I awake every morning feeling angry and in a low mood. I am currently studying Abraham-Hicks (thanks to this site...it was on my bookshelf but I didn't realize it) and, as such, I go to bed feeling wonderful, guided amidst great change, and excited for the future. Every morning, however, I wake up and realize that I am low, angry, and not in a "good spot".

My process at this point is to raise the vibrational level of my feelings utilizing the Emotional Guidance System but I wonder why I awake pessimistic. This is not my normal state--far from it, in fact--and makes me wonder if there is something I am missing.

I'm not through Ask and It is Given as yet, so perhaps I'm jumping the gun. I'm in the midst of some major life changes at this moment and want to ensure any resistance to my desires is cleared as it arises. The fact that it is arising through sleep/dreams (and thus not in my conscious control), concerns me. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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The pessimism you feel is your current vibrational "set point." It is a result of your habitual negative thought patterns over a prolonged period of time. As you continue to practice Abraham's teachings, my guess is that this vibrational set point will gradually improve, and you will wake up feeling less and less negative.


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Thinking more upon this, I think this may indeed be the case. I'm coming out of a stressful 2-year cycle that i feel did actually habituate me to negative & lower vibrational (worry, fear, insecurity, doubt) emotional/thought patterns. Though I feel my conscious daily attention to & awareness of my thoughts & feelings of late has been a tremendous boon, my emotional set point still reflects this prolonged period of negativity. Thank you!

(20 Nov '10, 21:29) innate1

It really is quite simple, what you're doing now is filling yourself with more light, and as you do so, you dislodge the darkness which makes it float to the surface. This isn't you, it is simply going through you.

Blessings to you on this wonderful journey! namaste


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I understand the concept you are trying to explain but I'm not convinced about the metaphor. When you turn on the light switch in a darkened room, do you have to dodge out of the way as the darkness comes pouring out through the door? :)

(20 Nov '10, 17:25) Stingray

Good point Stingray! I don't know how to explain it better. There are things that I just know but have hard time expressing into words or give proper example of, maybe it has to do with english being my third language while I usually use a language that I learned as a seventh language...Anyway, sorry that I can't always express my thoughts clearly into words.........

(20 Nov '10, 20:46) daniele

Wow, Daniele. English is your third language? I must say you write remarkably well in English for someone who is not a native speaker :)

(21 Nov '10, 00:30) Stingray
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Do you wake to a task you don't want to do? Did you get enough sleep? Are you getting to much sleep? Do you have low blood sugar? You will figure it soon. Love!


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I think the way is (as read in The Law of Attraction) to feel well and happy as a last thought before getting asleep. Feel the bedsheets, how good the mattress feels under your body, visualize a place where you'd like to be, etc, till you feel drowsy and eventually you'll be sleeping. And you'll awake with happier feelings (unless someone spoils it first thing in the morning, but that's a different subject =] ). The way you end the day you start the day.

Hope this helps!



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I have read the question before, but now I have something to contribute. Before I was predominantly in negative and sad mood. Often in the morning. Sometimes I would wake up in great mood, but it would get worst during the day. Since I started to wake up and feel angry- everything started to develop better during the day. No wonder Abraham-Hick stresses out importance of angry emotion. I guess I moved to a different emotional set point. So I’d say feeling angry is a much better set-point for the day then you may realize. Good luck.


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lee 3

Recently I've been noticing that there's a kind of vibrational swing to my day, where I'll wake up in what I'm guessing my current vibrational set-point is (right now I can literally feel it wobbling, right when I wake up, between hopefulness/contentment and mild pessimism). As I go about my day, I do my best to reach for feeling cheerful, and I meditate, and so on. When I go to bed at the end of the day, I try to get very calm and happy-feeling, which initially was really challenging, but now is quite easy. And by the time I fall asleep, I am definitely at a higher vibrational point than when I woke up (right now it's around optimism/positive expectation/belief).

I used to find this confusing, because Abraham says, if I understand them correctly, that you sort of press pause on your vibration when you fall asleep, and you generally wake up right where you last left it. So it's not totally clear to me why I seem to wake up feeling worse/in lower vibrations (even though now the variance is pretty slight.) But now I just go with it. My experience is that if I keep doing this, I wake up feeling slightly better each day, so that over a number of months, I've shifted the vibrational place I'm in when waking up to a more cheerful one.


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The process is not just to fall asleep focusing on wonderful things. The process is also about waking up and continuing to focus on things you like so that by the time the midday comes you will be in a continuous flow of positive energy.

If you keep focusing on "why" you are feeling negative in the morning you will keep that activated.


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This is a very common experience. A classic sign of "depression" is diurnal mood variation with early morning awakening with low mood. This is an intriguing phenomenon. Our sleep quality and mood are very closely related.

I usually feel my worst when waking in the mornings. The thought of coping with the day and all the things I have to do can be challenging. Sleeping at night can be a time to put away all troubles, but sometimes the thought of having to wake up the next day to face the world can make me anxious. As well, the subconscious seems to churn out all the worries and concerns into our dreams at night.

I'm happy to say though that my overall mood and happiness is so much better since working with the manifestation laws and other spiritual work and using this website, but mornings can still be a challenge.

Last night I read about a way to change your mood in the morning on a website, which as @Bridget-Jones says is making your last thought at night happy. This website suggested to give a command to your subconscious as the very last word before going to sleep that "I will wake up in the morning happy". The site said to try this 3 nights in a row to experiment.

So I did this last night. I woke up this morning and the first thoughts in my head in place of the usual worries was "I'm happy today". And I can report that although nothing incredibly different happened to me today, I didn't have any "down" time and I was consistently in a reasonably happy mood throughout the day!

The test now is to see if it will be the same tomorrow!!!! The thing though is to make sure that it really is the very last thing you think at night and maybe should be repeated as you fall asleep - and you musn't allow your mind to wander!


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"Happy are those who are conscious of their spiritual need, for the kingdom of heavens belongs to them" Matthew 5:3... May the Maker of the universe and earth bring true peace and love unto you my brother :) Now I notice that your aware that your heart is not satisfied with the way you are, and that's excellent, because you have the need to be satisfied in the spirit. And God All Mighty takes care of that my smart needy friend, I used to be pondering all the time of why i couldn't get any meaning into my life, well every thing and advice seemed vain to me. "Come to me, all you who are toiling and loaded down, and I will refresh you. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am mild-tempered and lowly in heart and you will find refreshment for yourselves" Matthew 11:28-29. Follow the Light (Jesus) and you will gain knowledge that's out of this universe my friend.


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