How do paraliminals work?

Have you managed to improve yourself or aspects of your life in any way through listening to paraliminals?

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Pink Diamond

Paraliminals are a type of self-hypnosis recording, from Paul R Scheele's Learning Strategies Corporation, dealing with topics as diverse as giving up smoking to improving your time management.

When you listen to them, you hear different stories (and sometimes different voices) in each ear - ideally, you should use headphones to listen to them.

One ear (usually) hears a track involving a symbolic story and the other hears a track (usually) with more affirmation-ish type sentences. I think one track is intended for the logical "left" brain and the other track for the creative, intuitive "right" brain.

The idea is that it is impossible to pay attention to both tracks simultaneously so your mind gives up trying after a while and it kind of overloads your mind into accepting the phrases that are being spoken. It's a kind of positive brainwashing.

Most of the time you just end up ignoring both tracks and just enjoy the feeling of hearing snippets of positiveness in each ear.

I've been using Paraliminals on and off for more than 10 years. From about the mid-80s to the mid-90s, I had bought and tried virtually every self-hypnosis/subliminal recording available and it was not until I came across Paraliminals that I found something that was really effective.

I probably have them all - there was a special offer a few years ago for buying the whole lot in one go when they were finally released on CD - but there are only one or two that I listen to again and again. Some of them just don't resonate with me even if I am particularly interested in that topic, and a few of the more recent ones have people other than Paul Scheele on them and some of their voices just don't work for me.

My personal favorite Paraliminal is the first side of the time management one (Get Around To It). If I listen to that in bed in the morning (on a day that I am working for myself), I find that I am hugely more productive that day.

To sum up, I think they are the best and most effective self-hypnosis recordings currently available.


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@Stingray, thanks for sharing about Paraliminals. I tried subliminals and self hypnosis, and that didn't work. I would be so willing to give 20 min a to get rid of old behavior or ideas. I hope the ones I want resonate with me. Maybe they have a money back guarantee. Please comment.

(28 Jan '12, 12:45) Tom

@Tom - I tried subliminals and self-hypnosis recordings also, for years. As I mentioned in my answer, Paraliminals are pretty much the only type of "hypnosis"-style recording that I've ever found effective, and I continue to find them effective when I feel inspired to use them. I probably have all of them (except for the recent releases) but I only use a few and only occasionally. Will it work for everyone? I can't possibly say, I can only speak for me. Money-back guarantee? Sorry, don't know.

(28 Jan '12, 18:48) Stingray

@Tom - Actually, regarding money-back guarantee - just noticed this page on the website:

(28 Jan '12, 18:51) Stingray

@Stingray, thanks for all the info and honesty. I am working with my first program from them now. I like it to!

(28 Jan '12, 22:54) Tom

@Tom - Good for you. I'm glad to help :)

(29 Jan '12, 01:21) Stingray

Hi Stingray - I'm new to this site and had never heard of paraliminals but am quite keen to give them a try - hence digging up this old question. The company you mention above does one of the Law of Attraction - is it worth the money in your opinion?

(06 Jun '12, 05:06) English Rose

@english rose-there is a paraliminal available free via this link to give you an idea what they are like:)

(06 Jun '12, 07:29) Satori

@English Rose - I've not tried the one regarding the Law of Attraction so can't really comment with any authority on it. It seems to be one of the newer ones where Paul Scheele has guest speakers joining him in the affirmations. For me personally, I find it a bit distracting when there are different voices but that might be because I've listened for years on-and-off (mostly to just one or two recordings at most) with just him.

(07 Jun '12, 04:50) Stingray

I couldn't wait to get started so purchased the MP3 downloads of Law of Attraction and Get around to it yesterday - I wish I had waited as the difference in terms of the feel of them is quite marked. The LOA one is good (and to be honest I would have been really happy with it if I had no other experience) but the other one with just Paul Scheele resonates on a deeper level - there is something about Paul Scheele's voice that penetrates more deeply. Thanks very much for answering.

(07 Jun '12, 05:10) English Rose

@Stingray- I've noticed you've said, elsewhere, that you credit a money subliminal for helping you break through limitations around money. I'm only asking because this was posted in 2009: would you still advise it?

(15 Dec '12, 06:30) Nikulas

@Nikulas - Yes, I still like (and occasionally use) Paraliminals as a Distraction Method because they are so easy to use. Do you have a link to where I spoke about the money subliminal?...I don't remember using any money subliminals for myself.

(17 Dec '12, 14:53) Stingray

@ stingray ... GENUINENESS, but then again we have come to expect nothing BUT this, LOVE....

(17 Dec '12, 16:42) TReb Bor yit-NE
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I have many from Learning Strategies, and feel they are a big help to me. I do fall asleep at times, but they seem to help me anyway. I wake refreshed and feeling more positive. I don't worry as much, and have felt more creative, had more good ideas for my website and etc. I would recommend them highly. I don't understand how they work, but maybe someone else can fill us in on that!


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LeeAnn 1

perhaps it works on the same principals as binaural sounds , an induced brainwave frequence .


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blubird two

Right on, to me Paul Scheele's Paraliminals are THE most effective self-hypnosis recordings, as you are more guaranteed to be hypnotized by the overloading of the mind it induces, than by just using progressive relaxation (which is what all other recordings available do, expect maybe for Dick Sutphen's). Especially if you are an analytical mind, this is what you want.

One of my favorite is the 10-Minute Supercharger.


answered 23 Feb '13, 15:24

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Go to learning strategies, their great. Must have headphones to listen. I have about 5 or 6. Follow all the directions.


answered 07 Jun '12, 15:42

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I clicked the link Stingray shared (and several more of you endorsed) for the Paraliminal CDs from Learning Strategies and ordered the "Happy for no Reason". I'll report back in the coming weeks about how it's playing out for me.



answered 23 Jan '20, 11:40

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