We are brought up in a society where we get punished for doing certain things that are considered wrong by others.

When we are kids, our parents punish us when we misbehave. The same concept applies to criminal and civil law where people get punished for wrongdoings.

What are we trying to achieve with all these forms of punishment? Are we trying to teach people that they cannot do what they like, when they like? Also, if there isn't any universal right or wrong as everyone have their own opinions and agenda, then it does not seem logical to punish people? Does it inhibit our spiritual and overall evolution as we get taught from a young age that there are certain lines we shouldn't cross?

What should be our attitude towards punishment in general? Should we punish or not? Why?

asked 17 Feb '10, 21:38

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Pink Diamond

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(17 Feb '10, 22:51) Vesuvius

Punishment is a form of negative feedback.

Negative feedback doesn't just happen when you do something wrong or you break the law. It also occurs when you taste something bitter (typically poisonous), or touch a hot stove (your body responds with pain signals), or eat a candy bar (your body produces insulin to counteract the increased blood sugar). Without negative feedback, you wouldn't be able to drive a car, fly to another country, or keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

Negative feedback is nature's (and society's) way of restoring balance.

Unfortunately, I don't think our society is sufficiently spiritually advanced (on the whole) to eliminate all social customs, rules and conventions. These social structures help most people navigate a complex world, live in relative peace together, and provide a safe and stable environment in which to pursue life.

Personally, I'm grateful that I can post questions and answers on a board like this, without having to worry about someone bashing my front door in.


answered 17 Feb '10, 22:40

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ahha MAN, this guys right on the ball. EXCELLENT response Vesuvius. no need for a response from me then, you pretty much covered that aspect ENITRELY for me. good job:) shlama

(18 Feb '10, 04:53) Mebb
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