Why are some people born into relative rich middle class environments while others live on a rubbish dump somewhere in Africa. I live in a medium suburb and aspire to a better area is that just human nature to always want more than we have? Do I live where I live because of my vibrational energy?

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The people lives on a rubbish dump somewhere in Africa: Do you believe in everything you see on TV? We do have homelessness here in North America: there are people that lives and sleep in their car, on the streets, under a bridges, any abundant buildings etc, so homelessness is universal, even though the circumstances may differ. But it is more prevalent in the third countries, and it is due to economics, and Government Spending.

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I live in Australia and I am very aware that there are homeless the first world as well as the third world, the surrounding of these people that I saw on this documentary were particularly bleak. My question was asking is there a reason why some are born into less desirable sounding than otheres or was it purely chance?

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I believe that before we come to this physical planet, we have already decided the circumstances that we want to be born into. I don't think we decide this down to a specific location. Rather, we want to be born in an environment that will bring out certain feelings and emotions within us and as a result of that generate new desires.

In other words, before we come to this physical planet, we have already decided the essence of the experiences that we want to have.

We all launch new desires all day everyday when we observe our environment. That is why contrast in the world around us is important because then we can choose what we prefer and launch a desire for that preference.

Our very essence is the launching of new desires. This is why we never seem to reach a place where we are fully content with our lives. Launching of new desires and alignment with those new desires (which will result in them manifesting in physical reality) is the whole purpose of life.

And at any point in time, if we do not have what we want, it is because we have some sort of resistance towards our new desire (the resistance is usually the feeling of lack that we experience of not having what we want yet which stands in the way of our desire manifesting). In other words, it is our dominant vibration (thoughts) that is responsible for the physical reality we attract.


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Pink Diamond

Knowledge is power.

If you haven't seen it yet, go see the movie "The Social Network." It's about how one person with a lot of knowledge about computers (and a little knowledge about human nature) managed to create a multi-billion dollar empire from virtually nothing.

Ideas are everything. Where you live, the food you eat, the gadgets you own, were all an idea someone had, that you and others manifested.


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How about this : not all rubbish dumps are rubbish dumps! In other words, my experience of a place is not necessarily the same as yours.



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That's right!...Thank you Flame

(19 Oct '10, 09:54) daniele

I dont know SLJ...i really wish i did because this is a very important question.

I know what we believe/think/feel and do can and does improve our lot in life,but some start of with SO much more than others.



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Monty Riviera

I agree with Rani, it was something we chose, in order to fulfill ourselves somehow. Perhaps we needed a bout with poverty to round-out our souls. Or perhaps it was some education about poverty we needed. Or maybe after a few lifetimes of close family bonds but no material wealth, we chose a life of more ease so we could round ourselves out spiritually and concentrate on that.


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Some people had unprotected sex in a rich middle class neighborhood and some had unprotected sex in (from your point of view and not necessarily theirs) a rubbish dump in Africa.

Sometimes the most obvious answer is true.

Tongue in cheek

Much love


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I wrote this question after watching a documentary on TV about some people who did literally live on a rubbish dump, their houses were made from things they had scavenged and their jobs were to find scrap they could use or sell. It left me wondering - but i take your point:)

(19 Oct '10, 09:55) SLJ

Money and happiness do not necessarily go together. Not everyone has the desire to be rich in the manner that you describe. Besides everyone has to have a different experience so that we can appreciate our individual experience. If everyone lived in a rich neighborhood then no one would know that they were living in a rich neighborhood because there would be nothing to compare to.


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Who made the choice as to which family you wanted to have as parents? Based upon the LOA you attracted the family you have now to be your parents, for better, or for worst, knowingly, or unknowingly! Maybe because you wanted to be this specific person you are right now! How do you feel about your parents? Do you love them, and are you happy with them? If you are happy with your parents, then, you are happy with your choices. And perhaps this is your purpose for choosing them as your parents.

In general people will aspire to achieve more, and more in their life. It is a natural ability to want to do so, and to want more to improve their standard of living. Absolutely, nothing is wrong in them wanting to attract wealth, and freedom into their own life. After all, the universe has enough to go around for everyone!

In some other cases people are hungry, homeless, sick, and are dying, they have chosen their own reality, destiny and their own purpose, to teach us the lesson of pain, and suffering in life. You have to remember that life is a learning lesson of good, and evil, and we are all here for a purpose to tell our story of life, and death!


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I think Flame hit on a crucial point - it's all in the eye of the beholder.

Often when we look at the face of some of the kids in these poverty stricken countries, there is a twinkle in their eye that you and I would give anything for. They know how to be happy with the simple things in life and realize that they don't need material things in order to be happy.

Quite simply, they have what you and I are looking for - they know the joy of just being alive.

We all came here to grow and expand and discover the joy of being alive - that can be achieved on a rubbish dump in Africa or in a mansion here in North America, it's all in the personal perception and maybe we choose the one that provides us with the opportunity for optimal growth.


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I believe the way we see things is relative. We all live in our own reality with our own perceptions of what is "good" and "not so good"...because someone has more money than the next does that make the one with less money not as good? I hope not. Well at least not in my reality and overall perspective. I think if we open our minds a bit and realize the power within, we can coexist in a peaceful nature and allow everyone to have their own experiences, regardless of how we individually view them. I also believe that we are having the experiences we are having simply because of our expectations and what we believe we can and/or can't have.


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some may say it is about karma, a balancing or correction


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different life experiance the one that have little will have to learn to make alot with little! the one that as alot need to learn how to help other around him with that! the one in the middle how to balence that! well that is the way i see it!


answered 29 Apr '11, 02:53

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