I was reading a forum with people talking about how to manifest an ex-lover back, and I kept coming across people saying that they used RS, or they were RS'ing their ex, etc. I scoured the thread but could not find what it means, and I don't want to post a query there as I haven't decided that I want to be a member there yet.

Am hoping someone can shed light here as to what it is.


asked 08 Dec '09, 07:29

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Pat W

As Liam guessed, it stands for Remote Seduction.

Here is the thread that explains it: http://www.powerfulintentions.org/forum/topics/remote-seduction-1


answered 08 Dec '09, 18:59

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I am guessing it might mean remote seduction from the context of your question. I have no real idea though and have never heard the term 'rs'...or don't recall ever hearing it.

If that is the case - be weary.


answered 08 Dec '09, 09:01

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Liam I think your answer fits this question a little better with the context of how it was worded, but truthful we're both just guessing, it could be something exclusive to that group what ever it is.

(08 Dec '09, 09:12) Wade Casaldi

Yeah. Lots of groups form their own little vocabulary hehe.

(08 Dec '09, 09:33) Liam

I think you're probably right. It fits the context of the forum. I gather this is something you are against then, Liam?

(08 Dec '09, 10:10) Pat W

You are right Liam. It does seem to mean Remote Seduction.

(08 Dec '09, 18:59) Pink Diamond

Pat W: Not perse. I have actually over years dabbled in things like that. (heck, I have studied a lot concerning 'manipulating others'...the seduction community, an interest in marketing etc)

But, the thing is - when a method is aimed at a specific person - we miss a whole load of opportunity, often ones that deliver what we desire better. There are other small issues that can happen too. An interesting paradox occurs when the 'desirer' becomes the 'desired' like they thought they wanted. :)

Ultimately it doesn't matter what I let slip by (rather than be 'against') though.

(09 Dec '09, 01:28) Liam
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It could mean Reiki Send but if it did it would be a very specific manifesting Reiki Send so it seems it would be something else. Like for me if I used the Reiki send I would send the double emotional symbol to heal relationship issues. That will not necessarily bring an ex back but it will heal hard feelings between you two.

I somehow highly doubt it that was what they were speaking of though, but at least I gave a plausible fit.


answered 08 Dec '09, 07:46

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Wade Casaldi

Interesting how the reiki master comes up with a reiki meaning! =)

(10 Sep '10, 20:43) Back2Basics

RS stands for "Relationship". I doubt you saw anyone say they "RS'ed" someone.


answered 23 Apr '10, 02:24

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runescape is what it stands for its a mmorpg


answered 10 Sep '10, 18:45

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(10 Sep '10, 20:05) RPuls
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