This is more of a request for insight into your own experiences.

Speaking from my own experience, It may appear that these ideas and answers are readily emerging within our minds now, giving a mis-guided illusion that we all all rapidly awakening to this new reality.

So let me destroy that myth, at least from my own experience. I remember taking inner journeys of inner attention, (A self absorbing type of daydreaming), from a very young age as i'm sure all children do. We have all done this. but we forget it as we grow up.

This inner search really took off at about age 15 for me & now I'm in my 40's. The questions I'm asking right now from all of you represents an inner constant curiosity spanning over 30 or so years. Most of that time it's been like being stuck in spiritual molases.

Only when I relinquish my desire to know the answer to a particular search in frustration does the answer effortlessly shows up, often as a life lesson.

So there is no quick way to get anywhere with this stuff. Besides. where is that destination? I certainly don't know where I am supposed to be going with this stuff.

I know it is easy to intelectually formulate an answer that sounds deep & confident in it's sureness. But how do I really KNOW that this is so?.

That's why I think real experience must also accompany this search, not just book knowledge. And that type of awakening is very Sloooooooow & takes years. But when you stumble on something that is combined with real experience & an inner coresponding knowingness, you are very confident in the knowing of that concept, because you have figured out a way to test the truth within it in your own way.

So What is your experience? Please share what you belive may be helpful for the rest especially, the "How to know if this is correct" part?

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The Traveller

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Thanks for the great question. I think it is a great one for us all to ponder on for a while and then share.

(27 Nov '09, 14:18) Michaela

Part of the reason that spiritual progression appears slow is that we are all mired in this "molasses" of modern life. It's not just that we are all too preoccupied with busy things either, although that's a large part of it.

Many of the concepts that are discussed here are counterintuitive to the people we share this life with, especially the law of attraction. Taken to it's logical conclusion, the law of attraction says there is no morality, no good or bad, no evil, only those things we attract to ourselves. We are responsible for our own feelings, and no one else's. We are responsible for what happens to us, and no one else.

This does not sit well with those who are firmly grounded in the rules and culture of our modern society. These are people who believe that you have to work for a living, and that there is such a thing as "keeping score." We are all taught that we go to school, get a good job, work hard and everything will work out well for us.

But that is the way of security, not adventure. And it's a false security at that. Those who have the most financial security are those who took a risk, perhaps by starting a new business or investing.

In time, perhaps enough people will begin to follow these principles that they will become more mainstream. When this happens, I believe that the process of spiritual growth will accelerate for everyone, because there will be less "swimming against the current" with respect to the people with which we must interact.

I have given some thought to the notion of being "sure" about each step of your growth, and I guess it comes down to how fast you want to go. Certainly I believe that what you say about deliberate knowledge has a lot of merit, as this is the way we develop the certainty and sure-footing that allows us to become a "wizard" of our own world.

For some of us, that path will be more rapid and, perhaps, more volatile. Some people like this; they call it adventurous. It doesn't necessarily have to take years. Sometimes it takes a long time just because we hold on to some of our worldly conceits. What have you got to gain by holding on to those? You won't get to take them with you when you die.


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I've come to realize that attempting to make something happen or grow or develop faster is unnecessary, Universal Forces are in place for that. We only need to know what we want and allow it to happen. ALLOW = absence of doubt.


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I found your questions really interesting. I have no answers for many of them, but in a way that is my point. We can't be totally sure about the correctness of much in this life. It seems to be the nature of things. It's hard to know anything is for sure correct, right, true, truthful. Sometimes there is more than one truth, and different truths for different people. Just seems to be the nature of this existence. That's why it's good to be open minded and just let the uncertainty be OK. The only way to feel peace at times is to allow the flow of things without resistance and let the universe show you what it will, without any struggle to know for sure, to be right, and etc.


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LeeAnn 1

You are so right LeeAnn sometimes there are different truths for different people in different ways which might lead to happiness on the earthly plane and forfillment on a spiritual plane of oneness with God. We want ever learn it all or know it all in this earthly body on our spiritual journey of life and we change ongoingly through out life maturing and learning each step of the way supposely. That is why we must get to know our selves, loves our selves, respect our selves before we can branch out and love others the way they should be loved. Keeping a openess to learn and a oneness w/God.

(31 Jan '10, 10:48) flowingwater

Regarding the "How to know if this is correct" part I'd have to say the only way I determine if something is correct is in how I feel. If it doesn't feel good, then something is out of alignment and it can't possibly be right ( for me that is ).

I've been totally unconscious for most of my adult life and have only begun to awaken within the last two years, and I would have to say that the greatest realization and also the greatest source of freedom for me on this spiritual journey is knowing that everyone is right ( within their own world ) and that's okay. As an adult who has lived with anxiety for most of my life to the point of extreme panic attacks at one stage, feeling like an automatic response mechanism when my perception of my world was threatened, I can only say this spiritual journey is now taking me to a place where I know I have the choice in every given moment how to react to any situation. I have had challenges thrown at me within the last 18 months that only a few years ago I would have shrivelled in front of. However now, although there is still some resistance there, I am able to face the challenges and the bigger part of me knows I am growing from them: they are just lessons I didn't get the first time round.

Each one of us is here to grow and expand in different areas and we are all at different stages on our journey, so someone else's perception may be different from mine and correct in their world, and that is totally fine because that is where they are at on their journey. The other wonderful part about this realization is that it becomes so much easier not to judge others, but instead to feel a genuine compassion when you realize someone is out of alignment.

When we begin our spiritual journey we are asking the universe to show us the areas we need to learn and grow and sometimes this is why it can seem pretty chaotic at the beginning. We want to expand our thresholds and in order to do so there is sometimes a price to pay, either a letting go of an attachment to our old way of being or an acceptance of a seemingly unwanted challenge. The ego or old way of being will pull out all the stops in it's attempt at survival, and only when we begin to watch it will it lose it's tenacious hold. For most of us this is a slow process and I guess our progress will depend on how much resistance we offer and how open we become to what is happening.


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It is you who determine how fast you should go by what you think and how you act and what you believe in. You are the one on the journey and sometimes you need to stop and gather information, sometimes you need to stop and leave information with others, sometimes you need to just simply observe, sometimes you need to rest and sometimes you need to sort, organize and delete information you have received before you are able to move on.

Some people come into your life for you to learn from an some people come into your life for you to teach and they learn from you. Some times you are the teacher an sometimes you are the student and you must remember when you are the student you much act as the student and focus, listen, pay attention absorbed the information and ask questions and than try an understand it while the teacher is still there to answer your question.

You must always step out of any situation an see what is really going on so you will know what to do while on your journey.

AS we go on our journey we have meeting set up for us that we did not arrange but life did so that we may be of help to others or they can be of help to us. God sometimes arrange these meetings among his ambassadors of life to strengthen your or their spirituality so that you may radiate the happiness that you feel on the inside outward to others. You will relate the power of God and the love of God to others. Jesus Christ died for our sins on th cross so they we all may be saved throught the shedding of his blood for us and Jesus was the word of God manifest into flesh.

We can grow on our inward quest as fast or as slow as need be at different times or different parts of our lives. As we work on our own faults and little personality or character outerlinement and we pay attention to our body, mind, and spirit and whether any of those areas feel out of alinement than we must go to work on it. We must be forgiving and understanding when we look at our character flaws. Only fix what is broken or needs repair and always learn from past mistakes. Our journey is a learning and can be a loving experience.

Remember the journey is not about the speed but the learning experience and taking the time to experience and taking the time to enjoy life than we can place on what we have learn to others and help them to be one with God and enjoy life and love your self and others for the God within loves us.


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With regard to: How fast can we grow in our inward quest?

It has always been my experience that things happen (including our evolution aka growing) at the rate at which it happens, no faster, no slower.


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