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Source is the eternal consiousness that we all come from. We launch new desires everyday and source manifests it in the non-physical. Now, we have to align with source in order to achieve well being and for the desire to manifest in physical reality. The way to align with source is to use our emotions as a guide and only do and think about things that feel good to us.

If the only thing we did was to follow our good feeling emotions, then we should achieve ultimate well being and alignment with source.

Now, following our emotions and only doing or thinking about what feels good to us implies being completely selfish.

Therefore, my question is should we then measure our alignment with source by how selfish we are?

asked 01 Dec '09, 20:29

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Pink Diamond

What is the source of the background information? Abraham-Hicks?

(01 Dec '09, 20:53) Vesuvius

Yes, the background information is based on some of their basic teachings.

(01 Dec '09, 21:55) Pink Diamond

source or god is absolute awareness from the alpha to the it for the good of you and others with out alternate motive or selfish desire? if so you are in alignement with source.

(02 Sep '11, 19:46) white tiger
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Everything we do is selfish or "self driven". This is not a bad thing when seen in the proper perspective. because in the proper perspective clues about our own behavior, especially things that we are often in denial of, begin to open up.

When you help someone you do it because you are driven by a sense of joy, duty, compassion or what ever reason. This reason is always something that is within you, driving you into that participation.

and consequently your inner dialog would catalog that experience as "I helped that person because I am compassionate, or I am giving, or I cared, or I believe in helping so I sacrifice my comfort to help others.

the reason could be even a choice of suffering (self denial).

Now start to look at who is the one that is driving your decision. when you help it's because your internal dialog is "I'm the kind of person that helps". Who? it's Me or "I am". When you volunteer who told you to do it? Isn't it because the internal dialog is saying "Well I give my time to others, I'm the kind of person that volunteers their time". Who? it's "I" or "I am"

Whether you like it or not, It's allways about you. Even when you make a sacrifice to make a difference in another's life It's still about you. But to notice that it is so, you have stop playing hide & seek with yourself & take an honest look at why you do what you do.

Once you realize this you don't have to be confused by the paradox of it. Everything is self driven, even the journey of life is a discovery of the self.

This realization can, however, help in letting go activities that you may be committing to, on an annual basis, but no longer enjoy or cannot figure out why you are participating in it.


answered 03 Dec '09, 07:21

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The Traveller

edited 03 Dec '09, 07:42

Some good points there.

(03 Dec '09, 20:25) Pink Diamond

You can't help the poor by being poor yourself.

This is true whether you're talking about monetary wealth, spiritual abundance or any of the other positive conditions of life. You can't help the impoverished by assuming their same condition.

The more you get, the more you have the ability to give (and vice versa).


answered 02 Dec '09, 01:01

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well a poor could have a nice life and a rich a poor one. some poor are happy some rich are not. you cannot have 2 master. experience and enjoy.

(02 Sep '11, 19:29) white tiger

what if you are poor and help someone that is poor who said you always need money to help someone. sometime just giving a hand is enuff.

(02 Sep '11, 19:31) white tiger

Sometimes we have to be selfish and focus attention totally on ourselves in order to get to a good feeling place and come into alignment. However, I don't think this has to be done to the detriment off others as that would just not feel good and for me personally my alignment would be further away.


answered 01 Dec '09, 21:19

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I think at a point in time in your life you have to take care of you, get you together, and be the best you can be before sometimes you are able to help others sometimes.

Example a deeply depressed person can not help a deeply depressed person, a smoker can not help a smoker, a drinker can not help a drinker, a drug user can not help a drug user most of the time now their is always exceptions to the facts or rules. Usually a ex-smoker, ex-drug user,ex-drinker can help the other because they have been there and done that as the saying goes and they really know where you are coming from and they will listen because they understand you and they have overcome the obstacle in their way that was hindering their way and know how to help you.

Now, you can help others in different ways along your journey but not like you would like to until you have accomplish things your self so you can help the way you want to help rather it is financial or informational.

Now, being line up with the source is different to your being selfish through what feels good to you for Abraham teachers you all of what you want is in the vortex a word they just came up with and once you are in the vortex all that you want and dreamed of will be there in the vortex; it has been saved for you there and continue be replish with new lovers, friends and etc.

From Abraham's way: True feeling good is a way of knowing you are happy and if you are happy that is a way to determine that you are thinking postive and speaking postive things about your self and not beating the drums as Abraham says we continously do. (I have continously beat the drum of not having or in need of over and over again and I can tell you that you will continue to beat that drum of lack). If you are in the happy frame of mind, thinking and speaking postive and not beating the drum than you are in alinement to receive what the universal consciousness is manifesting for you and playing it back for you in your reality.

From God's way: But, alinement with the universal consciousness and what I called God is very different unless you are calling them one in the same and if you are than lining up with God is getting things right with God first than all of these things will be added unto you.

Selfish:looking after own desires: concerned with your own interests, needs, and wishes while ignoring those of others.

I don't think it is selfish it is just at the time you can't help yourself and them at the same time for two lost people are still two lost people lost.


answered 02 Dec '09, 03:24

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well it always depend what is the reason for drinking drugs etc. someone might just drink for fun and knows it. someone else might do it to solve is problem and it does not solve them that is why he as problems. so the one just drinking for fun knows and understand all this and can help the person with the problem.

(02 Sep '11, 19:35) white tiger

Well, define "selfish".

Everything we do is conneected to others, either directly (social interaction) or indirectly (creating art alone, publishing later).

I think it says that we should always do what we love to do. If we do something we don't like, we're surely not as good at it as others who do it with a passion.

I'm sure it's not the ultimate goal in selflessness for everyone to go doing development aid in Africa (as a cliché example, as this is surely a topic for itself). There are people who do it already with a passion. If we rather have a real passion to paint pictures, then we should do that, because hopefully our pictures are going to inspire others for whatever they in turn will want to do.


answered 03 Dec '09, 18:10

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