Can somebody explain to me why it is necessary to select an answer with a check mark when answers are posted for a specific question?

Because I want to be as open minded as possible with all the answers I get for the questions I post. I don't agree 100% with all the answers but I definitely don't disagree with any of them. In fact, you learn more when you feel put-off by a response because it's a great opportunity to ask "What do I believe within me that I am feeling this emotion right now?"

And, besides, when I see a check mark against a particular answer it is as if my ability to read all the answers & come to my own conclusions is already streamlined by this subtle psychological suggestion.

So is it possible to still keep the feature, but be able to hide it as a default setting & the answer preferred by the poster can be revealed by clicking a particular field?

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The Traveller

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You don't ever have to select an answer as the correct answer for a question.

On some sites, such as StackOverflow, there is a greater expectation of a poster selecting the correct answer to a question, since it is also expected that users ask questions that can be answered correctly.

However, the subject matter on this site can be far more subjective, and I would expect there to be a much lower percentage of answers that actually get a checkmark.

If you wish, you can checkmark the answer which seems most correct to you, or most inspirational. But the software that runs this site doesn't have a feature for hiding the checkmarks.


answered 30 Nov '09, 06:30

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OK Thanks. I'ts 1.40 in the morning...Got to sleep (I know it's unrelated to the point)

(30 Nov '09, 06:34) The Traveller

I saw this stackoverflow posted a few times and decided to check it out, I can now say I checked it out and know just as much as if I hadn't. lol I guess those are technical computer questions and answers. If you understand that stuff you are good at computers! :-)

(30 Nov '09, 09:33) Wade Casaldi
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