Hi, Does the internet have Source Energy we can affect? It would be exciting if it did!

I'd like to hear about your results if you're manifesting, aggregating information in a vibrationally, or using divination effectively through the internet.

Thanks, AlicianFields

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I'm not totally clear what you are asking but if you mean does the internet have a consciousness then the answer is "yes".

Everything has a consciousness because everything is born out of consciousness (previous focused thoughts)...even the Planet Earth itself was "thought" into existence.

Rocks, trees, cars...they are all conscious (have source energy running through them) but their energies may not be on frequencies that we, as physical humans, can easily perceive with our existing five senses so we don't attribute life-like qualities to them. I used to have a friend who was a forester and was also quite vibrationally sensitive. He could often sense the consciousness (and associated personalities) within the trees and plants he was in the vicinity of.

The consciousness within the internet is a group consciousness consisting of the focused thoughts of all the humans that access it, just like IQ has its own similar group consciousness.

If you are interested in astrological cycles, you could probably map the overall ebbs and flows of the energies within any group consciousness based upon the "birthdate" of the consciousness (though this is becoming less relevant as we move out of 3D-based physical realities). Mundane Astrology deals with this idea.

As for using the internet to manifest information, inspiration and ideas, there are some ideas in Do nonphysical beings communicate with us over the Internet? Is Google a Channel?


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Hi AlicianFields,

source energy by definition is creative ... we are creative beings and we can deliberately modify our realities ... internet is of course part of that reality.

As for divination ... personally i enjoy predicting the outcome of horse races using my favorite pendulum whilst watching the races live on TV and taking note of the information given on the internet ...

have fun


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blubird two

Hi Bluebird nice to see you here missed you.

(11 May '12, 07:13) Paulina 1
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