrational EGS is a very individual journey. There are number of ways couples/people in general can get in the Vortex at the same time, through the same source or inspiration, but how long each one stays in it is dependent on their individual belief systems.

Also, couple, friends and others may enable each other to get into the Vortex but it'll be into their own individual Vortex. In my Yoga class, we do meditation at the end of each session and all though we are sitting together in one place, each one is experiencing their own meditation. Another example would be a say a Bashar/Abraham workshop of 'getting into the Vortex'

It has always amazed me that in a movie theater everyone in the audience regardless of their culture, race, economic background and what not, laugh at the same joke or a funny scene, while individually they may have very different sense of humor. So a movie/ video can enable collective group of people to feel good but it is still in their individual capacities. Individually they might be on a different Emotional Guidance Scale, but each can get into it at the level where they left it at.

Also, energy of someone feeling good can also rub off on others and thus enable them to get into their own Vortex but it'll not be a collective Vortex, I think:)

So, it is actually beneficial that there is no such thing as a collective Vortex. If there was such a thing and you were in it, there is an equal chance of you going UP the EGS vibrationally as there is of you getting dragged DOWN depending on which direction the 'collective' vibration is headed.

Not sure if this clarifies anything, but there's my 3 cents (everyone adds 2 so I decided to add 3:))


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@Xoomaville, thank you for your 3 cents. :)

(26 Jul '12, 19:56) Grace

In reply to the updated version.

Definition of Vortex

any activity, situation, or way of life regarded as irresistibly engulfing


So wouldn't that mean we as a group create this group Vortex simply by being?

Nope. Simply being does not necessarily create a powerfully attractive irresistible force. Which thus means, that IQ community doesn't have Vortex of its own. But it sure has group personality (you certainly don't see people who talk about beer, girls and cars only around here.) Each of us has his/her own vortex on IQ, we may reach it through asking/replying/reading specific questions which are of our interest, while avoiding those that don't resonate within us. IQ just provides opportunity and options to discuss whatever interests you. But it does not have a one unified Vortex of its own.

The universe immediately responds by creating what is desired. It is in the Vortex. Who's Vortex? Each of ours? Or as we are one, in our one? Or both? Or is there really only one, giant Vortex?

Everyone has a Vortex of his/her own. But as I said earlier in comments to Stingray's post, it is possible for two individuals or more to create their own vortex which exists only in synchronicity and cooperation of that group of people, but couldn't exists without it. It is when a desire for something impossible to achieve by yourself, is launched from every single participant of that group that unified Vortex is created. So in other words 'unified desire' would translate as a 'collective Vortex'. And when you re-prioritize your desires, say it's no longer of number one importance to have good grades at school, but your number one priority becomes winning high-school football championship. When a group of people create a collective Vortex and nourish it, takes care of it. It can become so powerful, you'll become addicted to it. Happiness while being within that group, will be way stronger than any kind of happiness while not being in it.

It might also be dangerous in a way, because it can create elements of Vortex which you would not know otherwise, were you to reach your individual Vortex. For example - team play. Anyone who ever had an opportunity to experience real, honest, unified team play would agree. It's an amazing experience. It's almost addictive.

Some don't; individually, they judge, dismiss, resist, ignore, so they do not participate in the group's manifestation.

Values and priorities. People won't give them up easily, unless more appealing values and priorities are offered. Therefore you cannot expect someone who wants to manifest a car so he save time traveling to give this up and tune into manifesting stopping Japanese fishermen from hunting whales. Obviously that manifestation would not appeal to him as he's not concerned about underwater life more than he's concerned about having more time to do what he wants to do. Now if you somehow managed to persuade him that in fact saving whales would provide him with more time. Then there's a very high probability he'd give up manifesting car for manifesting saving whales.

You can't hold it against people that they don't want to share a certain interest. Then you'd be judging them for judging the world through their own perspective. And we'd be trapped within never ending circle of judgement.

If you are a part of a group and don't align with the group's desires, you don't reap the benefits either, but you could do that anywhere at all. Could you only enjoy the manifestation of a group's desire within the group?

If you are a member on football team, and don't align with the teams desire to win the championship, chances are the team won't win it, in other words they will lose it to the team whose members would all be as one and all lived for their team's desire. So there would be no benefits to reap. Because in environment full of scattered desires, there's no unified desire, thus no collective vortex.

Now it may seem that you could enjoy manifestation of the team winning the championship also as an observer or a fan of that team, but when you live for the same desire as a fan, you thus enlarge (virtually) the 'team' that wants to manifest the same thing.

If all the above were true, and a definition of a Vortex, IQ itself is a Vortex. :)*

IQ sure might be Vortex for someone. But its their own fulfilled desire they find in here that makes it so. IQ community does not have desire of its own. Any manifestation experiment suggestions come from a individual desires and they get picked up by some, left by others, depending on how they appeal to every single individual. It would have to be a desire or purpose, which would benefit everyone involved and each of participants would feel and understand a great impact on their lives by desiring the same thing. (actually a greater impact than from desiring whatever they would want to manifest otherwise) E.g. if an evil alien race were to destroy our planet and everyone was fully aware it's either do or die situation, then everyone's desire would be the same. To defeat evil aliens, which would come off the desire to survive. (Although I'm sure we would find some people who would be 'whatever' and 'I won't kill aliens, it's a living form, and if they kill me, I'll go back to the source' irrational kind of thinking.)


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Thank you, @CalonLan - I don't know how I missed this til now!

(27 Jul '12, 17:44) Grace
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