I suffer from mild case of BDD

Is there any spiritual reason for this?

Has any one here had any luck defeating it?

Any insight would be appreciated.

Thank You!

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I would say that it's more of a perceived disconnection from your true spiritual self rather than a connection with spirituality.

From what I've read of it I would guess that it is connected in some way to poor self esteem resulting from conditioning at a very young age where the person may have been taught that they were not enough in some aspect of their physical appearance and as a result they grew up with this imagined ugliness or false perception of their physical appearance.

There are many tools out there you can use to help you change this belief and thus your perception - Byron Katie's The Work, which is really a process of self inquiry would be extremely beneficial here and even consistently using a Focus Block for this will reap results.

Know that you are beautiful as you are because you are, don't buy into this false perception because that's all it is, is a false perception.


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--Yes,i would broaden this out to ailments,conditions,finances and so on.

I think if you maintain the view that we ARE actually spirit.Then any aspect of spirituality is bound to have an effect.

If you then take the view that prayer or positive thinking or believing or visualisation or foucus blocks etc ect can and do alter out reality, circumstances and health then there surely must be a CONNECTION.

If there isnt a CONNECTION, then the views expressed on this site by a VERY broad range of spiritual/biblical viewpoints would apperar to be little else but hot air.

As to how to combat this,the only answer i can give is to change the focus and quality of your thought.I cant be any more helpful than that.From every book ive read on religion /metaphysics etc is seems at the core of nearly every belief system.



answered 10 Sep '10, 12:14

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Monty Riviera

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