Could the mass consciousness of the earth population be also contributing to a critical mass in energy intent? Similar to what happens during a drought. When the trees & foliage are at the appropriate dryness even a tiny spark or lightening strike can start off a forest fire.

Similarly if you control the mass consciousness of all the human beings on the earth by exposing all of them to the same knowledge by coordinating the information in all the media, all the entertainment to create the same picture in mass consciousness. So for example we all constantly see wars, suffering, murder, rape etc as the main headline in the media everyday. & if you notice, most of the movies for this year are themes of violence & horror.

Now if you can control this information, then you can control the common denominator of experience that naturally emerges out of this mass consciousness effect. And if you instigate or manufacture the conditions for war(for profit & control), Under the right conditions it will take off like wild fire.

But is it so?

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The Traveller

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It's a nice theory and I can see how negatively inclined beings might believe it can work or even plan for such a negative outcome.

However, for those who have re-minded themselves and re-membered and therefore understand that we create our own reality, attention to and belief in negative outcomes is no longer possible, because we focus on love and not on fear. And so we will not experience any outcomes projected by others, unless those outcomes are in alignment with what we want to experience.

So my answer is: yes, if you pay attention to and fear what others want and no, if you don't pay attention and do not have a belief system in place that allows such an outcome.

Refraining from ever watching fear based TV news (meaning 99% of TV news), releases us from huge amounts of negative projections, and frees our mind to primarily focus on positive outcomes and hence, only positive outcomes can be experienced.

I'm not sure if this implies that the percentage of people who believe in or get sucked into a negative outcome projection will experience it and those who don't won't? Maybe that's another question which looks at conscious creation verses unconscious creation :-)


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Same as it ever was.

People had fear, worry, doubt and negativity long before the media began amplifying it. And yet a movie is just a movie. When the movie is over, you can walk out of the theater and say, "Gee, that was entertaining. What's for dinner?"

Similarly, those of us who understand that the nightly news is mostly like a car wreck looking for rubber-neckers can decode the news, get behind the thin surface veneer, and perhaps find some information that is...well, interesting to us.

It always amazes me when I see people get hysterical over something they saw on the news...Something that they have little control over, and which will probably not affect them anyway (except by the attention they are giving it).


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This is where subconscious programing comes into the equation, for example those movies 90% of the movie the evil wins, 10% at the end good wins. Watch enough of horror movies and you are over and over and over again programing yourself to fear evil and that evil wins 90% of the time.

Now take this and multiply it around the globe, interesting thought. What could be the effect of millions that have these beliefs that have been instilled through their choice entertainment?


We must think of the effect of what we watch, why do millions of people buy millions of products that they do not need every day? We are told things like, "gee your hair smells lousy", "look at your teeth they need to be whitened", "you are not wearing body spray, what is wrong with you?", "you wash your cloths in the wrong detergent.", "your hands are old and wrinkly!", and tons and tons more "it's cold and flu season." etc...

BUT buy our products and you will not be some social outcast! You will have everything! Girls will flock to you etc...

Do you think maybe for "Some Reason" people feel bad about them selves so they buy all this stuff?


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Wade Casaldi

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I believe sometime in the past the technique of advertising went from "Look what our great product can do" to "Look at how great you will feel with our product in your life". But it's not just advertising. Every commodity that produces profit became associated with marketing a feeling rather than a product. This even includes political parties & campaigns. But the good news is we are all starting to wake up to what has been really going on all these years.

(19 Dec '09, 02:45) The Traveller

Yes but the point is you see what I was saying about the "programming" of consciousness on a massive scale and how it is very effective whether intentional or unintentional.

(19 Dec '09, 02:49) Wade Casaldi

Yes I see your point. With this question I was trying to broach the understanding "are we truly exercising our free will when we don't know how much we are being suppressed?".

(19 Dec '09, 03:30) The Traveller

I think consciously we are, but subconsciously not, until we can clear out these constantly incoming negatives.

(19 Dec '09, 11:39) Wade Casaldi
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Critical Mass of Consciousness... makes me wonder about hypnotists who control the consciousness of a stage full of people.


answered 17 Feb '10, 04:59

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